Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rain keep Falling...

My dad rang me around 9 in the morning just to ask me if im doin fine and i can hear a little bit worried in his voices.. but confidently i said yes.. i've been better.. well it just a father and son talks.. ekeke~~ then he told me the house was flooding with the water and 2 inch away to burst inside... and by now with the rain keep falling down, i think its already done for.. huhuhu~~ wish i was there... i missed those moment.. with older worried the situation and younger have fun with the situation... but the worst is, my bro in law's car was submerged into the water.. its disaster. im feel sorry to him.. but luckily, the car still can be safe.. and may be he will not come to see me for a week.. wuwuwu~~ thats the saddest thing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pain in the Rain...

One after another.. i had the bad days in my life... but its okay though.. nothing to grief.. it just me the one who suffer and sick.. my gout strike me again! yeah thats great and fun! haha~~ the whole day i've been lying in my cyber with no one else.. of course there is no one coz im close tight the door the night before. and i cant sleep well, obviously bcoz of the great pain... that morning, i've been waiting for my bro in law come to save me.. bring me some medicine. some kind of painkiller.. and most importantly.. the food.. im starving.. blurpppp~~~ my stomach so empty.. nothing left for me to eat.. the heavily rain outside made my pain goes so strong.. its so cold.. i wish i could have one bite of pizza... huhuhu~~~ and at last i lose in the fight and i fall asleep till my bro knock the door... it was late in the evening..

ermm i gotta rest now.. i need my rest.. my sleep... and tomorrow my cyber will be open again...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm speechless.. dunno wat to say.. but there is hikmah in every reason why it was happened... yesterday, i heard a great news.. and today it is vice just happen in the blink of an eye...cant believe it but i must admit it as it is.. my youngest sister lost her baby... its hard to believe you know.. coz my other sister juz had it before a few months ago and so did my sister in law... but whatever it is, hope she doing fine and be back soon.. get well soon my lovely sister.. and while im writing this.. my parents and my sis was on their journey to malacca to see her... semoga perjalanan mereka semuanya selamat dan diberkati.. amin.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Jersey...

actually this is for my samples.. huhu~~ believe it or not, im gonna sell it at my cyber..

for more information please contact mr apok via ym... apok_mirc

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sarah & Zaimin Wedding Pictures

Hoorayyy.. at last.. i got this pics.. it took me a millions years to have just 1 pic of this..


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Fine... TQ.

Salam everyone..

It's been loooooonnnnnggggg time i wasn't in here.. so sorry. its my fault coz i cant manage my time so well. so i kinda messy in here and there and everywhere. hikhik.

so i just wanna say.. i'm fine and thank you for asking.

oh btw, juz received an email from my youngest sister, she sent me a wedding pictures.. glad she did. thanks both of you. ermm heard she was pregnant.. already! hahaha~~ i'm twice glads.. so much. and my new sister in law too.. thrice glads.. ekeke~~

then late in the evening, have a short and nice chat with iza, felt sorry for her.. she was crashed in accident, i dunno how does it happened yet.. it wasnt bad but worse! she lost her chance in interview for new job.. so sad.. im truly sorry.

then juz in time, ana, my lost friend for decade buzz me, and asked me this, where can i download song?.. can't believe it.. that was the 1st thing she gonna ask me.. hahaha.. what ever.. im happy she doing fine.. hope i can hear more from her.

so, thats life.. happy.. sad.. ups and down.. well i assumed u know better than me. gotta go.. see u guys later..