Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fight Oh!

Finally... my feet back on earth. but still i hate pak aji bakhil. im happy yet hot! my bro in law came here for sahur. i was waiting for him till i fall asleep. damn! why he cant just told me he went to fishing and he arrived at 4 oclock later. hangin la apa lagi. nak je aku ketuk2 kepala dia. i dont like waiting for no reason. eeeee tensen nyer.... majuk gak la kejap.. haha. but then i know its just wasting my time. bukan dia nk layan aku pun. i woke up and a with a little bit surly i asked him going out for sahur. huhu~~ we had a few menus, daging masak merah, paprik, sup ekor and telur dadar. enuff la tu kan...

and then we talked about business. we back on track. im glad. but we out of time. no time to setup properly. duh~~ i dunno what can i do to help out. i was hopeless. arghh bingung nyer....

and for the first time i ate nasi with lauk tumis pedas and ayam goreng for berbuka. its so yummy. yeah, i know my appetite completely recover. huhu~~

thats it. save the rest for later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Its my mom birthday today. duh! nearly forgot. quickly i phoned my dad, but i got bump by my dad, ayah nk solat asar lah... hahaha... adeh malu sekejap. after awhile i call my sis phone and my mum busy with cooking in the kitchen. i dont care and i told her to pass the phone to mum and impatiently i said, "Selamat hari Lahir Mak!". huhu~~

and then i talk and talk.. try to convince her and so on... try to win her heart and so on... the detail.. let it be secret between us.. huhu~~ love you mum.. you are my everything.. you are the one and only..

u know what, after that.. im felt so blessing, calm and no more pounding in my head. how can i explain.... i dunno...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramadhan's Resolutions

I wish there is a rain tonight, but it wasnt. only a cloudy cloud accumulated and swift away and a small thunder i heard. its a fake sign. sigh. ermm nothin much to say so i decide making some ramadhan's resolutions.

Ramadhan's Resolutions made so far:

1. Fasting without ponteng2.. haha. of coz le kan.

2. Solat sunat terawih for the whole month. taun lepas dh byk tertinggal. duh~~

3. Dont wanna miss sahur even for a glass of water. and an apple too. huhu~~

4. Solat tahajud before or after sahur.

5. Solat Subuh at surau. its a hard one. ha-ha. ye la kan, sudah kenyang2, lentok la plak.

6. Khatam al-quran at least once. so 1 juz per day. 1 Quran, 1 Ramadhan.

7. Hafaz surah al mulk and waqiah.

8. ermm wanna eat buffet at least once at berbuka puasa.. hurmmm...

9. Wanna lose my weight as much as i can. got an extra weight for 40kg by now. perghh... im gonna be the biggest loser.. hahaha.

so, thats it for now...

Estima 5D

Haha.. this is advertising for toyata estima. its cheaper than u imagine, come and grab it! pilih2, murah bang....

anyways... my sis want this specs on behave my dad.

Pearl White Color
With Cream seat color
Back Navi TV [if can in front too]
AT Engine Transmission

so for now, only 3 available... but more coming soon.

2004 31000 TV PEARL Condition 4

2003 71000 TV SUNROOF PEARL Condition 4

2004 63000 TV TV PEARL SUNROOF Condition 3.5

its all look the same.. the differ only in condition and some other specs. no need for me to elaborate.

Added today [25 August 2009]

this is the best condition for now, but sadly its gray... i dunno if my sis like it or not..

2004 SUNROOF CREAM SEAT 23000KM TV NAVI Condition 4.5

well i like to share some facts here and dont talk to anyone eh.. promise me tau.

The auction site is done nation wide all over japan.Basiclly the auction site will input 2 pictures in the web site to avoild too much data overload.

Anyway when your sister choose a car, i will try to ask my friend weather he can go and take picture inside the car.

Normally the auction will specify the condition of the inside car where:
A is the best condition
B is normal
C is fair

condition of overall car body:
5 is Excellent
4.5 is very good
4 is normal
3.5 is fair
R is Repaired

the ranking is very accurate because this is a very trusted auction site.last time i bought my estima it was 4.5 A but the condition is like new.

of course 5 A is the best but the price will go much higher than expected.

most of the car importer will buy RC or 3.5C.THis is because minor scrachtes or dented which can easily be repaired in malaysia for cheaper cost than in japan.

ermm leh jadi agen estima nie... huhu~~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good and Gone...

Just done my terawih for 3rd day and its rainy. alhamdulillah. but still nothing change. im still the same as yesterday. my sahur and berbuka just exactly the same as what i had yesterday. so damn lazy to cook. plus i got nothin in my freezer except a basket of an apple and 3 bottles of 100plus. bazaar ramadhan is quite far away from here. so i never think of it as a choice for me and moreover H1N1 is everywhere. i know my stomach was so empty by now. but my stubborn stomach just cant accept any foods. and my mouth dont feel like to. i tried to eat something, but suddenly its just came out back in instant. its not vomit but i cant swallow the food. what exactly happen to me? im not being me. im totally wicked out.

im still waiting for the miracle.. and by that time i know im the happiest person alive.... is there a hope for me? i hope so.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Its Not Right & Its Not Ok!

I'm depressed. Frustrated. Disappointed. and lonely too. mixes those feeling and im totally damages. not a chance i'll be healing soon. no time i'll be ok. oh god, i just need somebody rite now to talk to. hope my bro in law come here sooner. so that i can talk and talk nonsense with him. at least im not all alone and lonely. but i know we both still depressed. i cant help it. its burdened me all night and day long. what am i gonna do? thought my family give me a call and have some sweet talk after hearing those news. but everyone became passive. seems doesnt care or dont really bother. and thats hurting me a little. well what can i say, thats my matter. but still i hope for the miracle happen... ooo its crap!

ermmm my fasting... just fine even though im not happy. last nite i just had an apple for sahur and a glass of water. im completely lost my appetite. its odd. and for berbuka i had a set of sandwich and keropok lekor that i bought yesterday with my bro in law at mengabang lekar. ermm nothing much to tell. too much thinking. well surely i wrote again tomorrow. daa... its terawih time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Salam all... and Salam marhaban ya Ramadhan.

so happy fasting to you guys... dont try to ponteng2.
ermm... dh nk start pose lah, tak leh tulis panjang2.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pissed Off Pissy!

I'm not in the mood. im so pissed off. my cyber closed for whole day is one thing. the fucking twisted head owner is the other thing. firstly my cyber, it was closed not at my will. its because some workers doing his job in front of my cyber and i cant do my job and i trapped inside my cyber for the whole day. dowh~~ so selfish owner. never care about other or my business to be exact. he will do anything as long as his problem settle but then he pass on the risk to me. not once. its occurred few times already. i closed my cyber because of his problem. i cant stand it anymore unless he reduce the rental for the month or pay my lost of the day. i had a funny story about him though, i dont really know what exactly on his mind. he once ask me to repair and setting his old clock, and i did. then he paid me even i resisted at that time. but due his thick headed, i took it and walk away happily. but shockingly, the day after he came by and ask me to return back the money. wtf! so immature. so childish. such a freak!

because of nothing i can do. i just went to sleep. but it so loud out there. i tried to sleep but i just cant. and then i woke up and went to my bro in law. he looked so unhappy. long face. sober. inspirited. i asked him what happen. he silence. pause for moment, take a deep breath. heard a looong sigh. heavy too. suddenly he told me about the new rental price. its fucking unbelievable. its just insane. the price incredibly increase more than twice the original price. RM1000! thats the new rental. its feel like i just wanna smack on in face. is he twat or what? i dont wanna brag about it anymore.. i just hate it. our plan just vanished in the thin air... no more business talk between us. even we both cant sleep that nite thinking of it. now its my turn. *big sigh*.

late in the evening, my bro in law and i went out, just to clear out our heads and to fill something into our empty stomach. we both silence. nothing more to discuss. while we walk into restaurant, my bro in law phone rang, its look sumthin came up. looked urgent. his friend asked for his help. oo not the rite time i guess. but he seemed to agree to help. oh for his sake, i just lost my temper and i have an argue with him.. it small matter but still it made me worried. coz he didnt sleep in a wink and wanna drive for long distant. his so stubborn i guess. i cant stop him at all. its done. but thank god, someone came and help his friend later on. what so important about him anyway. help urself first before u wanna do anyone's favor. dont push urself too hard. dont be stupid. and obviously im jeolous. haha. so again, we both lost in the silence. and that nite, its end up im crying on his shoulder. ahh just silly me. nahhh, i just made up. ekekeke..

ermm no more talk.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Day in Terengganu

How on earth i'm forgot to write my story. duh~~ its happened 2 or 3 weeks ago. yup im forgot the exact time but it doesnt matter. huhu~~ yoe's friend aka my friend came for one day trip. its short but its important for his master project, the title ermm obviously im forget. nevermind, he came here to learn how to make keropok. from a to z. so, the whole morning im acting like a tour guide, give the spontaneous story about the process to make a keropok ikan. haha.. its all acting my frenz. sowwie. but hey, its working! at least im tryin to help him and gave my best. and mission accomplish.

the tour finished earlier than i expected, so we're free in the evening. and i remembered that my friend ask me earlier where to buy kain songket at a reasonable price as he told me he saw a price around rm900 for one piece of songket. and im like... wth reaction. i cant believe it too. and how could i know something like that. well i knew nothin. huhu. but i dont hesitate to ask my sis and told her the same story as friend told me earlier. but shockingly she said, "memang pun. rm3000 pon ada. lebey mahal pon ada." cant believe it. who's the fucking retard gonna spend that amount of money for that pieces of shit songket. ha-ha. and she said not to worry coz its juz a shown price. you can nego down the price up to 70%. unbelieveable! but this not gonna work at alfa batik. so this is important notes for you guys. in case u wanna come here and wanna buy a songket.

so thats evening, as my friend wish we went to str songket at kuala ibai and of course with my two sisters as a new tour guide. and i saw with my very own eyes the songket with the price at rm3000. its just a songket after all... and the price down to rm1500. and my friend bought one as a souvenir from terengganu which shown price at rm750 and sold at rm250. i thought its end but now its my sis turn... in the end we need to wait for another two hours waiting and wandering in the boutique. they bought more than my friend did. duh~ then we headed to masjid terapung and went home. so thats it.


Monday, August 17, 2009

CQ's Shirt [Latest Design]


dowh~~ my bro in law just came by last nite and gone this morning... in the mean time, i showed him my design. as i expected, none of them can win his heart and eyes. he's really got a high standard of taste. ngeh-ngeh-ngeh. he said my design just not suitable for the shirt and looking good only on t-shirt. and i thought its for the t-shirt. huhu~~ my mistake. so rite on the spot, i ask him for his brilliant ideas and whatsoever. after 10 minutes, this is the result as shown in the pic above. ermm but i think its still need a final touch up. arghh... its really confusing me. guess, i just need to let him design and using his ideas. thats better. so, wait for more updating... if any.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CQ's T-Shirt

This is the rough yet final result from me.. spent a few hours to design. my bro in law asked me to design and he wanna send it to his friend later on. so at least i have my own design t-shirt for my cyber. so happy. huhu~~

so take a look and tell me which one is cool! ahaks.






Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy but Bizzy

Its great to be back again. safe and sound. but i got this unsettle feeling, like the lazy one after few days rest doing nothing. ha-ha. its like i need a fresh start. geez.. a long rest is really bad for my biz. besides, my sales drop so far behind, like a big gap. so damn regret. my mum asked my bro in law to take care of my cyber, but what can i say... he came here for well and good sleep. i dont blame him though. even i dont put so much faith in him to take care of my cyber.. huhu~~ this kind of job not suit him well enough. i know him.

oh btw, his case at court already settle and even he already got the check valued rm40k... hoorayy! im happy for him. so i ask him to start his own biz coz i knew he's not happy with his current job, like grocery or whatever he want to... and he can rent a shop next to my cyber.. huhu~~ and for me, he promised me to take me to Cameron highland... but dunno when. i will wait patiently.

latest news:
late evening, a promoter squad came by to promote online game, jin online at my cyber. its a great chance for my cyber. also got a few posters and banner, even i dared to ask for tshirt, sadly no extra for me. huhu..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fever & Never

Oh damn! i got fever + headache + sore throat + cough and still in terrible condition. and i at home by now... it has been two days. all this things still stuck up in my head. bloody fool eh. ermm.. thats it. cant write long enough. still dizzy. so sad though coz so much to tell, yet so damn sick! :(

anyway, im just thinking of my cyber. kinda miss CQ.