Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gud Mooonin' Kuala Lumpur....

By this evening, i'll be gone.. i'll start my journey to kuala lumpur with my bro in law for 3 days (or more), so again... a little bit rush from me, need to pack some stuffs and gone...

so here is the initial plan...

5.00 pm - departure (the real time: 10.30 p.m)

by midnight - reach at gombak... will stay at my bro in law niece's house. (the real time by dawn)

next moonin around 9.00 p.m. - ahead to low yat plaza...

day after (whole mornin) - buy some accessories, some other stuffs and laptop. lastly pickup the computer..

by afternoon - be gone.. get out from KL.

that's my plan...
semoga perjalanan ini diberkati... Amin.

Cyber Quest: CQ Banner out to Shine

Fuh! at last... it's done. after a few processes... this is the final result. actually, the background was prepared by someone and i really thanks to him (in case he/she passing through my blog or my cybercafe in the future). i just designed the foreground part.

the name, the logo, the banner and the slogan was done!
btw, my slogan is
Your Request, Your Conquest, No Question!

arghh.. again, emergency bugged out.. need to rush to somewhere.. dunno where but to find a furniture, a chairs... huhu~~ so i'm off now..

Monday, July 28, 2008

License to Life

Just a brief from me, last week, went to SSM, to register and the process wasn't easy as i thought... well, i always been easy and free thinker. I thought it's going to settle on the dot. but it doesn't. I cant use the name of "cyber" anymore.. that's taboo for SSM, i guess... haha~~ actually, it was block or something like not approve that name... and one more actually, I know it already, but what can I do, I like it! huhu~~ need to comeback next week. so on 26th Julai 2008, officially, I register the company under my own name... but due to my stubbornness, the cyber quest will be stay the same... that's the name of my hut... hahaha~~ so glad.

ohh shit, it's been a week i tried to connect to internet via my computer.. but it doesn't work, something wrong i guess. but i dunno wat was tat! and a week also i used my 2nd sis laptop, and i dont like it.. i love my computer so much!! lastly, i decided to format.. so now, i'm using the windows vista... and now it's working properly... yay!!

now I know how does it feel when the time wasn't enuff.. and as a consequence... my blog posting become shorter and shorter... this feeling was scaring me... and I feel guilty too coz the delayed of posting (if you notice!).. huhu~~

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cyber Quest: My Hut Pics

Sorry for inconvenience quality of the pictures... this is the best i can do rite now... so, as i promised, this is wat i called my hut...

My Hut...

Wiring in progress thru day and night...thats my wire boy..huhu~~

Renovation in construction....

Inside view... still messy + workers did his job.

After painting and the frame work ready for glasses

Some workers working on frame... (xtau nk taruk apa dh)

It's done! the glass panel, green table, purple wall, ceiling and wiring...

The gray carpet on the green table, that's my air-con just below my ceiling

-same as above-

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Day After Work...

Again, a short entry from me, just came back from my hut... and it's so tiring.. it was an hour past midnight... what a buzzy day?? well, i can say the progress was slow.. and it was behind the schedule... haha~~

the banner still under construction... may be tomorrow i will finish it.

also went to tm center, to register the streamyx, took 1mb combo, that the max speed in terengganu, what the hek! neways... yay!! got the 24hrs non stop connection.. so glad. :), so, my "assignment" will be restart again from now on.. hehe~~

lately, i've been busy for an extra work, typing the add math module for form 4, surely not for me, just lent my hand to my sis.. only 5 chapters done. the rest 6 chapters still untouched. it'll be publish soon and to be sell in entire school in terengganu and some outsider... and for me, i'll get the commission.. hehe~~

need to rest... rest is primary!

so that's it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cyber Quest: Name & Logo was Born

Ooo.. finally. This is the last.. no more design. and thanks to iza, for the moral suppport... haha~~ actually, for gave me the great choice.. if not, it will take me the whole week only to find out the name.. what a slow thinker i am.. huhu~~ yosh, ready to create banner afterward then the motto or watever... cant write any longer... need to rush to my hut... he need me more than everything rite now..

well, i will post some pictures of my hut later... insyaAllah..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers

By: Xiaolu Guo

This book is all about a twenty three year old Chinese girl named Zhuang or Z as she calls herself was sent to west, London to be precise by her parents to learn English for year. With hope she will be back with new knowledge and language for her own family good. Her journey begun and she already got trouble after a few minute arrives at Heathlow Airport. Having a culture shocked coz the different way of life, mostly confusing and hard to adapt. And always misinterpret the meaning of act and language. Luckily she met a Good Samaritan, an Englishman after a few days been there. But it is all because of her misunderstanding of what he said, ‘be my guest’. Very funny though. From that day, she learned from him and spent their time together in little, shabby shack. He is so different; he doesn’t like the modernization and the changing even the ‘new’ thing, not like her at all. She always confuse with him and always need explanation and sometimes them arguing to each other coz different opinions. But then, everything will be normal as nothing happened earlier. Later, she found she was fall in love with him. But him, he was homosexual, or may be bisexual. And there is so many challenging in their way of love. Captivating, charming and bittersweet… the clash of east meets west.

In this book, the writer purposely using broken language and no need to struggle to understand the story, mostly beginner like me.

This is my first posting about the novel thing. hope i can keep it up later when i have nothing to write.. or when i in lazy mood... brilliant!! haha~~ whatever.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Writing is Missing!!!

ANGER. Fed up. Disappointment. More anger. then... blown away. wat da hekk??? i've no idea where or when it goes missing. urgh.. forget it!! so this posting just nothin more than spam.. hahaha~~ due to my laziness and tiredness... this posting will be stay look like this... the posting is missing and the point is nothing... but the idea still in my head... i know what should be in here and what should not.. and i' not going to write again the same thing.. so that's it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Expedition Exploration Experience

SO RELIEVE. Yes, felt so damn good. It’s been a month I tried to get it started. To find just one fine shop in the strategic place and well position in the certain area. It’s not easy as I think. From one to another, always have a problem. I say it’s a challenge, and I must accept whatever it is. I need to learn and digest everything. Everything that seems so new; I will start from nothing to make everything. I will build my own career, my own boss, my own friend even my own enemy. Everywhere and everyplace seems so good; but how to maintain from retrogressive and how to conquer the new world (yet it so new for me to think of that). I know there is a risk I need to face coz every business is risky, who doesn’t know that? The unfamiliar risk to me so far. Scary, isn’t it? But there is no turning back. Every step is needed to be clear; I shall know what exactly I want. One wrong step will cause a huge trouble. Every person is competitor. Yes, they are my silent enemy from now on. And every time I have never been enough. No more sleepyheads and no more leisure moment to waste. Say goodbye to tomorrow… That’s every now and then… oh please, don’t be too serious. Why I’m being so intense. Cool down and cheer up!

Last month, supposed I already got one shop, 2 stories, a new one with rental RM 1500, but due to some problems, I lost it. Then another one, 1 story but it’s big enough for my business. RM 800 per month. But again due to thickheaded tenant won’t let it go even he doesn’t pay a rent for years. I don’t get it why. Found another shop with rental around RM 1200, looking good for me. But still, there is a problem. I don’t know what it is, but my brother told so. So I don’t bother asking why. The next one, shop for sale, RM 200 000. That’s a big money for me, but my brother wants it. And when we ask again, shockingly, the price was up to half million ringgit. That’s ridiculous. Forget that schmuck head owner. Bugger! Ten shops I found, ten shops I lost. The problems keep going on. It’s weird to think of that, coz I didn’t start my business yet. Is that a challenge? What ever it is, I need to be prepared for what may come soon.

And now, Alhamdulillah, found one shabby hut to start my business. The cheapest one cost me RM 350 for rent. Just near by workshop and need to renovate to make it look good and attractive. Strategic place though but not quite well position, look like it hidden a little bit. So, I just need a gigantic signboard. That will settle it. Haha~~ InsyaAllah, next week the work will start. There are many things to do. Luckily, I got my family stayed focus behind me. Told and taught from time to time. It’s great. For me, may be its good to start from zero, coz the result will be clearly for me to see. I will know where it goes wrong when I get into trouble. And of course I will be more alert. So, that’s my business talk for now.

Believe it or not, I told my 2nd sis to open a grant sport center in my kampong. Surely she agreed with me and thanks me for my brilliant ideas. It’s superb. I know she will like it and now she’s really into it. But I will hold it for now. I need load of cash for that. A lot of money against a little time. Guess, I was deep in business now… haha~~

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

R.i.P – Racist is Palilalia

WHERE DO I START? Ermm… it seems this is my favourite question when I run out of ideas, but still want to write. So I can think what to write while I write this sentence – brilliant! In truth, the writing was securely in my mind, and just the matter of time to bring it out on the wall – liar! I’ll try to be concise, and it should be easy to bear in mind that there a vast periods of time which is I have absolutely no recollection, may be due to usual routine in my daily life - whatsoever. But this is wasn’t my routine, listening to hindustan songs while writing my blog. A bunch of songs collection from Mohabbatein and Mann films. It wasn’t like me at all – weirdo!

Actually, I’m pissed off so to speak. My computer still not working, it’s dead. I need new hardware, new power supply. I supposed so; I jump to this conclusion after I check everything else. I can’t see other problems. And I don’t have problem to see other problems. So, no more point to discuss about my ‘power’ problems. Anyway, I already asked the forumer about that, and it help a lots with the variety of ideas. thanks to forumer, mostly Fungkur, the admin and the one who provide a good website for us. urgh.. Think of this just make my day even worse. But when I lie on my bed and see the black screen, so dimmed, so shady, like a black dog of my day. Even for now. The black man doesn’t relate at all in this topic. I’m not racist! Haha~~

Racist; heard of this word make me recall one thing. There is drama comedy series about racist. But first, I need to highlight it here, I’m not gonna touch Malaysian issues at all. But (always ada-ada aje tapi… it’s already in my blood), it’s better if Chinese know their own mainland, so to speak to Indian. Don’t they miss their own land? Oopps… (its weird though, how come Malaysian want to be open minded, if they can’t talk, that cannot, this cannot, what can??? Tell me, and still you said voice is freedom. Don’t think glocal, but think global, come on lah people…) Ehem! Back to drama series, it’s named EXTRA. I think I will write about it later, may be I wanna try to be part time reporter on my own someday, who know? so that I can write a good and interesting blog. Uhuh. I got a point there. Actually it was funny as hell and makes my tummy nearly exploded. The main actor is, of course no one no alike (is this correct??) Ricky Gervais, he is very genius. I salute him for make me crying out loud again and again and there is a time when I unashamedly cried and touching. So this is roughly conversation I picked out randomly from season 1 episode 5, with special guest Samuel L. Jackson.

(this is the scene where Maggie and Dan stand next together, Dan is black man who Maggie wants to go out with)
Dan : To be honest, there’s not a lot of black faces needed on television.
Maggie: No. Crimewatch.
Dan : What?
Maggie: The reconstructions on Crimewatch. They always need black actors or white actors. They need black actors and white actors. Depending on who's committed the crime that day? I mean, there’s a criminal, black criminal. Certainly there’s a white criminal as well as black criminals. (Already felt guilty as hell and ask to leave…)
Maggie: Oh, God! I've just remembered I've got to go...
(And Maggie left Dan absurdly)

(In the bus while Andy (Ricky Gervais) and Maggie having a break, and Maggie complained about her attitude earlier which is offense black woman in front of Dan)
Andy: Well, there is that test I can give you.
Maggie: What test?
Andy: The racism test. The one they give you when you join the council to make sure you're not racist.
Maggie: (Surprisingly) I've never heard of it.
Andy: Yeah… Do you want to do it? Just 10 questions.
Maggie: Go on, then. (Confidently)
Andy: Right, you've got to answer just totally honestly, okay? Just relax, you've got nothing to worry about unless you are a racist. (with smirk on his face)
Question one is who would you rather see with their shirt off? Brad Pitt or Sir Trevor McDonald.
Maggie: Brad Pitt, obviously.
Andy: Obviously…
Maggie: What?
Andy: No, I can't say anything till the end. Right, question two. This is about racial awareness. 'Cause often you catch out a real racist because they don't know or care about any black issues. Who's the Prime Minister of Great Britain?
Maggie: Tony Blair.
Andy: Correct. Who is the Prime Minister of Namibia?
Maggie: (goggling her eyes ups and downs) I don’t know.
Andy: You knew the white one. Okay, good. Oh, dear. Who is the Queen of England?
Maggie: Queen Elizabeth II.
Andy: Correct. Who is the President of Djibouti?
Maggie: This is ridiculous. I've never even heard of blooming Djibouti. (trying to defense herself)
Andy: Please do not ridicule the totally valid African language.
Right… next question. Who would you rather have waiting for you when you got home tonight? Johnny Depp or OJ Simpson.
Maggie: Johnny Depp because of the murder thing.
Andy: Because of the murder thing? I think you'll find that Mr OJ Simpson was acquitted but in your eyes 'cause he's black, he's still guilty.
Maggie: People still think he is guilty.
Andy: Racist people still think he is guilty.
Maggie: I'm not a racist.
Andy: I'm just going by the test.
Maggie: I'm trying to get off with a black person.
Andy: Yes, but according to you, you wouldn't want him waiting for you in your house when you got home tonight.
Maggie: Only because I would go, "How did you get in here?"
Andy: Now he's breaking and entering as well. Fascist.
Maggie: Right, I'm going to go and ask him out now.
Andy: Hold on.
Maggie: Watch.
Andy: Tell him you had a hate rating of 9.8, one more than Hitler.
Maggie: Watch, I'm going now.

Haha~ I’m still laughing when I watch this… oh dear… what a great comedy. Sadly, there’s no show in Malaysia tv channel, even astro. Or just go find by yourself in dvd shop and buy it. It’s worth every penny you spend. Trust me.

Oh.. I felt much better… not even thinking about my black screen monitor… haha~~

ps: about the title RiP, i dont know where is the idea come from... its juz came out of nowhere.. huhu~~

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rejab bulan Taubat

PEJAM CELIK PEJAM tido dah masuk bulan Rejab pon... well, I bet you guys knew the fadhilat in this month, the month of Allah. banyak kelebihannya, dan rebutlah peluang yg datang setahun sekali. mana lah tau jika tiada kesempatan lagi. just peringatan utk diri sendiri dan juga yg sudi kerana diri ini selalu alpa dan lalai dengan duniawi yg tidak menjanjikan kebahgian akhirat... astarfirghullah, ampunilah dosa hambaMu ini ya Allah. gerun dihati ini bila mengingatkan dosa-dosa yg telah kulakukan, mungkin tak terhitung. tapi ku harap keampunan Mu ya Allah. ku sujud padaMu ya Allah. dan kepadaMu lah aku akan kembali. semoga aku digolongkan dalam golongan yg mendapat syafaat dan rahmatMu. Amin.

and by the way, thanks to iza, coz reminded me the night before. thanks again my dear friend.

only short statement from me just to remind... nothing more.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Let It Be...

23th - 28th June 2008... (i just got my time to write. sorry for delayed.)
IT WAS DECIDED. I’ll be home for the rest of my life! I really don’t know how should I feel about this? Everything mixes in my head and my brain efficiently functions as a mixer. The more I think of this… the more confusing I get. Always confuse with my thinking. Yeah, that’s me. Back then, I always dream about stay away from my home, if can, I want to be out of this region… yes, far, far and away. But that wasn’t happened anymore. I’ll be stuck in here for such a long time. Will I be suffering from this? Hope not… but the truth, I’m already crumbling… physically and mentally. Don’t give up… that’s life. Yeah, right. Can’t say a word anymore.

After few weeks living in the store room, kind of storage to me; with everything was put inside, like sardine. I made up my mind to clear every single thing in this room. Everything doesn’t belong to me was threw out. My 8th sis asked me about her cupboard was moved. Simply I said it wasn’t mine, why should it stay in my room? Yeah, how cruel I can be? Obviously she got toasted and I don’t care. Don’t bother, it will be alright. Now it looks much better and more places for my own thing. Also, I brought in new furniture for my own use. But you know what? It took me three days to finish it; only to clear out! What the heck???

Somewhere in Pantai Kemasik, Kemaman.

Out of nowhere, my 2nd sis told me I should pick up my things at Serdang by tomorrow. It’s Thursday. Unknowingly I was agreed. So, the journey of my bro-in-law and me began that’s evening. Nothing interesting about that, but we talked so much… all the way to my destiny. At midnight I was in Serdang already and ready to sleep. Felt so tired to tidy up. Supposed we arrived early but because of my misconduct we got lost… haha~~ Jalan-jalan makan buah langsat… last-last sesat.

Next morning, Iza called me and we talked for awhile… ermm about what eh? Really don’t remember… but I did tell her about my plan. It supposed to be my secret. Well, I don’t like to talk about that, further more it isn’t happen yet. Later, in the evening, bancik called me… it wasn’t nice to recall and I don’t like the conversation. It was my fault to speak in the first place. Yeah, that’s lesson for me. Keep it low. So, after delayed about 5 hours, my bro-in-law arrived from Gombak and we ready to head back. By dawn on Saturday, we reached at home. Alhamdulillah, thank Allah for the safe journeys.

And tonight (28th June), my mum and dad will be home after three weeks have been in Sarawak. I’ll be happy to see them again… of course with some souvenirs. Hoorayy~~