Friday, May 30, 2008

Too Much, Too Mean!

Sometimes by Rimfrost

ITS THE END OF MONTH ALREADY. End of May, the fifth month.. and now we enter June. so.. so.. hmm... so what??? i really have no idea... as far as im concerned, nothing special occurred to me in this month. i guess so.. well, nothing to worry, coz im not gonna write a boring thing, or this fucking feeling thing. got called from my sister last couple days, told me to come back home, to settle some kind of 'thing'. and i will soon. but dun wory, i will let you know when i'll be gone. and the problem is, its not like i dun like to be back home, but its like i live in cave.. no internet, no pc, i mean my own pc. without internet, there's no life to me... no fun at all.. urghh. got two laptops at home, but look like from the past few centuries.. so damned slow with zillion virus inside. and the other one, quite ok, but has screen problem, my sis used it to play some sort of games.. and got the internet too, but its like never appear to me, can u imagined that live in 20th centuries and still using dial-up... oh gawd.. and now you know, im not what u think. and i dont wanna think that u think... arghh.. just dun think ok! full stop.

And by the way, while my sis phoned me, i just made up my mind and tried to push her a little to buy a new pc... with another agenda behind my dirty head, i told her that the price very low for now, and she can get the new and high performance pc (actually for my own satisfaction, she doesn't know anything about this tech thing) with budget below rm1k.. then she said ok, sound unsuspicious at all to me. and thats mean she doesn't suspect anything which is good for me. but then i suggested her, up the budget a little and get 17" LCD wide screen... un-surely, i said around 300 bucks when she asked. and then, greedily, i said, no one used 17", its too small, try 19" and above. "how much? " she asked. spontaneously i said, after sum up all parts, around rm2k.. thats it. and then she asked me again, "do you have money?" naively i told her, i got a few bucks and the rest she need to add up to.. then i just heard the sigh from the other end of the line, heavy sigh i guess.. ooo i knew it. my mission was totally failed. mission unaccomplished. abort the mission now.. before my hope going to die. i will not let my hope die without the last wish come true... huhu~~

And then, she gave me explanation which is i deserved to know, she need to hold the money, used for the right and bla bla bla.. im not quite listening though.. she need to paid the house loan, she bought a new house and still under construction, i never saw it. but i knew its true. and then she need to pay the insurance, i dunno how many insurance she have by now, the last i heard she got 5 insurances while i got none. well, felt my life doesnt worth a penny. and then, got investment to pay and play.. quite surprised when she told me that, she knew nothing about that but got guts to invest.. more and more reasons she gave to me... well, her money, she pleased to do anything...

After long explanation, i just questioned her, "so?"...long paused... "may be next time, and i just came back from chiang mai." steadily, happily she answered me. i thought she was bluffing, sadly its true. and that steady and cool statement left me with this (!)... huge one. felt like the lightning strike straight to my heart. she never told me that, and moreover she brought my youngest brother with her.. i'm so fucking jealous. why she doesnt take me instead him. i got two points to defend myself, first, surely i know better than my brother. and second, i never flight!! urghhhhh... u know, i can get crazy when i recall that conversation. i tried to hide my jealousy and asked her what she got for me... but then again, un-sin-ly she said "nothing, i dunno what to buy, i just go around the town and bla bla..", she tried to tell a story that she met a one malay girl, travel alone... but i stopped her. arrgh i dun care anymore... listened to her story just make my day become worse and worse... and nothing interesting about that.

ooo shit, supposed im wanna write sumthin else.. but suddenly i came up with this bored story that no one will listen. sorry, bear with it! need to stop by now. its subuh already.

background musics:
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static, Upside down, Sitting waiting wishing... and etc.
Radiohead - High and Dry, Creep
Def Leppard - Love Bites
Hillsong United Live - Till I See You

A41 - Not Ready For Goodbye

I JUST FIGURED OUT ABOUT THIS SONG. Its so lovely but sad. Inanely, I've been listening to this song again and again... and the most played song in my mp3 player, on record shown.. its played almost 100 times.. woo~~ the first song in my winamp chart for now.. so, u better listen to this song. ekeke~~

You know what? this song make me recalled back to the time when i was with my ex... and I'm so touched with that sweet moment.. its like there is no end for both of us... but unfortunately, its end... ahaks.. kidding! dont think any of that... i just made up the story.. huhu~~ sorry.

Sittin' here starin' at the wall
Another lonely tear falls
I'm tryin' to write you this song
But I can hardly see the page at all

'Cause it's breaking my heart
When I look in your eyes
And I don't see me anymore
Oh, and you're all I'm living for

Baby, tell me that you still believe
That you still love me
The way I love you
If you take your love away from me
You know I would die
'Cause I'm not ready for goodbye (Oh...oh...oh...)

Baby, please pick up the phone
Tell me I'm crazy, I got it all wrong
I don't know what I'm gonna do
I don't know how to live without you

You are the first song
My heart ever heard
And baby, I-I believed every word
You are my heart, my soul, my world

Baby, tell me that you still believe(Still believe)
That you still love me (That you still love me, baby)
The way I love you (The way I love you)

If you take your love away from me (Away from me)
You know I would die (I would die)
'Cause I'm not ready for goodbye (Goodbye)

Every breath that I take, every beat of my heart
You know it's all for you
I wanna hold you, I wanna love you
Forever and always

Baby, tell me that you still believe (Tell me)
That you still love me (That you still love me, baby)
The way I love you (The way I love you)
If you take your love away from me (Oh...oh...oh...)
You know I would die (Oh...)
'Cause I'm not ready for (Goodbye)

Baby, tell me that you still believe (Tell me)
That you still love me (That you still love me)
The way I love you (The way I love you)
If you take your love away from me
(If you take your love away)
I know I would die (I know I would die)
'Cause I'm not ready for goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye,

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bloody Moody Week-ly

Vicky Comic Conversation by Rimfrost

OH DEAR, WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED TO ME? I've been so moody for whole week... a week! not a day.. but a week. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday... and dunno if the circle will continue or not.. hope not. felt so stupid in this ridiculous manner... whats the matter that brought me all into this kind of mood... only the me inside me know this... for make myself look better, im constantly nagging him... asking him again and again about the same question. but still no answer. silence. . . . lastly im the one who gave up... and tired. and sicked. and make me looked much more misery. you emo freak, no, dun called me that... im not emo. i dunno what was i'm trying to be... May be i tried to be Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG).. like that book said.. yeah you are... in your dream. it was totally different from SNAG. you freak! well i dun really know what it mean, but its look like something interesting to mention here.. yeah I've been reading lately..

Being moody wasn't easy. its so complicated. no talking. no hanging. no listening. nothing! what i did was surfing and chatting through internet, sometimes. and mostly im sleeping. nothing gud about that... spent with my computer and then sleeping. even no progress in my reading. tried to read... but my mind was on something else.. and make me lost, dun understand what i was read. went back to the previous and re-read again... and again. at last i'm so fucked up. closed the book and slept. well, read twice or more doesn't make u look wiser... but twit-ier. so no sense to read! nonsense! and may be i'm lucky enough having a blog to moan, to grumble and mumbled like who i was rite now! its pathetic!

its like i tortured myself over sumthin that i really dunno by now... why i need this? is that necessary? is that worthy? think yourself and you knew it... but im the one who confused.. am i being OCD.. whats that? again, you know better... sometimes, i tried doing a thing, make me look busier than usual.. make the proposal, some kind of work, went to pjs to ask something and etc.. but it doesn't work... and then i tried to ask my last work buddy, about my extra wage that yet unpaid, collected from january until last day of my job which is last 30th april, around 1k, not much for you... but its worth a fortune for me. my fucking former retarded boss promised me to pay... i've done my job so of coz i need to be paid. but til now i've been waiting... nothing come up... and i knew, they not gonna pay me... as i thought. ooo think of this make me much more fucking moody... you ugly creature.. ugly as hell... just take your shit and go away... you bastard... sorry bout my french. did i speak french? ermmm.... im just being carried away by movies... doesnt really know what it mean.. just let it be.. but i do speak french a very very little... a few words exactly.

how can someone living without talking? i dunno.. but so far.. im still survived. may be because of this blogging.. average normal person actually talking 4000 words a day which is for men, and 12000 words for women... i'm not surprised. but rather depressed... and me.. not even hundred words come out from my mouth. until i can recall back what i'm talking for past few days: uh-uh! oh really? makan? wayang? out? where? what? pardon? are you going to hospital? wait for me, im not going to, i don't want, ok and most all the time i just nodded or shook my head... actually at these moment, i have only one person to talk... all the word is what i said or asked him.. if i'm not going to talk to him which is i already did.. thats mean i have no one... he tried to make a conversation with me.. but i seem so much bloody moody to talk... why im being so diabolical to other? dun really matter if i did to myself.. but the others. it surely does matter to me... hope by tomorrow... i will talk and talk. i want to be normal.. oh god, what i've done?

Background Musics:
Beach Boys - God Only Knows
Carol King - Anyone at All
Alanis Morissette - Uninvited
Sophie Zelmani - Always You
Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Story of Nasi Kerabu

NOT IN THE MOOD TO WRITE..... NOT SO MUCH INTO IT. BUT luckily for me, for blog lark sake, i got a tonnes things in my computer to share with you.. so everything is in my fingers now.. but my mind juz keep thinking about food.. food and food.. while im starving rite now.. obviously. nothing goes in yet.. cut it out! juz straight to the menu.. will ya. ahaks.. sorry its look like im in the mood again.. huhu~~ okies, my recipes for today is Nasi Kerabu Pantai Timur by Kak ku.

sory to interrupt. Can i say sumthin.. of coz u can, its ur blog. idiot. well the story is... it happen on last hari raya puasa, i asked my mum to cook nasi kerabu.. instead of nasi dagang.. i can say every raya she cooked nasi dagang. and of coz the best nasi dagang ever.. she specialized, masterpiece or watever la u called... but im not like a 'little'.. i cant say 'so much' coz i still having 2 or 3 plates of nasi dagang that she cooked.. ha-ha! and again.. last raya.. nasi dagang and nasi minyak.. im so downed.. my hope downed... nothing changed at all.. its all so traditional. im really hope that one day she made a barbecue, a toast, and chicken salad.. full of chicken on table.. aaahh~~~ cant you smell that.. or juz sumthin else. and i will. on raya. huhu~~

without im asking, or begging.. on last raya qurban.. my sis cooked nasi kerabu.. (totally shocking) complete with side dishes and everything accept budu. my dad cant stand that smell. its okay. well i can say it still not perfect, but ok lah.. she juz learned to cook nasi kerabu after my mum asked her to practice and cooked for me.. ooo i felt guilty like hell on that day.. on raya. how's that? sib baik raya.. mita maaf cecepat.. huhu~~

so... end of the story... kita masak2 plak... here is the menu... enjoy...



Nasi putih... or boleh juga buat nasi warna biru.. masak ngan bunga warna purple, bunga telang. masak macam nasi lemak tapi bubuh bunga purple ni, serai ketuk, bawang merah [hiris] dan garam..].

either me or kak ku dunno what bunga telang is.. but here is the picture...

Bahan untuk Sambal Ikan :
3 ekor ikan kembung - dipanggang dan ambil isinya
1/4 kelapa parut - dijadikan kerisik
4 ulas bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
2 sm halia
2 batang serai
1 sudu teh lada hitam
1 sudu teh gula
1 sudu teh garam

Sambal Ikan :
Gaul isi ikan panggang, kerisik, bawang merah, bawang putih, serai dan halia.
Masukkan gula, lada hitam dan garam. Gaul dan kisar sehingga campuran itu lumat

Bahan untuk kuah :
4 ulas bawang merah
4 ulas bawang putih
20 gm belacan
10 tangkai cili kering
2 sm halia
2 cawan santan cair
1 batang serai
2 sudu teh gula
1 sudu teh garam

1. Masak santan sehingga mendidih.
2. Masukkan ramuan yang dikisar, serai, garam dan gula. Kacau hingga sebati. Biarkan ia mendidih.
3. Masukkan santan cair dan kacau. Perlahankan api.
4. Biarkan sehingga beberapa minit dan kemudian padamkan api apabila kuah pekat.

Bahan untuk ulam :
1/2 biji timun - dipotong halus
1/4 biji kobis bulat - dipotong halus
20 gm belacan
1 ikat daun kesom - dihiris halus
2 batang serai - dihiris halus
2 kuntum bunga kantan - dimayang
5 batang kacang panjang - dipotong halus
50 gm taugeh
2 sudu besar budu
2 sudu kecil lada sulah

1, Gaulkan semua ulam-ulaman.
2. Kemudian boleh hidangkan bersama nasi, sambal ikan, kuah dan budu untuk dimakan.

Sediakan juga keropok ikan keping yg telah digoreng...atau telur masin atau ikan goreng atau daging goreng

Disediakan Oleh:

Peekaboo... ba ba chak!

Having a boring day and spent most of the time with my blog as long as i can... while i still can... i know, i will leave this blog thing without any post for long enough when the time come... eeww, sound like im gonna die soon... wahaha~~

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bagai Azan & Iqamah

Azan itu jasad,
Siapakah Iqamahnya?

Aku ingin menjadi Azan,
yang hadir bersama Iqamah.
Kerna ku yakin,
Iqamah tercipta untukku.

Aku ingin menjadi Azan,
Yang menyeru bersama Iqamah,
setiap siang dan malam,
Tanpa jemu dan suram.

Aku hanya ingin menjadi Azan,
Yang setia bersama Iqamah,
Setiap masa, setiap waktu,
Malam dan siang menjadi penentu.

Aku akan tetap menjadi Azan,
Yang kekal bersama Iqamah,
Menemani tiap saat dan ketika.
Tanpa secebis rasa duka.

Iqamah takkan hadir tanpa laungan Azan,
dan Azan takkan sempurna tanpa seruan Iqamah.

Begitu agungnya cinta ini,
Bagai Azan dan Iqamah.

5.39 a.m... Azan subuh sayup kedengaran... dan aku sabar menanti hadirnya Iqamah...

Monday, May 26, 2008

David Gray - This Years Love

This years love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time
And I've been waiting on my own too long
But when you hold me like you do
It feels so right
I start to forget
How my heart gets torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Feeling like you can't go on

Turning circles when time again
It cuts like a knife oh yeah
If you love me got to know for sure
Cos it takes something more this time
Than sweet sweet lies
Before I open up my arms and fall
Losing all control
Every dream inside my soul
And when you kiss me
On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

This years love had better last
This years love had better last

So whose to worry
If our hearts get torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Don't you know this life goes on
And won't you kiss me
On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

This years love had better last
This years love had better last
This years love had better last
This years love had better last

Sunday, May 25, 2008

2nd... is the 1st Loser

Loser by archipirata

MY FRIEND A.K.A MY DESKMATE ONCE SAID TO ME, "SECOND place is the first loser". and i told him I don't get it! why 2nd place must be the loser... he just one step away from the first... almost winner, just not yet! then he looked and asked me cynically, "Who's the 1st person went to moon?", with no doubt, i said, "Neil Armstrong.. but why?" He didn't answer my question but asked me again with smirk on his face, "who's the second?", huh, how the bloody hell i know who! Frankly I answered, "I have no idea.. dunnoo who, you know?"... "i dunno either... ", He replied.. "Who interest to know the second and so on.. no one", confidently he added. Arghh.. he got me.. i know he fooled me around. but he got the point there.. huhu~~ Then he drew sumthin and showed to me and explained it.. its triangle shape.. or much more like pyramid system of nutrient.. the top one is the very first, the winner, the championship, the leader or whatever you called it... goes to second one and so on... and why the second is the first loser? from the stupid figure, the second was directly below to the first place... so thats why second was considered as the first loser... the highest loser of all... wahaha~~ what an idiot theory...

But until today... i like that theory.. its cool, and i like the second place too.. each one has it own reason... but i will told the second one which is being the loser... huhu~~

for me, nothing wrong being the 2nd, i dont really care if im always in the second place.. well im pretty much like to be in the second place.. not mean i like to be a loser.. well, im the big L after all.. hahaha~~ again, second place or third place doesn't matter anymore.. really. there goes for the first place too.. i like too stay low... with no one know me or remember me.. or if you do.. juz ignore me.. huhu~~ thats must be lonely world.. and peace! i love that kind of world. and i cant imagine if i stand in the middle of hundred peoples with a lot of smells, a lot of talking, a lot of behaviors and so on... even with a few questions already made me suffocating and uncomfortable... geez.. can u shut your face! i need my space...

"Ask me no questions, and i will tell you no lie." i kinda like this quote, and its true you know... and i believe so, coz i did! not mean i like to lie.. no absolutely not.. and i hate when i told a lay.. my body always get shiver a little bit and make me look like a fool..

But dun get me wrong, i need people to talk to.. so i love to make some friends.. many is way too much for me.. hehe~~ some is enuff and perfect. that would be lovely. but close friend too bad either... may be i choose the distant one to moderate one.. haha~~ whats wrong with me?? Arghh, it must be my knuckle head! but did you ever think, what happen if your close friend, very very close one, stab your back or used you for his own good? ooo that must be hard.. terrible thing. i dont want that, but that is what always happen.. its hurt so bad.. trust me, you dont want to feel it..
actually.. im talkin about sumthin else.... not related at all to the topic.. my head got a little bit distorted. but the point is, i like to stay low and and i love my friend..

and whos gonna be a loser if everyone wanna be the 1st?? its impossible rite? people say Life is a race... you dont walk but run... run and run... then you got tired... cramp.. and you fall.. lastly, the walkin one catch up and cutting out off him... and be the winner. and he said, life is unfair... but no one care. pain. vain. and rain... hahaha~~~ if u thinking life like this, u r actually, posstively, optimistically a loser... muahaha~~

im still confused anyway... juz ignore me!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Stages of Work by Restlessdaydream

"It is story about 4 buddies named EVERYONE, SOMEONE, ANYBODY and NOBODY... and there is a work to be done, and EVERYONE know that SOMEONE will do it. The thing is, ANYBODY can do it, but NOBODY do it! SOMEONE was pissed off because that work should be done by EVERYONE. In the other hand, EVERYONE think, just ANYBODY can do it, but NOBODY know that EVERYONE don't wanna do it. At the end, EVERYONE blamed on SOMEONE when NOBODY do it that ANYBODY can."

"Ada satu cerita tentang 4 orang bernama SEMUAORANG, SESEORANG, SESIAPA dan TIADASIAPA. Ada tugas yg penting untuk dibuat, dan SEMUAORANG pasti yang SESEORANG yang akan buat. SESIAPA saja boleh membuatnya, tetapi TIADASIAPA yang membuatnya. SESEORANG amat marah kerana ia merupakan kerja SEMUAORANG. SEMUAORANG ingat SESIAPA saja boleh membuatnya, tetapi TIADASIAPA sedar bahawa SEMUAORANG tidak ingin membuatnya. Ia berakhir dengan SEMUAORANG menyalahkan SESEORANG apabila TIADASIAPA buat apa yang SESIAPA saja boleh buat."

It's 23rd May!

Besday Boy & His .... by Guyd@Costa

ERMMM...NOTHING MUCH FROM ME FOR PAST COUPLE DAYS... JUZ took a break from writing but no rest from blogging.. hehe~~ still got post and stuffs to paste it in here.. coz i am a full time blogger now... haha~~ well as the title... it's 23rd may today.. so what so special? ermm its YOE's besday... 24th one... rite? am i rite? huhu~~ its not my habit to count the age of birthday.. its make me look older and older.. ooo geezzz... i dont want that.. i juz want to look much more matured than my age! hehe~~

Actually i didnt plan anything for him.. haha~~ im not gud in this.. sowwy my fwenz.. we gud eh? of coz la kan... but i did treat him a ticket to cine last wednesday.. huhu~~ early celebration from me... we watched iron man together... and having a caramel pop corn as usual.. nothing spesel though, that is what we did every wednesday lately... huhu~~ and i love this movie... and i gonna download this.. hikhik... not now, may be later..

So today, at three sumthin we went to the mines... his girlfriend(s) invited him and me to celebrate... so i juz joined them.. of coz la i want... coz got free ticket to cine.. hehe~~ we watched the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian this time.. huhu~~ so after cine, around 6 o'clock, we headed to food court as besday boy wished to... ape la ko ni yoe.. masuk la pizza ke apa ker.. apa punyer taste la.. ermm well.. im juz followed then... and i did treat him... claypot chicken rice.. then having some pictures and bla bla and presents from his girlfriend(s)... we took off.. haha~~ just like that.. ingatkan diorang nk buat surprise apa2 ke.. hampeh tol... but im asked yoe for couple games of bowling or karaoke if he want to.. but he resisted, not feeling well.. so back to room la jawabnyer... and continue my reading...

Background Musics:
Flypside - Happy Birthday, Spun, Angel, Trumpets

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Colour Reading... It's Fun!

Fun time!! come and have fun with me... try to read this... DO NOT read the word.. but READ the colour of the word.. haha~~ and look hows ur brain work..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blind Man, Deaf Man & Mute Man

Do You See Me by FloraLuna

Do You Hear Me by FloraLuna

I got this puzzle long time ago from my frenz...ermm long enuff i guess.. but till now, i didnt get the answer yet! poor me.. i've been post this in forum.. in but no one answer it.. so, hope u guys help me.. or accept it as a challenge for ya.. haha~~ hows that huh? it sound like this...

"There is three man, a blind man, a deaf man and a mute man... a deaf man was stole a stuff from a blind man... but hows a mute man gonna tell to blind man his stuffs was stolen by a deaf man?"

ermm get it? or senang citer.. dlm malay, cam ni bunyi nyer...

"cam no si bisu nk bagi tau si buta yang si pekak curi barang si buta???"

haha.. pendek dan jelas... so pikir2 kan la..

Unvanished Shadow!!!

Just a few of my fave pictures... three to be exact.. so enjoy! cheers...

source: Unknown...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

aDa aPa dENgaN gUyd@c0sTa???

Think by Guyd@Costa

UNINTENTIONALLY I REVEALED ONE OF MY SECRETS... Hush-hush! hehe~~ curious?? eager to know.. ooo.. so impatient, so furious... so pity of you.. hehe.. with no more question, i let u know.. all of it.. so no more wild thinking behind me.. okies.. i will answer the question "ada apa dengan guydacosta?" as much as i can, word by word.. letter by letter... haha.. everything is here... honestly i answered this question.. hopefully, u will satisfy.. and thank you..

haha~~ of coz, the first thing u wanna know.. who is guydacosta??? and whats 'that' with his name? so fishy... hahaha~~ to know him better.. know these things first.. his nature and pe'el nyer..

G - Gemuk, Gendut, Gedempol... but Gor-jus-! Giler Glamour..
U - Unlikely, Unaesthetic but Unaffordable!
Y - Youngster, Yippee, Yummy, Yay-yay... Yesman, yessir!
D - Dumbass.. Dishy... Disguise.. not Disgusting!
A - Agrresive... not! but Adorable.
C - Comey, Clumsy but still Cool...
O - Oddball, Open minded, One man band...
S - $_$, Shy... but Stylo.... ker??
T - Tido, Tengok TV...
A - Alien... ????

So, get the clue? or glue or blue.. watever but don get flu sudah...
if not.. how bout his one... look at the brand he like but cant afford it.. haha~~ zasss layan...

G - Giordano, GAP, G.A. Blue, Gillete, Gigabytes...
U - Umbrealla...
Y - YSL, York, Yakult...
D - Dunhill, Diadora, D'urban, Dockers, DKNY, DC...
A - Armani, Avon, Apacher, AMD...
C - Calvin Klein, Crocodile, Camel, Canon, Chow Kit Road...
O - Osim, OS, Opal...
S - Seed, Snails, Sony, Samsung...
T - Tom, ti:zed, Tropicana Life, Tommy....
A - Adidas/Abibas, Ambros....

So, what u think of him now? think and drink... sink and link... you will know better, ermm do you?
Ok next.. his fav singer, band, actor and actress.. take a look..

G - Green day, Gun n Roses, Gary Barlow, Gervais R....
U - Uncle Kraker...
Y - Yui...
D - Daughtry, Diana Ross, Deniel Beddingfield, Dennis Quaid...
A - Air Supply, Amr Diab, Az yet...
C - Coldplay, Celine Dion, Crowe R., Cameron Diaz...
O - Offspring, Oasis...
S - Simon Pegg, Steve Martin, Scorpions, Shayne Ward, Smash mouth...
T - Tommy page, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise...
A - Angelina Jolie, Amanda Bynes, Anthony Hopkins, Adam Sandler...

ermm quite a lots of name isnt it? well juz forget it.. it doesnt look like important to you.. sorry if im bored you.. im tryin hard now... so, im tryin to sing a few songs.. which song do you like? pick one and sing yourself.. wonderful isnt it?? ermm i love these songs..

G - Greatest love of all, Glory of love, Give me the night...
U - Unbreak my heart, Uninvited, Unfaithful...
Y - You sang to me, You're my everything, You raise me up...
D - Drowning, Dancing with an angel, Dance with me...
A - Accidentally in love, Alone, All for love...
C - Cherish, Come undone, California dreams...
O - Only love, One way ticket to the blue, One more night...
S - Shoulder to cry on, Secret Garden, Starlight...
T - The rose, Tamaly maak, Trumpets...
A - Always coca cola.. hahaha~~

Jom... cine. anyone??? haha.. no one ek.. nvm. this my fav movies.. if u want this copy.. juz tell me.. huhu~~ i will send you a copy plus charges plus tax plus extras.. dvd copy nie.. clear maaa.. barang baik punyer... wahaha~~ check it out!!

G - Gladiators, Godfather, Goodfellas...
U - Ultimate gift, Unknown...
Y - You've got mail, Young and dangerous...
D - Death at funeral, District 13, Da vinci code...
A - Apre vous, Addicted to love, American Gangster...
C - City of god, Casino, Click, Cars...
O - Once, Office the, Ocean's Series...
S - Spiderman, Shaun of the dead, Spongebob Squarepants...
T - Transformers, The Boondock Saints, The extras...
A - American Pie, Asterix Aux Jeux Olympiques, Atonement...

Thats it.. im tired of listing ler.. you dont know how many hours i spent to list these things... huh~~ daaa~~ im gonna stop.. but before that. let me entertain you once more... to show you how beautiful my name was... hahaha~~~ siap ada 2 version lagi.. english and malay...

G - Girl, do you know?
U - Unforgivably... i fall in love with you..
Y - You are the one and the only..
D - Deep inside i know...
A - All i need is you, you and you!
C - Close your eyes... can you fell that?
O - Oh dear.. i miss your smile, your laugh, your touch.. so much
S - So madly, so crazily... it's painful without you here
T - To me, you're everything, my world, my soul and my breath..
A - And for that.. i will love you as long as im alive.

G - Gunung mana pun akan ku daki..
U - Utara, selatan akan ku jejaki...
Y - Ya.. semuanya kernamu..
D - Dalam mana pun lautan.. akan ku renangi
A - Apapun jua sanggup ku tempuhi..
C - Cabaran dan rintangan,
O - Onak dan duri...
S - Semuanya demi cinta ku padamu.
T - Takkan melayu hilang di dunia..
A - Ahaks!

To love is to know... kalu x kenal maka x chenta... mari kita berchenta... haha~~
apa la yg aku merepek merapu nie... huhu~~ chop n chow~~

Background Musics:
Bad Religion - Recipe for hate (whole album)
The Offspring - Americana (whole album)


Senja Datang Lagi... Guyd@Costa

Aku Sangat Rindu...
Rindu Sangat Aku...

Sangat Aku Rindu...
Rindu Aku Sangat...

Sangat Rindu Aku...
Aku Rindu Sangat.

Background Music:
Akon - Don't Matter
Akon - Mr. Lonely

Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Man + Big Mac = Man + Mega Mac \(O+O)/

WAHAHA~~ SO HAMPEH... CAN'T SLEEP... DAH JAM 4.40 PAGI pon nie.. last2 wake up again.. turn on computer and merapu kat sini... dh la tensen.. jual sand-witch x laku plak... memang ad hoc biz, juz for fun... and very high risk biz.. coz.. time ni xde org.. org semua balik kg.. cuti.. gile ke apa haku nie ek??? muahaha~~ watever la...

ermm ni nak citer nie.. last tuesday.. guy makan KFC.. muahaha~~ snack plate, pastu dpt diskaun 25%.. (padahal x special pon, sapa2 boleh dpt kalu ada card happy tuesday tu, boleh didapati dengan pembelian x-meal.. korang minta la borang, isi.. pastu terus dapat). eh bukan citer ni lah... saje je nie.. comercial la skali kan, alang2 dh termkn KFC tu. well, like always, went to putrajaya or to alamanda to be exact.. hehe~~ tapi pastu pi dataran putra... after saw the banting and banner... the biggest water screen show in the world (eh betul ke. lupa plak.. kalu dalam malay nyer.. pertunjukkan layar air terbesar di dunia) was held in putrajaya rite now.. from 15th march till 31st may 2008.. haa kepada sesapa yg x tau... org dh kasi tau pon... pi la tgk.. masuk percuma... sebenarnya, x payah masuk pon.. juz duduk je kt dataran putra tu.. and tgk. x der sapa nk larang.. ala..dataran putra yg kt depan masjid putrajaya tu... jgn plak pi cari dekat masjid besi... dan jangan sesekali datang ke dataran putra, UPM.. ape pon tarak.. habuk byk la... muahaha~~~ ermm nk tunjuk gambo pon semuanyer x menjadi.. hampeh tol.. nanti la.. kalu org pi lagi.. org amik gambo bebetol.. insyaAllah.. pertunjukkan ni yg sama je tiap2 mlm2 kot.. ada la dalam plus minus 20 mins.. x best mana pon.. cuma seronak la tgk menda tu.. ekeke~~ cantik pon xder la cantik sgt.. but wow!!! tu je la...

Water Screen Show by ME

pastu the next day..last wednesday... pi the mines plak.. nk tgk wayang.. bukan apa, sbb murah la.. hari lain x dapet la murah2 cam ni.. bukan kata syg duit atau kedekut.. kitorang ni x der la sampai cam tu... idup ni kena beringat, kena budget, demi masa depan.. muehehe~~ pandai la ko jan oit!! so after marghib tu, cecepat siap .. takut gak kalu tiket abis cam tempoh hari.. kempunan nk tgk wayang.. pastu sib baik la ada.. byk plak tu kosong... lupa la plak.. sekarang ni musim cuti universiti.. cuti skolah blom lagi ye, minggu depan...hrp budak skolah bersabar.. ekeke~~ so after discussion nk tgk citer apa.. antara forbidden kingdom, iron man and speed racer.. last2 pilih la speed racer.. huhu~~ ada rain plak berlakon dlm citer nie... aku x minat pon.. saje je nk buat statement.. hehe~~ start kol 8.45 mlm, sebelom tu, pi mentekedarah sat.. yay McD plak ari nie.. pastu tetiba terpandang.. limited menu.. MEGA MAC.. waahhh... besar wa cakap lu... dh tu queue la.. dlm hati dh set pon.. nk order MEGA MAC tu.. ekeke~~ ala.. cam big mac jugak.. tapi dlm tu ada 4 keping burger.. memang seswai benor ngan perut hambe nie.. muehehe~~ haa ni nk cakap lagi nie.. dan memang tujuan utama pon ni.. teringat la.. lepas beli mega mac tu dia kasi chant flyer to get big mac for free.. tapi dh melepas.. dh kol 8.01 mlm. aiseh.. kalu x, dapet makan big mac free la jawabnyer... haaa korang tau x.. x perlu jadi magician pon.. tapi yg penting, lidah tu jgn keras... kena lembut.. sapa rajin mengaji al-quran memang sah la lembut lidah dia.. huhu~~ ni dia jampi dia.. puh~ puh~ tui~~ kuikuikui~~

"Two All - Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On a Sesame Seed Bun"
- Big Mac Chant.

haa senang je kan.. korang pi la try... tapi, dalam masa 4 saat.. huhu~~ utk syarat2 selebey nyer n so on.. pi sini.. im not promoter.. or komuter or skuter...

dh siap makan... pi refill air.. hahaha~~ siap refill tu (korang jgn tak tau plak.. refill free kt mcd nie..) sebab nk bwk masuk panggung la sat nanti.. beli caramel pop corn, large lagi tu.. masuk la panggung... dan citer niee.. memang best waa cakap lu... layan.. memang fabret la citer2 fantasy cam ni.. kepala khayal katakan.. hehe~~

Go Speed Racer,
Go Speed Racer,
GO Speed Racer, Go!

eh cam laju plak aku menaip nie.. haha~~ ada impact kot.. go speed.. ceit! patut la... pakai bahasa ibunda.. kalu pakai omputih nyer.. jenuh aku nk pikir ayat.. muahaha~~ bukan senang nk jadi blogger nie.. dh pukul 5 pagi pon.. kena tunggu subuh la jawabnyer.. okies... nanti aku merapu lagi.. huehuehue~~

~~ eh.. edit skit... last friday plak.. kitorang pi main boling... dua games jer.. rasa cam dh lama x main boling nie.. pastu lepas main, baru lah terasa lenguh2.. huhu~~ then pi berkaraoke.. ekeke~~ tu pon setelah dipaksa.. ye la, dh terang2 sore ni x sedap... buat pe gatal nk pi nyanyi kan.. tapi member punyer pasal.. siap belanja lagi... masuk je la.. nyanyi la 3 lagu.. first song, back at one by brian mcknight, second song, lagu hanya memuji by marcel and the last one lagu westlife, my love... huhu~~ x sangka plak lepas kuar tu sakit tekak dibuatnyer.. rupenyer aku menjerit2 kat dlm tu... muahaha~~

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Colbie Caillat - Bubbly
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Dolphins... Where Are You???

How many dophins u can see.. try to find them... and give me answer... but please dont cheat ek... huhu~~

Click read more for an answer...

Haaa... give up oready...
betul ker jawapan anda... anda pasti?? anda yakin??? huhu~~~

ada 7 ekors kesemuanyer...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Japanesse Name... Sooo Funny

Miahaha~~ selepas penat belajar bahasa jepon.. meh kita layan nama2 jepun yg sgt komersial and unik2..

1. Yang pemarah - KEJI CACIMAKI

2. Yang tak suka barang mahal - SATO SUKAMURA

3. Yang tak suka cakap - KITA TADASUARA

4. Yang suka makan tosei - NANACHI HITOSI

5. Yang suka layan blues - APO NADIKATO

6. Yang rajin study - ASIKO ULANGKAJI

7. Yang selalu kelam kabut - WAKASI HURUHARA

8. Yang sangat 'kemut' - MATIMATI TAMOKASI

9. Yang gemar tido - MEKA TIDOMATI

ni dari email box kiriman salah sorang rakan...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Watashi... Zukato.. de arimasu~~

Ohaiyoo... Konichiwa~~~ lets learn Japanese today... but first.. you need your name in japanese.. that way we know each other much better... huhu~~ Do you have one? no.. dun wory i'll help you... so juz follow me... coz i'll show you the secret to learn japanese.. then for sure u'll thankful to me coz u'll conquer Japanese in one day.. japanesse is easy.. muahaha~~ dun believe me? ermm... dun care lah. but believe or not, try to take a look....

so.. did everyone got the name??? huhu~~ that's it, lesson for today... will be continue.. same place.. different time and language.. huhu~~
origatoa gozaimas... de arimasu~~

Background Music:
Utada Hikaru - First Love (Song for My Love... muehehe~~)
Yui Horie - Itsumo (Fruit Basket)
Coming Century - Breakthrough (Eyeshield 21)
UNDER17 - Love Slave (DearS)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Gud Mornin Cikgu...

Bangun semua... As..sala.. mualai..kum... cek'gu... or... Selamat.... pagi.... cek'gu... these word still whizzing clearly in my hear.. still remembered those day.. when i used going to school... but not anymore. i missed so much. how hepi we are.. playing all the time.. and how immature we are.. everything was childish... nothin more or less.. huhu~~ but those days are gone...

too many happened late then... too much too remember... i barely can figure it out.. but what i remember is.. the bittersweet of schoolday taught me alot... my teachers.. they had done a great job.. and i thanks to them...

and on this special day... teacher's day.. i would like to greet my sisters and my brother coz.. they are teachers...

Kak Ngah... as Add Math teacher.. at Sek. Men. Keb. Lela Segara... shes changed alots of school before... ermm this shool was my temporary school not long time ago after i finish my sixth grade and then i went to school at dungun.. well i knew, shes done a great job... why not? every year shes got anugerah guru cemerlang... every student like her.. and most of teachers jeles at her.. huhu~~ i dun really remember how many years she'd been teaching.. she'd been marking spm paper for years... and she got an offered so many times to promote her to higher lever... to be principal and also expert teacher.. but she refused it.. shes got her own reason.. she like teaching more than position or anything else... huhu~~ i once said to her.. u so stupid lah... why u reject it, if not u got big salery now and famous... and no prob with teaching things which is always gave teacher a hard time.. huhu~~ she replied with smile and said.. what u know.. but now, i knew.. i was stupid.. huhu~~ now she published her own book.. full of add math questions... systematically arranged... me lah arranged it! im proud to be a part of it.. and many school ordered it.. coz she well-known oready by most of school in terengganu.. but again, she not charge any cent of her hardwork.. juz charge on printing thing and so on... shes stupid lah.. muahaha~~~

my Kak Cik... as Bahasa Melayu teacher... at Sek. Keb. Bukit Gasing... like kak ngah she changed alot of school before.. may be.. all teachers did.. hehe~~ and she the first in my family to be a teacher.. also she was a great teacher... like kak ngah, she got anugerah cemerlang every year.. and went to stage together.. haha~~ wat a sweet thing... shes very important person in her school.. deal with muti task job at school.. as penolong kanan.. pembuat soalan.. for exam and upsr.. perancang.. entah apa lagi.. me myself dunnoo... also got promote to be a head master.. but she refused coz she oready cant handle no more one job... then as penolong kanan.. and she cant refuse anymore... shes too busy.. and too tired.. till she ever was blacked out at school a few time.. slept while marking the book tu.. dun say lah.. most of the time.. habis buku murid terconteng2... haha~~ i wonder if she ever sleep in front of her student.. hahaha~~ i guess she did.. muahaha~~

and my brother.. Abg Gee... as a counselor.. at sarawak. i dun noo wat school he went.. juz last october he went in.. and i hardly can get any info about him.. well he doin fine.. i know that.. and hope he will follow my sister.. be a great teacher.. huhu~~

so.. wish u all happy teaching... Happy Teacher's Day... be a gud teacher eh.. coz teacher is the most honorable job in the world...

ingat lagi dulu... when i finished my spm.. my mom told me.. kalu susah2 sgt, jadi cikgu jer.. senang pon senang.. kerja pon terjamin... but i resisted.. alasan, x seswai la ngan jiwa... but look at me rite now.. umemployed! ekeke~~ ermm lain kali nk dengo cakap mak la... memang betol kata mak...

Bangun semua.... terima.... kasih.. cek'gu...

Background Music:
Saujana - Sepohon Kayu
Saujana - Terima Kasih Guru
Nada Murni - Munajat

Broken-Promised... But Not Broken-Hearted!

Love by coocoowachichi93

This wasnt my story... that was the first thing u must know and set in your mind if u want to read this unending affair.. then u can go on and on... may be it juz waste ur time to read it.. so i dont urge u to spent a lot on these thing.. muehehe~~ but u know whats.. its took all my guts to write and share this story... u know lah kan, people story and people talk, and then how bout sumthin wrong happen? between him and i... (eh cam scandal plak.. muehehe~~) how bout he sued me after he know this? huhu~~ he is my friend... close one la jugak.. thats why i takut2 to tell u, but.. i cant keep it to myself anymore... so i storylah.. huhu~~ sorry my fwenz.. dun mad at me eh.. we gud rite??

i ever secretly wrote about this unsure love not long time ago.. sorry, i dun remember the title.. but u can search it in here, i guess.. so, after 10 years of waiting, 10 years of patient... and 10 years of remained silent.. so, he guest he knew the answer not long time ago.. after no news from her... he so unsure.. so innocent.. so naive... so immature about love.. too little he knew about the sweetest thing... so young to know about the true love.. lastly, the promised was broken.. totally unfixed.. but he felt so relieved.. after patiently waiting for all this time.. the puzzle was resolved itself without any word from her... it doesnt matter anymore... he was free.. free to love again.. free to be loved... and thats what he need the most... and im so relieved to know he was doing juz fine...

so weird, so questionable... how he kept the promised? i mean it was really absurd to me.. and from the situation.. which is.. no news, no word, no calls, no date in 10 years.. and he knew nothing about her.. for me thats mean nothing.. its over! game over! no play off. but he kept it! what a pity? im so sympathy to him for being such a fool guy...ekeke~~ i always try to convince him to find another girl... ye la.. why not? make some galfriends.. go out and hepi2 together... nothings wrong pun... and we should do it often wat, not juz once in a blue moon....

~~Free love on the freelove freeway
the love is free and the freeway's long
I got some
Hot love on the hotlove highway...~~

So, for now... im hepi for him.. and he still searching for the right and true luv.. and i hope he will find soon.. eh, no idea plak... so the end ajelah! Full stop!

Background Musics:
Annie Lennox - No More I Love You's
Ricky Gervais - Freelove Freeway
Take That - Love Ain't Here Anymore

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holiday at Redang Island

Oh.. my eyes so weary... my fingers so aching... thought i wanna to write sumthin in here, but my condition wasnt allowed me to do so... so i juz upload some photos which i snapped at redang island.. unedit and very original, raw and flaw pics... not so interesting as i dreamed of... may be the wrong place to stay.. neways, the snorkeling part was so great... well, for the very first time.. i can say so.. but my snorkel was kidnapped by someone and i lost it... damn bastard! ops.. forget it... eh, i went far enuff... huhu~~ so enjoy the view... zasss~~

On the way to Pulau Redang... Took a break at Dataran Syahbandar, Nearby Pasar Payang.

This is Moving House... Like caravan.. no, its not! its a bus.. Even me, myself terengganu people, 1st time i saw it!

Redang... here i come!! Taman Laut, Pulau Pinang.

Our camping zone.. not so nice isn't it??

Sunrise @ Redang...

A walk in the morning till the end of the gulf...

Makan time for breakfast... Nasi Goreng, Mee hun and sandwich! And the next day, we got only crackers for breakfast.. muahaha~~

Snorkeling time... the coral was so amazing.. the water so clear as a crytal... but the water so salty. yucks!! (sebab tak tau berenang... muahaha~~ x tau la brape liter tertelan air laut..)

Sun down at jetty...

daa~~ dh pulang... sireh pulang ke gagang.

So, after that, we headed to Pasar Payang for shopping.. but im not! then the journey continues... and i dropped at my house to continue my holiday... huhu~~~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sexy is Sweet or Sweet is Sexy (>).(-)

So cute... so kissable... XXxxXX.. and so hugable OoOoOo...

The Show off of the Strongest and the Suave...

The Symbol of Saxe...

The Style of Shin Chan... Muehehe~~

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sad Lisa

She hangs her head and cries on my shirt.
She must be hurt very badly.
Tell me whats making you sadly?
Open your door, dont hide in the dark.
You're lost in the dark, you can trust me.
cause you know thats how it must be.

Lisa lisa, sad lisa lisa.

Her eyes like windows, tricklin rain
Upon her pain getting deeper.
Though my love wants to relieve her.
She walks alone from wall to wall.
Lost in a hall, she cant hear me.
Though I know she likes to be near me.

Lisa lisa, sad lisa lisa.

She sits in a corner by the door.
There must be more I can tell her.
If she really wants me to help her.
Ill do what I can to show her the way.
And maybe one day I will free her.
Though I know no one can see her.

Lisa lisa, sad lisa lisa.

Just Yesterday (Little Me)

Just yesterday
You were looking up to me
And, you would ask me
What I thought

But now
I'm sitting here
All alone with my tears
Lookin' at my life
That I've bought

Where did I go? (yeah)
My eyes, they will show

And little me
Please forgive me
I couldn't see
You hurting inside
Little me, Little me
No more into you
Little me oh no

Better Late Than Never

I don't wanna miss a word! it's never too late. huhu~~ i guess so. please forgive me for being careless and lousy person.. sowwy my sissy... huhu~~ how could i forget u?? and i couldn't ask for more while i am hepi to have u all around... i am the lucky person havin such a lovely sis...

So, i hope its not too late to wish u a Happy Belated Birthday to you.. kak lisa.. ermm no present to give.. only a wish and pray i can make.. its nothin much.. and even i know u dont need this crap.. huhu~~ my wishes... biar la rahsia.. kuikuikui.. no need lah to list down... but i juz wanna let u know.. i will always remembered for what u did.. for what u gave.. for what u taught... and thanks for ur kindness for all this time.. and i hope.. i can make u happy for the years to come through.. may i???

and kak zeah, for the first time.. officially, i wanna wish u Happy Belated Birthday too... huhu~~ sowwy, coz i juz knew it from ur blog in multiply and i will remember that date for the rest of my life.. huhu~~ insyaAllah.. 8th May.. am i rite??? thanks for being so sweet to me...

and for my bestfriend aka newly wed, maisara asyikin... Happy Wedding Day.. Happy Honeymoon... and Happy Days and wish u and the lucky groom will be together forever and ever... Amin. sorry for not being there... but hope u know that i always concern about u.. we're still frenz?? rite??

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Warning in the Morning!!!

Watch out!!!

Guy is back!