Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update Lagi.. hohoho~~~

ermmmmmm nk update ke tak? update ke tak ek? update ke tak nie? oitt nk update ke tak! lantak la nk update ke tak. hahaha... dh update pon....

Selamat tahun baru... semoga sukses selalu...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Eh! Eh!... ada FB la plak!

Juz nk haloo je kt korang nie... sejak dua menjak nie.. tetiba plak active berfacebook. so kalu sesapa nk add saya.. add la.. saya x kisah. hikhik! semuanye budak2 (my customers) ni nyer pasal.. they all so pushy. then paksa main happy aquarium.. giler ketagih dibuatnyer. haha. actually dh lama ada facebook. tp x pernah usik pon. malas! sampai skrg pon x abis explore. bukak fb, main hepi aquarium. itu aje keje aku. haha.. itu aje tuk hari nie. sungguh bersejarah kan?

kepada member forum, korang lepak mana plak skrg nie? ada forum baru ka? kalu ada, kasi tau la, boleh la guy jenguk2, usha2 apa yg patut. boring gak nie...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

LOL.. Forget lah plak!!!

Haha.. rasanyer aku dh lupa yg aku ni ada blog dan perlu diupdate... aku masih sayang blog aku. sayang sangat2. maafkan abg ye yang.. ekeke.. itulah sandiwara aku di suatu petang ditemani gerimis.. ohh, i love it.. the rainy day. so what i've been up to latety? actually juz doin my daily life, the routine. its kinda keep me bz and bz. and make me forget this maya world for awhile. its good thing though. xde la aku buang masa ngadap pc 24/7 je kan.. tp kalu xde pc.. kinda boring la plak. entah lah. we need each other gitu. ni pun sebab x bukak kedai, stomachache punye pasal.. ada la skit masa to spent it on my blog to write sumthin get off my chest. tgk member nyer blog.. semuanyer berupdate.. baguih. jeles pon ada.

ermm ermm ermm sebenarnyer dh lupa apa yg nk ditulis.. byk sgt, so dunno where shud i start... haha.. rasanyer biarlah ia berlalu saja... no need to story. and at least im update my blog. hikhik!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Refreshing... Start a New One

Its been 2 months i was handle these business alone... cyber and grocery. think my last wish come true. either one of us must get out for one of us to survive. hoho. and its the reason why i dont have so much time to update my blog or chatting or hanging around.. so sorry guys. and hope its not too late to wish u guys SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN. and pray for my luck and success in this kind of world. and thats it for now.. im need some rest. ermm dunno when will i have time again to update this blog... hope u guy stay tune by the time i come back. huhu..

My DSLR was taken away

My DSLR was stolen! O-o~~
but it was for gud coz i didnt use it at all..
no time for snapping around. thee..

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A New Challenge: Nikon D5000

Awesome! i got a second surprise for ya... for the first time in my life, i touch and feel this kind of camera... i dunno what u guys called it, but for me it just a camera. its nikon D5000 as the pic above. ermm still not use to it, and obviously its take alot of time to use it like an amateur and take alot of skill and experience to be a pro.. ekeke. but just let me use it my way. everything is just try and error. ermm since no one in my family dunno how to use it, automatically it will be mine. haha.. its okay i think coz my sis already have a canon s90 and HF21. so its not a big deal. thats it la kot. gonna explore my new camera. say cheese! snap-snap!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Leaving On... Living In

Just get back home! fuh~~~ and quickly turn on my sis lappy and get connected to the internet. walla! its been a week and so no internet in my life. i have the phone but it cost me so expensive la~~ feel so release and alive.. haha. i didnt plan to get back home... but it the best thing to do now plus this is the first time in 2010 i get home. huhu~~ i just had some arguing with my bro in law yesterday and he left me no choice. sort of. it just a small thing. dont bother. plus the reconstruction still not done and still many thing to do.. and it doesnt attach me at all. so i left him doing his job! plus he obviously like it. i even didnt tell him i went home like he did to me, he went out of nowhere leaving me alone and get back late at nite. he dare me and thats what he got. and to be more devilish, i didnt leave him any penny. ha-ha. well sure he can survive with a few buck left with him. he have another option actually, his grocery is ready to reopen. so just open it while he doing the works! so he can get some money. the day before, i plan to take care of his grocery while he doing the wiring thing... but after that mouthy war.. nah~~ its not an option for me. boring with this kind of life... and why its bothering me. its like what i thought, this thing will never end... unless one of us get out.. ermm. and its already happen, even my cyber still not open yet! it fast than i thought.
im tired and need some more rest.. daa~~ [dunno why im so tired, may be i slept the whole day yesterday... ekekeke]

any one can gave me and advise.. what shud i do with this kind of life?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me & Satio > Lovely Couple

HOHOHO~~~ i get surprise for ya! and for me too~~ i just received my new shining phone yesterday. its sony ericsson satio... not bad la. and i still cant get use to it. puas cari button nk tekan, rupanyer touch screen la plak.. ish xreti haku.. ekeke. x sempat nk explore pon lagi. sekali pandang, nothing special about it. but i love it. hehe..ermm thats it. just wanna tell u i got my new phone..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Currently On Heavy Duty...

hehe.. no story to tell.. just wanna update my blog after leaving her for such a long time. ermmm... im glad to write and give u an update about my new cyber, still under construction and renovation... but i can wait no more. the color changed to orange, no more purple and green.. dowh~~ the area is not much different... but may be more comfortable. no more thickheaded owner, thats the most important thing. thought i can get more spaces than the old one..but its not. the renovation will last until May, meaning i need to pay an extra rent. huhu~~ erm what else?

oh btw, last friday i just have a small arguing with my bro about the new shop.. i told him, its better if only him and his grocery to move out.. so he can get the whole spaces.. and i get more spaces too (even its shabby old shack). plus, i do not need to close my cyber. so does him. feel so sad to close my business even for awhile. on the contrary, he did not agree with me... dunno what his reason... in my head, its only that he can pay the rent by himself. thee thee~~

and for the time being, im the only one in charge for cyber and the grocery and the between.. obviously its tiring.. run in and outside. think im gonna lose my weight.. fufufu~~ while my bro relaxing doing the renovation with his friends... ceh~~ im a bit of jealous in here.. and i just keep pushing him to do it faster... make it finish and done by this april.. hahaha.. even though i know its impossible with his slowy motion and relaxing style of work...arghh i hate it! he's havin a laugh and gud time with renovation while im in tension with the bunch of crappy customer. mana tak nyer... baru je nk duduk ngadap pc, "bang rokok sebatang", "Bang Nok Beli", "bang nok tambah", "bang restart pc".. and so on. arghh.. hangin tol...

i'll pop out again to brag on of course. ja na~~~

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Currently Muzzy Busy

Holla... i'm back for awhile and be gone for the rest of the month, may be. im quite bz dealing with the new owner and gladly i will move out from this old shabby shack somewhere, some times in april... so i will not online for the time being. fufufu~~

ermm thats it. need to go and i will come back later.. promise.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Currently on Leaving...

.....gone for good.... and be back for nothing! hehe...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here I am... Missing U

Salam all, sorry for letting u down. i've been around somewhere else... blogging and doing my thing. hehe. actually im out of hand in here... so many things to do.. yet i got a little time... ahh~~ alasan je tu. huahuahua~~ memang la kena bagi alasan, takkan la nk bagi penampar plak. i've been sick lately, not lethal but common la... as far as i remember, since my birthday lagi... sakit datang x putus... (cam my customer jerk.. haha), mula2 sakit pinggang for a week, and then i got flu+headache.. next my leg.. and until now, my leg still in bad condition. still feel the pain. ermm mungkin byk dosa... its the first thing came up in my mind. haa.. morning sick pon ada.. not that kind of morning sick.. my morning sick is i cant wake up in the morning.. haha..

oh btw, my kelisa was grown up so fast.. now she around 6 inches long.. fuh~ cant believe it u know.. i think, next month i need to change the aquarium to 4 feet long or bigger... she seems not freely moving around in that small tank. kesian plak. i need to save around RM600++ la jugak.. adey~~~ and last 2 weeks, she jump out from the aquarium and drop onto floor, 1.7m height! she's got some scratch on her back... risau aku dibuatnyer.. my bro punye pasal la nie.. ada plak lupa tutup cover...
picture xde lagik.. susah tol nk snap.. she non staop moving u know...

apa lagi nk cerita ek.. tadi byk.. skrg dh lupa+malas daa... haha.. ni pun penyakit jugak nie...

oh ye, nk buat iklan la sket.. alang dh terlanjur kan... i need assistant for my blog's cyber, the requirement is simple.. mesti la rajin berblog.. hehe.. for posting artikel, lawak, video and so on la.. nk kasi meriah sket... so that i can spend my time on my third blog.. business's blog. huhu~~ xde la acah2 jer.. (but ada la dlm my plan list). so sesapa berminat sila melaporkan diri anda kepada saya. xde had umur, x kira jantina and its your own free will, x de paksaan.

check it out! CYBER QUEST BLOG , still nothing, baru nk naik... so kerjasama drp pihak anda amatlah dihargai.

be right back... feel free to feel boring... haha..

p/s: kekadang tu jeles plak tgk org rajin dan malas update blog... yg rajin tu, cam no la dia leh keep up, aku yg keje ngadap pc 24 jam ni pon x terlayan. yang malas tu plak, entah la.. lebey kurang idup segan, mampus xmo. haha~~~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kelisa... oh Kelisa!

Yay! at last, i bought kelisa... hehe. not the car lor.. but the fish. white pearl kelisa. approx 4 inch long and 1 inch width. so happy.. its actually for my birthday present. i bought it specially for me. cost me RM150... the cheapest one though. thought im gonna buy the gold one, but frankly speaking, i cant afford it, it will cost me RM 1800. woohoo~~ anyway, im happy with this one... im gonna see 'her' grow up. nah.. i dont know either male or female. may be shemale... akakaka.. and i didnt give her a name yet! erm nothing gud come up in my mind... i will snap a pic later and give you all see my lovely kelisa.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wack-ness-day The 13th

Kinda felt to write an entry today... its my birthday today. and nothing interesting though. i'm all alone at my cyber, and i'm not that sad.. may be i'm too much familiar with this kind situation... huhu~~ and i just waiting for the customers, and my bro went back home early this morning (and probably arrive late at night.. as usual) and obviously he doesnt care about my birthday. i knew it pretty well. he not that kind of person, and sadly, he's not talking to me since yesterday. urgh! i dont know... his bad mood got him lately, at least once a week. he sooo childish than me. and a litle bit happy when checking my phone and got some wishes from a few person i know may be close... abg cik and his lovely wife, kak zue... thanks to you both. and thanks for everything... i shud be more thankful to have u both as my bro and sis. also from my bro, my sis and my lil sis. ermm thats it. the five messages that light up my day... five is many, rite?

so, what im gonna do. ermm nothing much than my usual day, waiting, sitting and eating! hehe..

oh yesterday, its not a miracle, just accidentally... i wanna cross the road, and some stranger pass me by and make a u-turn not far from me... and i just ignore it and went to karaoke opposite my cyber, not to sing lol.. but to setting the computer as his boss aka my customer asking me to check the probs. and bla bla bla.... the non familiar stranger come to me and asked my name and so on... and i just kinda felt a little bit freaky.. but shockingly, he was my friends from school.. huhu~~ it has been almost 13 years since 1998 i didnt see him... yeah anything can happen.

ermm thats it... may be i will continue later on... i need to stop now.. to take care of my cyber and not my-grocery... hehe..

so, wish myself a happy birthday, enjoy the day, enjoy the work, enjoy the life... (mcm le aku ni kaki enjoy.. haha).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year... New Hope...

Ni haaa~~ nk update la ni nana oit... update pon ko baca ker.. ekeke... pepun, Happy New Year 2010 to all my blog readers.. haha... ramai ker pembaca blog ku yang xpernah kontroversi nie.. xpe, syok sendiri pon jadi la.. xdela nk frust menonggeng ke apa ke nanti kan.. realize or not, it has been ten days.. but nothing to wonder, mmg masa semakin cepat berlalu kan..yang heran nyer, aku semakin malas nk update blog nie.. haha..

entry ni pon xtau nk tulis apa...

kalu nk ckp pasal new year resolution... hehe.. yg taun lepas pon x tercapai... ckp nk lost weigt.. aku gain weight ada la. pastu nk bukak branch.. tp, bukak kedai runcit abg aku plak. nk kembangkan my biz, ok la kot yg nie... skrg dh ada fotostat, scanning, laminating, binding and color printing.. ok la tu kan.. and then target sales rm100k, but only 70% je achieved. pastu apa ntah lagi.. nanti check la balik... huhu~~ so i think.. i just renew the last year nyer resolution till it fully achieved la kot!

oh ye... aritu ada order pakej lengkap kincin, ingatkan nk buat side income... tapi tu la.. bila ntah nyer nk belajar.. last2 i asked my lil' sis.. bagi copy cd kt dia... boleh la dia buat keje2 ringan cam ni sebelum due date 1st baby dia.. eh tak saba plak nk dapat anak buah2an nie... huhu~~

pastu ingat nk jadi ahli noni bsy black hair magic.. tp tup2.. they just ignore me.. bukan per, nk pakai menda alah tu.. kasi lebat balik rambutku yg gugur nie..
aritu dh beli, tapi mak oii.. mahal nk mampus kalu harga bukan ahli nie.. rm15 satu paket, satu kotak rm300 lebey.. aritu dh try beli, tp kasi kt my bro test dulu, sebab dia ada masalah uban.. tp pepun kena hold dulu... money xde la plak..

btw, semlm baru je dpt laptop yg fikereay post kan.. and its not mine... my sis asked me to buy it for her headmaster. and you know, im doing some biz here, hehe.. i just mark up the price up to RM300++.. and its all gone, i bought pendrives and some accessories for my cyber.. but i didnt tell to my sis yet. i think im gonna keep it silent about it.. yeah.. its my biz lol.. so anyone wanna order some more laptop from me?

ermm... (baper byk ermm daaa) actually, my cyber still under going maintenance... half done. and seems my customers like the new games.. but i detected some uninvited software installation already.. cinabeng tol mangkuk hayung ni kan... aku penat2 setting leklok, dia memandai je instal bukan2... dh la.. tensen tol aku ngan bebudak ni...

dah la.. nk pi mandi plak.. adey.. air plak tak dak ari nie.. hahaha.. tadi pon mandi 3 gayung air jer... hahaha....