Friday, February 27, 2009

New Day New Disk

Edited intro:
Yuhuuu~~~ its been a week and extra this posting safely kept in my draft... dun have enuff time to edit i guess. sorry for being late.. hope you guys keep on the track.. yosh, so today im definitely gonna update my blog. huhu~~
End of edited intro.
So glad my new hardisk was arrived and impatiently i attached it to my server. and its working perfectly. hoorayy~~~ a bunch of thanks to fikereay... again and again. lets have a deal again sooner or later. hehe~~ @sengihnampakgigi

so this is how its look like with the new fan.. and 4 gig ram too for lappy. @nari

jeng jeng jeng...
its trouble again... nothing wrong with the hardisk though. its seems my power supply not enuff to support all this kind of things.. so much for her... so, leaving me with no choice.. i need to unplug two fans included the new fan.. wuwuwu~~~ @sedih

there is one more trouble though... my old hardisk seems corrupted.. always show the blue screen and restart automatically.. its so scary. ekekeke~~ @gigil

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its Trouble Weekend Yet I'm Happy!

Nahh~~~ not again... its the new problem. now my freezer didnt want to freeze.. its melting down badly, like someone who got so much metabolism. of course its worried me. but thank god its friday, and my bro in law will show up in anytime.. huhu~~ but sadly, its turned out to be a trouble again. he called me and said his was on the way, but the car got a prob.. its hot and need to cool down for a while.. its mean i need to find someone else to go to mosque... ekekeke~~~

its was 4 p.m., and no sound from my bro in law, so i called him, gladly he was on the way. i cant wait to tell him my new problem... hehe~~ he arrived half an hour later with my lunch and greedily i told him my prob... he sighed jokingly, " no cold drink for me then", but without hesitate, he went to check my freezer. so i just wait and see, its not like i dont wanna help, but its nothin i can help about.. huhu~ after 3 hour, nothin changed and nothin can be solved. as the result, my sliced fruit got stale and my frozen food nearly rotten... @sedih@sedih

so, my bro gonna stay till the next day until my freezer 'get cold' again. thats an order from my mum.. huhu~~ suddenly, its makes me happy... @sengihnampakgigi@kenyit

last nite, after my prob solved, i invited my bro in law to go out to have a diner before he went back.. its a special treat from me though... we went to nr cafe, looks like cafe in the garden style.. huhu~~ the menus is not bad, there is western food i like to try but my bro in law resisted, so we just ordered malay food, nasi goreng nenas and fresh orange for me and nasi goreng nr and lee chee kang for my bro in law, two telur dadar, paprik belut and sotong bakar... yummy! aaahh~~ my tummy nearly burst out..

so, thats my weekend story... huhu~~@adil

p/s: my lovely parent came to see me yesterday (thursday)... and of course im so glad to see them and like to hear a story from them... of course there is a lot of stories... so many interesting story to tell... hehe~~ till i forgot to tell them this prob.. huhu~~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Problematic Acer Aspire 4530

The Problemo Lappy... Acer Aspire 4530

The fact is, this laptop i bought it last year, same date when i went to buy my pc for my cyber... but till yesterday.. its gave me the problem again and again... so i just put it aside till last couple days ago when i changed it with the new hardisk.. so offically, the warranty is void, not legit anymore. but thats ok for me as long as this laptop is gud to be use.

But again, unsuspectingly.. it still gave me trouble. still cant format. its stuck at the last step of completing installation. so i have no idea at all what was the prob.. i tried to ask anyone and hope someone who really know about this prob.. and every idea i tried.. but nothin good. actually i was gave up already... i gave a called to my sis, to send it to computer booth. but suddenly, my friend, yuri asked me to change to ide mode instead of ahci mode.. well i dunno how to explain the detail.. but i know where to find it.. so i changed it and thank god its working after half year i bought it.. huhu~~~

so now, it went well and rightly function.. i already sent it to my sis as her besday present... huhu~~ hope she like it. and by the time i wrote this, i was waiting for the new 2gig ram x2 for the lappy and my new 1 terabyte hardisk... hope no more trouble after this. im havin enuff trouble so far..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Parcel Arrived...

My New Dictionary

Its been a long time i tried to search for this dictionary... i mean english to malay and malay to malay dictionaries, but its hard to find a good one. so at last, i decided to buy it and hope its fulfill my satisfaction. it cost me rm90 though. but sadly, 1 license for 1 pc only... huhu~~ its give me a hard times to decide which pc im gonna install it, either my server or my laptop or my pc at home... @soal@pening

For more info, please see here, e-Kamus.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On The Upgrade

My new hardisk and new ram for my server... hehe.. so glad. actually its already arrived yesterday, but due to fathead courier dont wanna send it to me and asked me to come and get it... its sound so stupid to me. whats for i paid them? besides, if i want to, i dont have any transport. its ruined my day to think this absurd thing. anyways, thanks to fikereay again and again...

1 terabyte hardiskk....

2 gig ram x 2 unit


but my happy days end here.. coz when i tried to format this new hardisk.. its seems corrupted.. wuwuwu~~~ what a jinx? so, i need to send it back to fik to change it back to a new and function one. arghhh~~~ @tensyen@tensyen@tensyen

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lost In Transmission

It was nightmare! terrible and unspeakable. i dont know how and the worst, it was me. cant believe it. my rapidshare premium account was kidnapped by someone probably a cunt or muppet! wanker! bastard! bunch of mental freaks! i hate to say this but im in the right place to say it. oo for fucks sake... why me! i still got 2 months++ left plus 20000++ points which is equal to 4 month++... poor me. and sadly, nothing can do about it.. once lost.. lost forever. the id and password was completely vanished. @tensyen@nangih

nothing make me happy than my new package was on the way... my new 1 tera byte hardisk will arrive tomorrow... + two units of 2gig ram.. 1 for my pc at home and 1 for my server, so both will have 4gig... and new hardisk for my laptop. oo cant wait no more... and thanks to fikereay coz delivered this sooner than i expected.@sembah

and today is my 3rd sis besday.. and im already wish her.. huhu~~ hope thats make her happy. i still dunno what suit for her... may be im gonna give my lappy to her as a present.. coz her lappy already worn out and had so much trouble in it. so that with this new lappy, everything will be ok. @raya

and shockingly, i heard my parent still in melaka for their holiday at my youngest sis and hers hubby house. i thought they already back home by now and i was wrong... its so weird coz usually my dad never stay at one place for such a long... neways, wish both of them happy and enjoy the rest of the holiday... @tata

and im still in such a moody mood, grieve for my lost acc... @sedih

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sweeten The Deal

I dont have the faintest idea how hard it can be to buy one small building stated in the shabby and shacky town. really i am. its far from moderation and urbanization. yet the price so unbelievable. it's 3 stories building, owned by petronas. around rm400k and about 20ft x 60 ft spacious. huhu~~ and to tell the truth, i dun have that much amount of money.. its too big for me. but, who know, it was my day, im lucky enough coz my brother have a good point too to buy it. we both want it so much. so im going to be a good "parasite" for awhile and have a little share to buy that building under my family's business name. so by now, i still let my brother nego with the people at the headquarters of petronas. i know its not easy for him coz he need to deal and faces with many different kind of peoples. and i hate to involve coz its all about politic in there... @pening@gila

The situation got harder by now as my sis told me. and we are really in a pinch coz 1 lot left to be sold.. the other 4 lots had taken by; 2 lots for Agro Bank and Bank Islam, 1 lot for KFC, 1 lot for unknown buyer, and 1 lot left for us... hehe~~ as we talk, my sis break the news about the price, its goes up wildly and reached at rm700k...@duit ngeh3x~~ Gimme a break!

but my bro tried to nego the price down to rm300k..@telefonit is possible? haha.. its confusing me... well, enough about that, i dont wanna talk about it anymore unless the thing already in my hand, i dont wanna bluff.. but we both have the highest expectation to get the last lot. @siul

oh btw, im so glad, my both parcel just arrive today... two bottles of olive oil and secret parcel... ekekeke... i love to shopping via online lately... ekekeke... its really easy for me, really safe my day. and there is more parcels comin soon... hahaha~~~@nari

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Minyak Zaitun)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sick... Sick & Sick!

Yosh.. i'm back! i've been sick for awhile..@busuk got sore throat, then flu with headache, and cough.. its strike me one after another just like hat-trick. huhu~~ the worse is i cant taste the food... its all tasteless to me and i cant smell it either. i cant imagine to live in this world without a taste.. it must be bad thing. a week without a taste like a million years to me... and the worst news is i cant write anything in this blog, i tried to, but my head seems blocked and my eyes so blurry..

its nothin to say though, it juz like i miss so much to write in here.. and say hello to my blog's friends. "hi, how ya doin?". hehe~~@tata

oh btw, today is my bro in law birthday, i wished to him already, one day early. huhu~~ i think i gonna buy him a present as my appreciation for him coz help me a lot. he the one help me run this business, did an errands for me, went here and there, cover my shift when im sick, went to bank and so on.. so i guess he deserve it. i dunno what im gonna buy. so i need ask him later on, and i know for sure he will resist. and i dont care.. i will push him to accept it. huehuehue~~ neways, i have two things in my mind though, a watch and a sunglasses. @hensem