Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The BaBy was Arrived!

i touch and i feel u... your curve body, ur slim body make me want u more and more... u make me feel so good, u wake up my long sleep desire. my heart beat so fast when u speak to my ears. my eyes open wide when i see you in front of me.. unbelievable! finally, u fall in my hands. i wont let u go... i will hold u tight. My BaBy You... wahahaha~~~

This why im so happy!!! yippie! yippie! but remember, it wasnt mine. haha.

thanks to jali express for send it to me by hand. special delivery from KL.

p/s: oh no.. i got caught in cough again... cant sleep well, cant work well. i need a holy-day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Week was End!

My weekend was over! filled with sickness. how come i got a fever again. but this time was so different, its a high fever. i put a wet towel on my forehead and its dried in like 5 secs... gam gajah pun kering in 10 secs. dasat woo~~ my body was shivering and shaking. i double and then triple my blankets + my 3 inches lemak tepu but still no used at all. chilled to my bones. plus the rain outside make me more felt like im freezing or am i burning??? coz im felt so hot. its weird.. and i confused. long to short, its a fever. ermm... it has been rain for 2 days or so. in this situation, im better just lazily lying in my room at the back of my cyber.. it not like nothing to do but nothing i can do for that moment. bored to death. luckily i got computer with wireless in my room. hehe. So HA is still on. so dang addicted lol.. and for my business, thankfully i got my superwoman assistant to handle all that kind of things for morning to evening shift and night im closed and no business for 2 nights. thats it i guess. just a quick and short update from me. its 6 o'clock in the morning. need to rest my head. a little bit dizzy.

btw, cant wait for jali 'express' to come by tomorrow morning. there is a package for me. yay! not really for me but im happy!