Friday, May 29, 2009

Pain Inside. Rain Outside.

Hahaha~~ again.. no new entry from me for last couple days... i dunno where i've been and what am i doing? its not i was going somewhere or got a tonne of works to do.. but im just lazy... ha-ha! well actually, to tell the truth.. im being sick and still sick! but its weird coz im still active in forum... again ha-ha! its my leg actually.. its pain in the arse.. its make me so much trouble to move around.. my gout continuously struck me. i had a hard time to sleep until i took a medicine which is i hate and need to wait till my legs got numb! then i can sleep like baby. and woke up in the next morning with the same pain. im feel so helpless.

i think i need to stop. coz i have no feeling to write any more... this pain over[write] my brain... ahhhhhh.... where's my pills???

Friday, May 15, 2009

One Day One Moment One Family!

Its short, but i'm satisfied! and havin the gud time.. actually, i just reached at my cyber. feel so tired yet im happy. last night after i closed my cyber, my bro in law and i went back home as i planned earlier. the reason is nothin more than to see my mum.. i just miss her so much.. to kiss her and to talk to her. yup.. i miss her truly, madly deeply and crazily. but it already late when i arrived home.. its 2.30 a.m.. and everyone fall asleep. so nothin i can do about that. so i just went to sleep in my room and without any guilt and shame i asked my bro in law to company me as i heard rumor about the bad thing happened behind my house.. haha.. thats was so childish of me..

so this morning... i went to see my mum just after solat subuh... i felt so blessed as i saw her face.. the old face with wrinkle of ages yet it still lovely and charmingly calm. love to hold and to touch.. sweet to kiss.. what beautiful face my mum have. dont you think so? hehe... i love you mum.. muahhh!
ermm... so the rest of the morning i just spent it in the kitchen with my mum and others.

after jumaat, its time for me to pack my bag to go back to my cyber. huhu~~ on da way, i stopped by at mydin mall to settle the payment of the ogawa chair and bought some stuffs and foods for stock.. huhu~~

its other story but its kinda sad to tell... its about my 3rd sis... i dunno how to share her story.. im really sympathy for her.. for what had happen to her... in the blink of an eyes.. her beautiful days was gone.. her happy days was missing.. its been over a month... she just stay at home... no more class and activity for her.. no more teaching... she seems lost her spirit... lost her hope to teach again. its seem she lost pieces by pieces of her memory.. she had a hard times to recall.. and she seems easily to forget a thing. sometimes act like a child... its sad.. really really sad.. its really tearin me upside down... eatin my inner to see her like that... how cruel the one who did this to her? for now.. what can i do.. just pray and pray and pray for her happiness.. and hope she can get back what she lost.. her strength... her spirit... her soul... and be back as normal as before...

oh btw... today is one of my niece birthday, aida athirah, 9 years old... so i bought her a birthday cake for her celebrating later.. obviously without me.. but thats ok. hope she enjoy it...

ermm think i just wanna closed my cyber tonite, but my customers already waiting outside unpatiently... so, thats it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Maintenance

My Blog currently undergoing a heavy construction due to some technical problems. So you guys may be having some difficulties while browsing my blog. for that reason, i am apologizing to you guys.. ok, apologize accepted, thank you. hehe. daa.. got to go coz my blog need me to pamper her to sleep.

wait and see for my great new looking good! even u will never believe your eyes... hahaha~~

Friday, May 08, 2009

Ogawa SmartAire For My Mum...

Huhuhu~~ i'm totally out of my mind. believe it or not, i just called ogawa center and suddenly order it without knowing the exact price of this chair and the method to pay it... hahaha~~ i dont really know what was really got into me? but one thing for sure... nothing compare to my parents... i'm glad i did. and this is the first present from me for both of them since i started my biz. but the prob is its impossible for me to pay it by myself. there is only one option for me which is i need to pay it by cash. monthly pay only for credit card user... huhu~~ but luckily i got my sis to help me. i asked her to pay half of the price and im gonna pay her back later monthly. alhamdulillah, she agreed to that. huhu~~ thanks sis.

and this is for me... hehe~~

oh btw.. Happy Mothers Day to my lovely mum.. thanks for everything.. love you mum and i always gonna be ur baby..

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nokia 5130

Yay! i just ordered it with lix yesterday.. with budget around rm500. this is what i can get for my sis, just a small present from me for her upcoming birthday.. huhu~~ hope she like it.. actually, i dun really know how to choose the best for her. i just randomly chose what suit for her...

i asked lix to post it next monday... so for now, just wait and see.. nothing much for me to say.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nice Day Gone Nil

Oh my... it was my devastating moment of my life. sheesh! it was unbelievable. unexpected. unimaginable. yet undeniable. humph.. how can i say it.. coz im not happy with this situation right now. its make me goes insane! am i too emotional? i dont really care. its my right to feel that way. no ones mistake and i am the one to bear all of it. arghhhh~~~~ how cruel this life can be? some one tell me...

in the blink of an eyes... bang! everything gone dark! the panic customers and the damned owner (its me btw) was totally shocked. everyone silent. then burst out from my cyber... the lightning strike my cyber out of the blue... thats what was happen 2 days ago. so no biz... no money! im in deep trouble... im fallin down...

i reached my phone and dialed my bro in law.. thank god, he was on the way. i really dont know what should i do. i lost my mind for a moment. cant think cant do! i was so afraid to death... i just waiting and waiting.. oh geez... i hate to say but im felt so useless.. thanks to my bro for what he done and helped me. well, enuff said. i still feel bad for what happened...