Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nether Nettle Netherlands

1 - 3
(Netherlands) (Russia)

UNBELIEVABLE. Unacceptable. Un-expectable. And me, unspeakable. Last night game was so ridiculous. My team lost 1-3 to Russia. I really can’t accept it. I don’t know who to blame, and what I know, it’s over. End. My frustration beyond the limit, the enjoyable moment just start and its end in the blink of an eye. And I still disappointed as I write this. I really do.

Netherlands got everything to win (I bet you knew it!). But they waste it. Futility. I will write briefly about it, and shared what I think it was. In the early game, the Russians played it aggressively while the Dutch strategy won’t help so much. I don’t know what you called such a strategy, lots of passing, short and long. Look like safe play for me. The same strategy they used in the previous match. May be Russians can read it already and destroy the chance of successful. Even though, still got many chance to score, but they missed it. Do I sound like Paul? Huhu~~

After the half time, I thought they will change the strategy, but not. After 10 mins second half started, Russian scored the goal awhile the Dutch missed their chance, good counter attack though. Then, I saw the strategy already collapsed. The way their play it cools was so un-cool. Scramble like a scrambled egg. The rate of successful passing was low. So suck! They almost lost their spirit. Or I can say they don’t have enough mentality. 4 minutes left in the 2nd half, and miracles happened, this time they don’t missed it! *sigh*
So, what about this time, do I sound like Shebby? I guess not, Shebby talk a lot than anyone.

The game was dragged into extra time, 30 minutes. It must be tiresome. I felt the thrilled. Not so excited, but rather depressed. And Russian score two goals in the last 4 minutes of the game. Actually, after the Russian score the 2nd goal, I turned off the tv. I knew, Netherlands will lose and I can’t watch it. But still, I hope the miracle happen again. Hope when I woke up in the afternoon and see the vice versa result. What the heck am I thinking?

In my point of view, Russia much more qualified from the way they play last night match. Coz the Dutch play like a bunch of craps… haha~~ so, my nights of watching euro 2008 probably has end. I don’t know, and I don’t wanna talk about it either. Just wait and see who will win the euro 2008. Which team you bet? Just forget it!

Lesson to learn:
Never speak out about your team! just keep it for yourself. It give such a curse. mostly person who has bittersweet and sweetsour mouth... haha~~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doa Solat Sunat Dhuha

"Ya Allah, sesungguhnya waktu dhuha itu waktu dhuhaMu, kecantikkan itu kecantikkanMu, keindahan itu keindahanMu, kekuatan itu kekuatanMu, kekuasaan itu kekuasaanMu dan perlindungan itu perlindunganMu.

Ya Allah, sekiranya rezekiku masih di langit turunkanlah, jika masih di dalam bumi keluarkanlah, jika sukar mudahkanlah, jika haram sucikanlah, jika sedikit perbanyakkanlah, jika jauh dekatkanlah, jika dekat dapatilah, jika dapat berkatilah.

Ya Allah, berkat waktu dhuhaMu, keindahanMu, keagonganMu, KekuatanMu dan kekuasaanMu, limpahkanlah kepadaku apa yang telah Engkau limpahkan kepada hambaMu yang soleh."


Thanks to my 2nd sis for gave me this doa... and I like it, such a beautiful words, and nicely arranged of words and easily to remember. so, i love to share with you guys and hope u like it too.. and hope my leisure time in the morning will fill up with solat sunat dhuha, so less sleep in the morning. she always advise me to do it every day and got pissed me instantly after that... well u know me, never take advise seriously... thee thee.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Ayu is Sekayu?

IT HAPPENED AGAIN! My plan didn’t worked out… my trip to Kapas Island was postponed to another date, not decide yet. Well, let the time tell, I will be there someday for sure, as I promised to myself. and no one to be blame, it's just the weather. The weather wasn’t good enough. It was raining sentimentally in the whole gloomy morning. I can do nothing about that except pulled back my thin blanket and continued to sleep. That was the best damn thing to do. You bet! No activity for the day and the next few days. But I told my friend, if he wanna go somewhere and do a thing, just go for it. Don’t wait for my permission. Fortunately, my bro asked him to follow him, go somewhere with him. I don’t know the detail. And it’s good for him though. If not, I can't sleep. joking.

After a few days without activity, I decided to go to picnic, kind of. Not at beach, but in the jungle near the waterfall, named Hutan Lipur Sekayu. Actually, it wasn’t me the one who decided, my 3rd sis (the one who still in the MC after admitted into ward) told me that her school going to have a camping over there. My other sis, the 8th sis (she worked at the same school as my 3rd sis) she’s on duty on Friday. So, I just followed my 8th sis went there. As far as I remembered, the last time I was there when I was in 6th grade, in 1995. But wasn’t for picnic, I was attended as a participant in the science camp program at Taman Pertanian Sekayu. Old memories to recall and barely can remember it.

So, the last Friday, we spent the whole day in the jungle. Most of the time, I was in the water/river/waterfall. It’s so bloody cold and so refreshing. Just took a break for Jumaat pray and to eat something. For the start, only the four of us, my friend and I, my older niece and her friend (my 8th sis and her son was sent into the camp for duty purpose) was there. (Okay, not only four, but many of them were there but I just wanna mention ‘us’ here). Suddenly, my niece said, my other sis, the 7th sis, and her family was outside at the main gate as she spoke in the phone. My 7th sis called me probably, but I didn’t answer. Of course not, I was in the water. Enjoy the every moment of the nature. It was eight of them, my sis and her husband, her 5 children and my other niece. Well, the more the merrier. And luckily, they brought us much more food as we run out of the stock. Haha!

Back to breakfast time, my 8th sis came to pick me up and I just woke up at that time. Obviously not bath yet! I’m hurried to breakfast table having 2 plates of nasi minyak (I went to buy it this morning after subuh prayer while my friend washed the car, my 3rd sis car, probably got tortured, haha). While the ‘kids’ busy to ask me where am I going to… happily I told them but I can’t bring them with us. what a pity? but still I teased them. I can’t bring one of them, the other surely wanna join us. All of them stayed. But, it was their day; my bro in law (my 7th sis's husband) was out of duty, the factory closed for a day. My 2nd sis pities them (the kids, which is I teased a lot earlier) and asked him to bring them here. So here we are. In my thought, actually, my 2nd sis chased them away from the house. you know kids, everyday and every time my house was such a messed. it was a big, huge disaster to be frank. It's all their 'deeded'. Children!

Just my view to share, it’s so sad actually, nowadays Sekayu wasn’t much interesting as the old one. When I was small, my 1st sis always brings me here. My memory when I was kid was much more fun. As I remembered, there was a mini zoo in here, a lot of shops, a lot of plants, and there was a recreational park for me to play. Not just the waterfall. But now, it was nothing, only the waterfall left. So sad, isn’t it?

So, the day was fun… I enjoyed the waterfall. Enjoyed the free massage and the best massage ever, you can feel it when the water falls on your shoulder. Feel like the burden went away. The view not so much, but the nature is amazing… well I’m not the eco guy, just enough to love the nature. I care. And it was more fun, when I have a chance to tease my nephew. He scared of the water badly. And make me annoyed. What the heck he thinks? Came here and just play at the edge, not even came into the water, and his hair wasn’t wet at all. So pissed with him, I grabbed him and took him into the water. So sudden, he screamed then cried like a crybaby. Who’s care? What the bloody coward boy? Well, I just continued my day in the water…

That it is.

Quizzes of the day;
1. How many sis(s) do I have actually?? Haha~~
2. How many hours I was in the water??

Ho Ho Holland!

NOTHING MUCH HAPPENED TODAY, which is a good thing though. My life is way too much saturated. Really? And a little hiatus can only be a nice moment. Nah… I’m not good at fibber. How can I say that while I’m jobless? For now, as the guardian at my house, everyday I tried to do different kind of things, as a housekeeper, as a cleaner, as a gardener, as a banker, as a follower, as a babysitter… not babysitter actually, more likely a teaser. I teased my nephews till he cried. Then I scolded them for crying out loud. And made his mom annoyed to, too noisy and woke up the youngest one from slept. My sis didn’t angry with me for sure. Haha! That’s what I did. Making a fussed and lighted up the day. am I insane? hehe~~ just a rubbish introduction from me. And thank you for reading it patiently.

What an amazing game? Just pretend to be surprised actually. Frankly, I can’t talk about football like others. I have no idea what are they talking, for me, football is just a foot and a ball. And I can’t scream out loud when there was a goal, just Yes!! Quietly and respectfully. My neighbour will accuse me crazy; actually they are the one who crazy. How can they say home is the best seat, while I can’t shout whenever I want? And plus I watched alone. Quite quiet and scary though. I can’t do like tido bola, makan bola, minum bola, mandi bola and main bola. Well, I’m not fanatic, obviously not lunatic. I just wanna felt the thrill.

Yester-night game, Netherlands vs. Romania… not as much as I suspected… more goal, more attack, more counter-attack, more skill… and more nice shot. But can lah. 2-0. Netherlands win all the games in the group match. I can’t wait for the next match in the quarter final versus either Russia or Sweden.

Don’t ask me why if you wonder why I bet on Netherlands so much coz me and myself have no idea about it. From the first game, which is versus Italy I already like the way they play. But sometimes they played too safe till make me so annoyed. Argh, leave it!

That it is. No idea. (See, it is the proof that I can’t talk about it!)

p stroke s: my reading wasn't progress so much. I'm hardly to fin one book! I need to put much more effort into this. oh please help me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sarawak, Sukma & Soup

WHAT CAN I SAY? Can’t wait any longer to online and update my blog. I hardly hold my eager. People said its enthusiasm. So here I am. It’s been more than a week, and felt so far from all this kind of thing… And I missed so much. I do. Many things happened and of course, I’m glad to share. Every tiny little bit of story. haha, I’m kidding. My story not as fantastic as my real experienced so called jejune writing. To be honest, I tried to make it looked interesting. Make it fun to read and so on. I put and mixed all the kind of feeling and self-delusion, various experienced and challenging adventured, dirty thoughts and good taught, flattered a bit and deceived a big, get used physically and mostly abused mentally, rejected love and dejected life with a little over reacting to bring a new sensation in my writing skill. Sadly, an outcome not as I hope. Well, I guess I need to work harder on this. Tonight, I just highlight a few things and I’ll be gone... get match to watch. Netherlands vs. Romania... I dare to say, Netherlands will win for sure. At the same time, different place, different channel... France vs. Italy. Well, I will watch it later... better focus one match at one time... afraid I’m gonna miss the best part...whatever!

7th June 2008
To cut long story short, on Saturday, after the day I’m arrived at home, just after breakfast, I brought my friend went to short trip to keropok factory, just looking around and he seems amazed a little. of course he did, it’s a new thing for him. Briefly I explained what I knew about the process and tried to look smart on what I don't. Ha-ha! Mostly I don’t know, so to speak. I told him to try to knead the dough. What can I say, he’s a shy guy. Let me breeze through the detail of the process to make a keropok keping, 1. Slice the fresh fish – can be tamban, buru, or parang (I better invent a new machine for this to reduce the cost and the talkative workers), 2.Mix with sago, starch and salt in the mixture, 3. knead or getel the dough, (option: on this stage, you can fry it already, and for me its taste the best amongst the keropok) 4. Ready to boil, after this stage, we called it keropok rebus or in trengganuspeak we called it kopok lekor or kopok ghotel (keropok rebus is ready to eat or you can fry it if you want) 5. keropok rebus ready to be slice with cutting machine after a day it boiled, to make sure its not sticky and feeble. 6. Dried it under the ray of light of the shiny sun, the weather is so important at this stage, hot and dry, 7. After a half day bathed under the sun, the name of keropok rebus changes to keropok keping or kering and its ready to pack and 8. It’s ready to sell. Come, come and buy! Truly original recipe from Terengganu.

Had a little bit confused about the plan. Supposed I’m with my bro-in-law, Abg Long to go to specialist hospital, to visit my sis, she admitted into ward due to many reasons... shortly after she went back from Chiang Mai... No comment (just wanna correct the mistaken from the previous post, not only my sis and my bro, but my sisters, 3 persons went to Chiang Mai). Then straight to the airport, and next to stadium as the first plan. Suddenly, she got permission to leave in the afternoon. So Abg Longs car was fully booked, him, his daughter and my sis. No more spaces for two, I’m with him, remember? My sis's car already full with 3 passengers, my bro and my parents. No chance for me to join them. I thought the plan canceled, but luckily, it wasn't, Abg Lie was joined the trip to airport. So we can join them. yay! Ready to go to airport at Gong Badak. First time I’ve been there. Quite astonishing. My first thought, it was a museum, much like a Losong Museum... and fortunately i knew the direction where I'm headed to, so i got no confused. My parent got ticket to Sarawak. And dunno when both of them will be back. If they like, they will stay longer there. And if not, tomorrow they will be back so to speak. Just take your time, dad, mum… Relax and enjoy. And for the time being, I will take the charge. The responsibility now is on my shoulder as I’m the older brother left. Haha~~ the joke was on me. I’m rather not taking the charge. Not fit at all. Leave it to my bibik, my second sister. And now looked what happened, I’m the chef, I’m the washer, I’m the babysitter, I’m the seller, I’m the shitter… everything was on me! But it was fun indeed; I did it on my own. My dad left two errands for me instead while he away, 1. Feed the hens and 2. Empty the dustbins. But I left no 1 to my sis, I even can’t enter the hen-house, it’s too small for me and too smelly. the shit everywhere, up and down, left and right... can you guys imagine that. I can’t stand the smell and my nephew was worse than me, he spew after went in the hut. Haha!

My dad asked me once if I wanna join them and my mum agreed, but kindly I refused. My bro said, come with him if I wanna try my luck over there. Who knows? But I knew it’s not my place from the first place. May be I’ll give a visit someday. If I get an extra! you know what I mean.

After send them off to fly... around 3.45 p.m., I’m supposed follow my sis to go somewhere around Gong Badak for field trip… kind of. But something came out. So got canceled again! It was nothing to me. I got plenty of times for field trip. But right now, have to change plan, back to the original, followed Abg Long and his daughter went to watch sukma games. First, we went to stadium terbuka, look like wau bulan shape from far away and nice to see from far, far away… but if you take a look inside, the perfection is zero. may be negative. Very bad construction, I can say the contractor and engineer himself doesn’t learn the ethics or may be not practice what they learn. Wanker. I feel sorry for them. But mostly hate their reckless work. Well who am I to teach them. Forget that and as I remembered, there was track event took place when we arrived, semi final for men, well, Zabidi took the lead! And he won gold medal in the final. But we can't stay any longer there, so hot and we all got sweat, i was sweating like a pig! Then, we went to stadium tertutup to watch gymnastic, ball and ribbon disciplines. It was much better inside... chill and cool. And fun to watch… ahaks! stay there much longer till every drops of my sweat evaporated and the chill took the place to the bones.

On the way back, we all suffered from starving. So we went ahead to restaurant, very familiar to them but not for us. Abg Long asked me to try herb soup. Well, why not? I gave it a tried. Someone gonna pay, but not me for sure. And it’s delicious. So fabulouso! It was a trademark for the restaurant. I forgot the name of the restaurant. Let it be. But around the area of Bukit Gayah... ermm I'm not sure. Then, they took him, not me, went to go around the city... and it made me got bored, I’m sure my friend did to. Seriously, this town got nothing to fancy me. No offense. but I rather defense in this case. huhu~~ Nothing changed for decade. And how come it was “bandaraya”, you gotta be kidding! It’s past 7 already when we reached home. That it is.

lastly, i can make it! make a long story look short. haha~~ What a busy day i guess... daa~~ my match will start soon… so soon.

And by the way, we plan to go to Kapas Island for the next day... my bro knew the boatmen, he kind of relative to my mum, so I asked him to get two free tickets for us. Huhu~~

Lesson of the day:
Remember this;
1. The thing we plan not always goes smoothly as we want to, so we need to prepare for the next....
2. Think twice if you plan to come to “bandaraya” Kuala Terengganu. Haha~~

Friday, June 06, 2008

Westlife - Home [2007]

Verse 1
Another summer day has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome, But I wanna go home
Maybe surrounded by a million people I
Still feel all alone, I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know
And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two, "'I'm fine baby how are you?"
Well, I would send them but I know that it's just not enough
My words were cold and flat and you deserve more than that
Another airplane, another sunny place I'm lucky I know
but I wanna go home, I've got to go home

Let me go home
I'm just too far from where you are
I gotta come home
Let me go home
I've had my run, baby I'm done
I wanna come home

Verse 2
And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life
It's like I just stepped outside when everything was going right
And I know just why you could not come along with me
'Cause this was not your dream, but you always believed in me
Another winter day has come and gone away
In neither Paris nor Rome and I wanna go home
I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I've had my run
Baby I'm done
I wanna go home
Let me go home
It'll all be alright
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Team: Ready For Battle

ALMOST FORGET. EURO 2008 just around the corner (forget bout the diesel and petrol... nothing can do about it). Actually, I dunno know which team to give a support or to bet on. but, worries no more. yeah! I've got my own team for euro 2008! I've been busy to handle the best player around the world... must be chaotic and hectic day for me... you bet! just take a look at my selected team.. ada berani?

1st team

2nd team

the sub



She got style... like a hot!

She got bump!!

Even got my own medic team..

Cheerleaders!! go go gal!

and luckily for me, i will be at home.. so i can watch the match whenever i want..

wait a minute, i got a story bout this...
There was a time, 1st time in my life, i went to watch the football match. its final. Kedah Vs Perak.. on 8th september 2007 (saturday) and was held at the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil.. its not like i remembered, but i still got the ticket.. hehe~~ actually, i dont want to, of coz not as a supporters or fanclub.. not even fanatic though.. not too much in it indeed. but rather to pleased mr hazir as he sponsored me a ticket. one ticket to the blue... huhu~~ even we arrived early, but the traffic was jammed like hell.. the people so called supporters are everywhere like flies gathered around the gigantic shit! oww really don't like that.. and im not one of them. supporters with their own style, their own creativity and their own mocking... apparently, some peoples looked so disgusting to me, some peoples looked like bollocks and not even looked like people anymore... we just wait outside, watching the black, white, yellow and green goes by... and around 8.00 p.m we went inside, it became disaster... the noise took place and the floor was shaking up and down. felt scared and nervous a little bit. suddenly, the imagination came into my head, picture of the stadium was collapsed and everyone die under the ruins. so sacry. ooo that was the last thing happened i wished. pleased not! I can't hear a thing excepted the voices of fanatics.. kunun-kunun la.. its not even a chant or song.. but rather like a bullshit... boo here.. boo there.. haha~~ no offense. we took a seat at higher place for a better view. it is better? coz i only can see the shadow running in the field. and i suddenly surrounded by yellowish colored people. im the only one who wearing the blue.. felt like stranger among the colony. i am indeed. what the hell im doing here in the first place??? anyway, im not going much further. coz the detail need to be censored as the person next to me got a little strange and acting so weird! thank god, he just half naked. i don't knew him as i said to the next person. haha! just kidding! so as a conclusion, it was amazing first experienced to me. surrounded by shit! muahaha~~

p/s: get the euro 2008 match schedule here... click this link.

Match schedule (in excel format)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guilty as Charged!

A Cup Of Tea by Rimfrost

HORROR. Today's nap was totally horrible. It lasted longer than I expected. It wasn't a nap anymore. It was well slept with full of dream. After send a message to Iza, which is around 7 a.m., think I'll take a quick nap while waiting for the reply... after awhile, my phone buzz as i set it in the silent mode, someone called me, with my sleepyhead, i picked up the phone... She called me ANG without G, hehe. and i knew rite away at the moment who was it. Iza lah, sapa lagi...

I like the way she called me, AN~~~ ahaks. like she wanna pampered me to sleep again... huhu~~ but then she said, wake up.. it was afternoon already! what??? I looked at the clock, its 1.34 p.m., oh gosh! shamed on me. felt so embarrassed. I cant caught up what she said anymore and I lost my word to speak. but then she knew better, said she'll call back. In instant I got up and ready for the next thing. I read the sms, which she replied at 9 sumthin and said couldn't make it. well, no one to blame. May be, it's my fault from the start. felt so guilty. So I just text her again and told her, bla bla bla... and she said hit me back.. oh dear, I don't wanna hit her, I never ever hit a woman, haha~~ i called her indeed. Again, she's the one who asked me itu dan ini, I'm speechless, like the cat got my tongue.. just snigger and then burst out the laughing mindlessly. its not cool at all. its fucking mental! I dunno what to say even i got sumthin in my head... why i cant say it! just say it for fuck sake! thats why i hate to call anyone.

Now i know, why i cant make a public speaking successfully, coz im always need to be prepared, cannot make it look ad-libbed, why i cant say a thing spontaneously! its always stuck in my throat. and when i stood up in front of crowded, my feet turned to jelly, my knees tightened, my stomach getting sweat and my hands the ones who speakable. well, another story but related to this... so I hate myself more and more... But in this case, I have to. No choice. She's having a lunch and said she will call me back. So, the whole day I'm waiting, but my phone doesn't ring. May be she pissed off with me.. or she hate me by now. well, I don't know. I tried to call but just keep thinking she probably busy at work as she stated earlier. am i being paranoid? please tell me...



Well, nothing more I can do about that. so, as I planned, I went to Putra Station to buy a ticket. It rain heavily when i got there. it not like cat and dog anymore, but rather much more like war between america and iraq. the bullets are everywhere. if that was the true bulllet, i dont know how many times i was dead by that time. Luckily, I just got all wet. Is that lucky for you? yeah.. much more lucky than die. its nothing to got wet. My fade jeans, my sandal, my shirt.. all wet. Actually, i kinda like the rain.. not that heavy rain, but rain with a few drops of rain.. not so hot, not so cool.. it must be perfect weather for me. Love it. then, i can start dancing and singing in the rain... haha! what the hell i'm talking about?

Shit! hardly to believe. the ticket almost sold out. my usual express which is sani express dont have ticket anymore for this friday, saturday and sunday. FYI, im just stuck by this express after the incident happened to me not long time ago, which is i lost my bag on the way back home for raya qurban celebration. i lost everything. it was transnational express by the way. so hate it. why it happened to me? and the only bag dropped amongst hundreds. can you imagine that? and the rm200 claimed i made wasn't paid until now. i just try not to brag this on.. leave it! 200 bucks can't bring back my future. leaving me with no choice, i bought two tickets from kuala lumpur to terengganu from transnational express counter.. yay~~ balik kampung. oh yup, by the way, i asked my friend to join me and kindly i sponsored him a ticket. he was an ex student in upm and will be a student again in a month coming which is he will further his study, master of course. he is from indonesia and he 2 years younger than me. just short introduction. huhu~~ so now, i have international friends from brunei and indonesia. lucky me i guess... i wanna make some friends from all around the world... this is one of my new dreams. yup, noted!

Afterward, went to cine with my Indonesian friend, watched indiana jones... ermm comment? ok lah kot! not bad movie by steven spielberg. (is that correct? sory, dunno how to spell)

im shagged out.. need to rest by now. see ya!

for my dear friend, sorry for not kept my promised. sorry for my misbehavior+ my foolish pride. And for that, I am profoundly sorry. Really I am. hope, there's still have time for both of us to meet each other. and I believe so... what we call that? Serendipity.

The Date & Day: Confirmed!

Officially I announce
the date and the day I'm going home:
Date: 6th June 2008
Day: Friday
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Bus: Double-decker Transnational Express

So, no posting, no blogging from me until I'm back again...
see ya and miss ya!
Adios & Gracias.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Lover of Fruit Cocktail Pudding

Fruit Cocktail Pudding by Anon

AS I SAID, I wanna write as much as I can as i decided to back home this Friday. so i told ya already when I'll be back. but i don't have the ticket yet, probably tomorrow i will. yup, surely. there's no time. I need to stick to the shedjewel I made just in the morning.. ha! and I also made a promised to someone.. so I'll send a sms to ask if that ok or not.. and confirm it right on. so settle for now. hope so. always last minute. yeah, its kind of my habit. I like to rush and dash here and there, make me look the busiest person in the world rather than doing nothing such writing this blog. give me double ha! ok enough said.

Actually, I suddenly fall in love with fruit pudding not long time ago, as I remembered, it was 2006, and on 29th October to be exact, and around 4.00 p.m to be precise. I was attended open house, if you forget, it was raya on that time and celebration are everywhere. and the owner was my last best friend wedding, Maisara Asyikin or sweetly I called MY or MAI. doesn't matter which one you prefer. skip the talking, goes to menu, there's so many dishes actually.. I still remembered all of it but I just wanna highlight fruit pudding here as the title stated above. usually I will not eat pudding coz i know there's milk in it and i sickening of milk. cant stand with the smell and taste, both of it. But accidentally at that time, I ate the thing looked like ice cream mixed with sort of fruits as my eyes saw, but it wasn't... it was a fruit pudding as she told me after I'm finished having a bowl of it while I'm asked. and then I realised, one bowl wasn't enough for me.. dunno how many bowls I had, dun remembered that. sowwy. ahaks! thats what was happened and how I fall in love with MY's.....pudding... double ahaks! thanks to her mum coz made such a lovely pudding.

Few months later when I back home, as usual, kitchen was the first place I looking for, I opened up the fridge and saw fruit pudding! oh hell yeah... it was amazing you know.. cant explained that feeling of the moment. felt so blessing. i thought someone bought it. and i know my family doesn't eat that kind of food as i before.. but it was for my nephews and nieces. and they told me, my sis made it. what??? surprisingly, I didn't know that. well, after that incident.. I never let a chance slipped away.. always asked her made me special fruit pudding when I back home and of coz i will do the same thing this weekend. so childish of me. ooo still remembered that, so funny though.. she made a pudding but didn't realized the fruit out of stocked. (usually we just use fruit in the can). she just put in the freezer and off to work and doesn't know, my bus ticket was on that morning. and when she came back, of coz with the fruit cans and asked where am i? my mom told her, i was in KL already, and they just having a laugh. she called me and asked, who's gonna eat that pudding? she doesn't know that i already ate half of it. only the pudding. without fruits. haha! well, end of the story.

As always, the menu was prepared by Kak ku specially for me. I requested from her in case I wanna make it on my own.. who knows?

Fruit Pudding. Actually this is my sis pudding looked like... haha~~

10 gm agar2 serbuk atau 1 paket agar2 biasa [28 gram]
6 gelas air
1 1/2 cawan gula
1 tin susu cair
1 tin air buah campur dlam tin...
1 tin buah campur [untuk hiasan]

1. Masakkan agar2 serbuk atau agar biasa bersama air sehingga mendidih.
2. Masukkan gula. Biarkan mendidih lagi. [jika gunakan agar2 biasa kena tapis]
3. Tutup api. Masukkan (air) buah campur dalam tin dan susu cair.
4. Tuangkan dalam acuan [terpulanglah nak acuan besar atau mangkuk kecil). Bila dah sejuk masukkan dalam petisejuk.
5. Hidangkan bersama buah campur yang diasingkan tadi.

GUY,KO PUNYE MAHU LE NI.X BUAT JAGE KAU... (warning from kak ku nie, haha~~)

see, it is easy as 1,2,3,4,5...
so that is it.. Happy cooking!

Monday, June 02, 2008


How many circles can you see? i can see 37 and you?

Can u see 9 faces? Actually, i can see more than 9 faces and a dog.. amazing isn't it?

Spot the 10 eagles...

this one easy.. can u spot 7 birds or more...obviously more.
i can count 15 wolves in this picture...

and 13 faces in this pic...

so how many did you count?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Box and Cox

Just post some pictures of the box that can be transformed to many kind of furnitures, complete set i guess.. quite interesting. Suitable for bachelor and neat person.. but if me the one whom used it, i think the furniture never go back into box shape.. it will scatter around permanently and messes up... so, do i need this?? well the idea is brilliant and will be brilliant thing if the guy used it quite brilliant... ahaks.. forget it! just take a look at the pics..

tadaa~~ completely transform.. so do you like it? or what did you think?

ps: The title Box and Cox... i just put it and dunno why. found it cool.. but no actually. not related at all.. ahaks!

pss: From concise oxford english dictionary, Box and Cox mean;
noun: an arrangement whereby people make use of the same facilities at different times.
Verb: share facilities in this way
origin: the title of a play (1847) by J.M. Morton, in which two characters, John Box and James Cox, unknowingly share a room.

do i need tell all this??? in case if u dunno, why not?