Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dare to Play... Dare to Fight!

My day seems a little bit 'chaotic' lately with some stupid online games... and me, the dumbass who enjoy and spent hours to play that ridiculous game.. kinda new hobby for me. huhu~~ well nothing wrong with that and its okay actually, just killing my time a bit and have fun as long as my job keep on movin on the track. speaking of the game, i miss my playstation 2 (ps2) so much... i dont know when or how im gonna get it back. its still somewhere in damansara, i guess. huhu~~ or may be its the time for me to get playstation 3 with 42 inch tv.. ekekeke... i shud put it in my 'to buy' list which is i just make just now.. ahaks! now, thats absurd!

theres hundreds maybe thousands kind of online games.. and out of thats number, i only play not more than 10 online games. its normal. and im not such a geek. and the reason why i played is bcoz my twat friends asked me. so as a friend, i accepted it without any fuss. so that my friend happy. and thats what i do. ha-ha!

1. Travian suggested by OtaiBeskal
its strategy game. as u act like ketua kampung... then built ur own village. this one quite boring at start up, but then it get much more harder and harder.. quite challenging! cant wait for wars.. haha!

oh! in case u want try it.. register using my reference link:
guydacosta from Villa Costa at server 3

or this one
anangelo from Sepetir Rendang at server 1

2. MyBrute suggested by Waleh
its fighting game. very slow to level up coz only 3 fighting per day unless u have many active pupils... huhu~~ and i still play it coz i like to cane and beating sumbody. haha!

so join me whenever u want to

3. DinoRPG suggested by anon.
fighting game also, but u have to buy and choose ur pet (a dino). and its really absurd coz u only can fight/move/rest and whatsoever once a day.. wth??? such a stupid game... may be i shud abandon this one.. ha-ha.

u still can try if u love to:


4. Adventure Quest Worlds suggested by faiz
ermm kinda interesting game... but u will get bore so soon enuff (for me laa..) if u dont have a premium account... huhu~~ i played this one continuously for 2 days and then get bore. haha! stop playing for awhile... but theres a new mission, may be i will start again soon... so come and join me to the battlefield..

and few more... dont bother to play anymore. huhu~~

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Morbid Monday Morning

I had a very weird morning... starting from last night, ooo the nights kept me surprised... totally a nightmare. not because of the dream. but its my stomach. my stomach is not happy. it's making strange gurgling noises and threatening revenge over me. oh god! i cant sleep a wink and its totally disaster. i dont know either im too hungry or i got stomach ache. may be both. arghh i dont know. but i went to toilet 3 times already for 1 morning. its 3 in 1.

so, after solat subuh i went out to buy a breakfast. ha-ha. it was the first time since i've been living here as far as i remember. its odd. totally un-me. went to stall 10 mins walk away from my cyber. the one that my customer said delicious and cheap the other day. i bought 2 bungkus nasi lemak for rm1 each, 1 bungkus nasi kerabu for rm1.20, 1 bungkus nasi minyak for rm2.50 and 5 pieces of kuih for 30 cents each. total rm8.20 for breakfast + lunch (i thought). but i finished all of it before 10. ha-ha. that bastard stomach! and my stomach was sicked for the rest of the day. im so tired coz went in and out of toilet for all day long.

what the heck? i tried to post this entry and suddenly it was failed. there is no connection. no internet. i thought my modem was in trouble. im panicked and a little bit fussy as i am. hehe.. damn streamyx! you ruined my biz again and again. so, as usual i grabbed my phone, and call my bro in law for couple times but no answer. tried to call my sis but she didnt pick up the phone too... then i called my home.. but i cant get thru. well its make me lost my temper a little bit. how dare they ignored me when im in trouble.... so i let it be. i asked everyone out of my cyber, closed my cyber and then went to sleep. thats settled my prob! hu-hu!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Good Guy Gone Bad

These situation actually took place and time on last Thursday. but i didnt care to write and think about it. even its keep hitting me on the head. and im confused, should i thrown it out (here) or just leave it somewhere (out of here). duh! to tell the truth, the last few days have been something of an emotional whirlwind, like whoosh~~ the thoughts and emotions going through my head than i even knew possible to think and feel. emote! think-tank... tick-tock... well, its happened. i dont care anymore. i have my damn right.

Its my brother [the one who bitchy]. [actually, he is never like this before, there was mastermind behind this. i know who he is. time will reveal everything. you little bastard!] he is the matter in this case. not me. out of the dark blue, he came at my cyber. uninvited and unexpected! i dont mean to be cruel or selfish. but its.. i dont care if he never come and shown up. its doesn't really matter to me. coz, i know the thing will get harder if he was here than he's not. so i just wanna make it clear.. dont ever bother visit me again. leave me alone with my biz. its not the rite time for you to show up until you realize what you've done. thats my cue.

so what? he came. and un-welcome-ly enter my cyber... he asked me if im busy with a fake smile on his face. i cut him off, yeah im damn busy right now but its just my inner. hehe. i just said "a'ah". full stop. we both silent for awhile... i dont bother to ask him anything at all. i just keep myself busy. then he asked me again, do you want me to leave? hell yeah, thats rite. we have no biz to do. we done here. but its not what i said lor... i said sumthin like this, "a'ah.. go home", without looking at him. short but clear. for me to send him off is better than everything. the longer he stay, the worse and harder situation we both get. so i dont want that.

am i full of ego? no it wasnt me... its him the one who egoist. the one who said sumthin worse behind my back. dunno if he ever try to stab my back also. but he is the one who went against my other bro and my bro in law, whos help me alot. i feel sorry for them. coz of me, they got abused and reviled. its worst than that actually. but this is enuff. i dont wanna brag other stuffs in here. so its just a little paid off for what he said and done to my bros. i just wanna give him a hint hows that feeling. coz for all this time.. i'm the one who silent and obeyed.
its not revenge or sumthin like vengeance.. but its a lesson.

of coz i felt terrible but its the right thing. i think. dowh~~ I should never write something like this... well accidentally, i did.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dreary Dreams

Having a nightmare for last few nights... guess three nights in a row. bloody worrying me. very unpleasant. i felt so terrible about it. and its absolutely disturbing my slept. geez. i hardly having a gud slept after this bad and extraordinary dreams! i woke up (obviously with shocking and beating rapidly) quite a few times during the course of the night, and in a semi-conscious state i tried to make sure im doing fine and still in my rooms... and most importantly alive. ha-ha. i tried to go back to sleep... but seems the dreams love to continue on and on... duh!

than when i woke up this morning (not really morning)... believe it or not, i cant even remember what was dream all about. huhu~~ its gone unknowingly. surely its something good for me. i dont even wanna know what it is all about. nah~~ dont bother.. its just a dreams.

ermm... thats it for now.

p/s: my entry became shorter and shorter and looked much like a diary... haha.. its because i dont wanna bore u and take much of ur time to read it... hehe.