Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me & Satio > Lovely Couple

HOHOHO~~~ i get surprise for ya! and for me too~~ i just received my new shining phone yesterday. its sony ericsson satio... not bad la. and i still cant get use to it. puas cari button nk tekan, rupanyer touch screen la plak.. ish xreti haku.. ekeke. x sempat nk explore pon lagi. sekali pandang, nothing special about it. but i love it. hehe..ermm thats it. just wanna tell u i got my new phone..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Currently On Heavy Duty...

hehe.. no story to tell.. just wanna update my blog after leaving her for such a long time. ermmm... im glad to write and give u an update about my new cyber, still under construction and renovation... but i can wait no more. the color changed to orange, no more purple and green.. dowh~~ the area is not much different... but may be more comfortable. no more thickheaded owner, thats the most important thing. thought i can get more spaces than the old one..but its not. the renovation will last until May, meaning i need to pay an extra rent. huhu~~ erm what else?

oh btw, last friday i just have a small arguing with my bro about the new shop.. i told him, its better if only him and his grocery to move out.. so he can get the whole spaces.. and i get more spaces too (even its shabby old shack). plus, i do not need to close my cyber. so does him. feel so sad to close my business even for awhile. on the contrary, he did not agree with me... dunno what his reason... in my head, its only that he can pay the rent by himself. thee thee~~

and for the time being, im the only one in charge for cyber and the grocery and the between.. obviously its tiring.. run in and outside. think im gonna lose my weight.. fufufu~~ while my bro relaxing doing the renovation with his friends... ceh~~ im a bit of jealous in here.. and i just keep pushing him to do it faster... make it finish and done by this april.. hahaha.. even though i know its impossible with his slowy motion and relaxing style of work...arghh i hate it! he's havin a laugh and gud time with renovation while im in tension with the bunch of crappy customer. mana tak nyer... baru je nk duduk ngadap pc, "bang rokok sebatang", "Bang Nok Beli", "bang nok tambah", "bang restart pc".. and so on. arghh.. hangin tol...

i'll pop out again to brag on of course. ja na~~~