Monday, October 20, 2008


Urgh.. so damned fooking stupid TNB and Telekom... buat orang hangin jer satu badan.. yesterday morning i got yellow notice from TNB... dunno who sent it, probably the wanker worker.. hump! i've been waiting for two months to get the bills.. but no one shown up.. and then they just came up with the warning notice! what an idiot? i've never seen their stupid bloke come down here to check.oo may be that's lie.. i've seen one before, in the last fasting month.. but he said, he need to check up with the main cause it has been blocked cause the usage was far too different, more than 50 bucks from last month.. thats what he said. then.. no one coming down... so i dont bother myself to call them.. why me?

then later on in the evening, sumone from telekom centre called and asking the same thing.. menyampah nyer diorang nie.. why not just send me a bil and i will pay what soever it cost me! so damned fucking lazy bastard! ermm thats it. i not going to talk about this anymore..

and im glad my dad settle it for me.. cant believe it.. my dad paid the bills.. ahaks. how generous my dad? and im shocked when my dad told me it cost him more than 1k for electricity and 1k for phone line and internet.. huhu~~
and i dunno what to say.. when my dad told me, any bills was on him.. just pass on the bill and he will settle it. well its rude for me to say no...

and i cant believe it, all my bro and sis bills also was on him too.. even they are already married... hump! they all retard i guess.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cyber Quest: New PC

From now on, i'll be an extra busy... my new pc juz arrived last night, eight, all of them.. so i need to setup and do what i need to do...

so, i'm off till i'm online again.. may be no update from me.. but i'll try to keep up my posting.. huhu~~ ganbatte!!!


Thursday, October 02, 2008

AidilFitri Edition

Di kesempatan ini guy mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR zahir tak terucap & BATIN tak terkata... huhu~~ semoga semua berbahgia bersama orang2 yang tersayang tak kira walau dimana korang berada... buat pembaca blog, sampaikan salam guy, ASSALAMUALAIKUM buat family tercinta..
ikhlas dari guy,
jauh di mata, jauh di sudut hati...