Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Wanna Go Home~~~

Sorry for late post.. im totally forgot! coz im so excited want to go home.. huhu~~

Yosh~~~ in a few hours i'll be back home... coz tomorrow its a feast day! kenduri cukur kepala for my new niece. huhu~~ cant wait no more.. i just wanna be home and rest for all day long.. no more screaming will be heard.. its only a peaceful and enjoyable moment.. huhu~~

so thats it for now, i need to pack my bags and a few things... huhu~~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Take No For An Answer

I dunno.. shud i laugh or angry with myself. felt so stupid. it wasnt the first time though. and im afraid this will become my habit. of coz the bad one. the thing is, its hard for me to say NO. its just mere word with one consonant and one vowel... need quarter breath or less to say it loud and clear... but why its so hard to say it. thats the source of my problem. NO can do! why?????

Yesterday, late in the evening, of a sudden, an old man came to me... and asked me about the order my tenancy was made for a couple bags of cement. i told him, to'ki 9refer to my tenancy) went out for awhile and will be back later. spontaneously he replied, he knew that, and thats why he came to me as the to'ki leave a message and said so. but i wonder, to'ki never told me about that. sound so suspicious to me. but yet, i cant resist him for what he said. i want to call to'ki but i dun have to'ki number. so, absurdly i said, ok, leave it over there.. then he came in with his motorcycle with 3 bags of cement... is this for real. hahaha~~~

after that, he came again and asked me for rm45. huh.. am i gonna pay for that? why me.. and then my mind keep on thinking about to'ki... so i just said ok, wait a minute and then gave him rm45 which is i just took out from my drawer. i asked for receipt, but he said, the shop already close for today and he will send it by tomorrow... i dun bother coz im buzy with my customers and never really care about it.. its like im not thinking at all.. im so stupid.. felt dazed and unable to think clearly. by the way, my eyes still caught his plate number, but what can i do with it.. DAD 3926!

later on, to'ki cameback, and i asked him about it, laaaa mana ada, pakcik nk buat apa ngan 3 kapit simen nie... ni simen curi nie... thats what he said, and then went inside, tinggal la aku sesorang terkulat dan berpinar2 kt luar tu... huhu~~~

little me, poor me... felt like im lacking a good sense and judgment in communicate. i need to learn more and more and try to learn from the past... even i said so, the truth is, i never learn from the past... huhu~~~ thats how foolish i am.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My New Niece.. The 12th

Nur Rohadatul Aisy-Har

Hoorayyy~~~ Hooraaayyy~~~ Kanpaiiii~~~ hehe~~ actually this is the true story i wanna tell you... my 9th bro became a dad! Congrats both of you... gud job! akakakaka~~ actually, im abit sad coz im the last one to know this great news. how come! ni rasa cam nk nyanyi lagu britney spears nie.. ekeke~~ the truth is, my sister in law gave birth in the last February... wuwuwu~~~ but no one even care to tell me this rotten news, and thanks to my bro in law coz he is the one told me about it. sungguh hampeh sekali abang ku ini... nahh its just a small matter.. dun really care.. im okay as long as everything was fine... but i heard my sister in law had a hard time to give birth coz the gigantic baby.. ekeke.. 3.5 kg i guess, or may be even bigger 3.8 kg.. perghh.. giler chubby dan montel.. x serupa cam bapak ngan mak dia plak... ahaks!

oh one more picture as a proof how chubby is she... ekekeke~~

By now, all of them still in sarawak and may be they will come back for school holidays in the next week.. hope so. and i bet, i will be the last one to see them. wuwuwu~~~

and also this is fantastic news i just heard from my bro in laws, my father went to KL last Friday with his friends to see the car show rooms... my 2nd sis wanna buy him another car.. may be estima, or crv or nahh i dunno.. thats what i heard. its not she like it, but i guess my father want it.. huhu~~ well whatever for my daddy... as long as he happy, sampai nasi pon x makan.. hahaha..

and one more news, its quite funny though as my bro in law told me.... my youngest brother quite shows off lately, his really got some guts, tried to protest and dun wanna eat the rice until my mum buy him a motorcycle, his dream motorcycle, kunun2 nyer belum ada lagi org pakai motor tu kt kampung, thats what he said. i dunno what brand, but the price is around rm7k... hehh~~~ i'm a bit of jealous of him.. wuwu~~ he is only form 5 by now... i never get such a thing when i was the same age of him..

oh btw, my bro in law will be leaving this monday, got some errands to settle in kuantan. about the case in the court. its been like 10 years, but nothing settle yet.. what the heck.. well, whatever it is, hope everything gonna be ok and settle asap. cant wait for him to be a rich man... hahaha~~

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Just Wedding Pictures...

This is the pics of my bro's wedding day... back in early 2008 i guess.. nahh i dun remember.. coz even i wasnt there at that time... akakaka~~~ guess my existence really not that worthy. what a sad bloke am i. im just some joe with nothing special. ops.. back to the picture.. this pictures, a bunch of it, i just sneak it from the oldies lappy... hahaha~~ also got some videos (im not gonna up it). hehe.. so enjoy the pics..

actually, this is my 9th bro.. mean ranking number 9 in my siblings genealogy.. i got 4 bros, but all of them was helpless to me.. akakaka.. kidding.. but sometimes its true. all of them married. and next its gonna be my turn.. eh wait. i dun think so, may be i will pass to my youngest brother first or my widower sister.. akakaka~~ ish enuff with the crappy things.. huhu~~

well guess you guys have fun.. and dreaming about your wedding, i bet you are.. hahaha~~~ it just the matter of the time. be patient...

ermm.. so thats it, its nothing though.. i just wanna bring back the memories which is i wasnt there... hehe~~

Friday, March 06, 2009

RM3 Punyer Pasal....

Damn!!! my fucking fabulous Friday was end rite on the spot. well after an ugly woman shown up, a cunt obviously. my happy mood suddenly sulking and turn into full of fury and furious! urgh.. its makes me go insane to think of it, my heart goes up and down holding my anger. i hate her so much.. i wanna smack her face so bad.. i juz wanna thrown out my words direct onto her shitty face. how dare she questioning my job when she didnt have the rite to do so. what a retard woman was that?

its all becoz rm3... last couple days, his dummy son came to reload his cell and as usual i sent it instantly and successful as its record in my computer. and then he got the message too in his cell, told him the reload was successful. but the balance still zero like he used all of it. none. so i cant do anything about it... my job is done and if he not satisfied, he can check it with celcom. not me.

and to cut the long story to short, his motherfucking came to me and burst into my cyber like and idiot person. asked me this and that. nothing related and nothing relevant to her. i explained it again and again like i told to her idiot son (obviously they all stupid and retard), menda yang senang pon x paham ker??!! buduh lagi bengong... tolol punye ponpuan!

and then, she questioning my ethic as a seller, my license and so on.. what the fuck! nampak sgt suka jaga tepi kain orang... ni lah orang melayu, x abis2 dengki ngan bangsa sendiri, xde keje lain, nk kutuk bangsa sendiri jer.. cam no lah nak maju.. kalu ikutkan hati, nk je aku cakap, "hey ponpuan tua x sedar diri, ngko tau tak, anak ko tu dtg sini.. bukan nyer bawak duit pon, asyik dok mintak duit org budak lain jer,kalu sehari dua x per, ni tiap2 hari... apa cer? aku tgk pon serabut.. pandai buat anak jer ke, nafkah x reti plak nk bagi. memang patut la, ko ckp seminggu baru leh kumpul rm3. sengket sangat, sampai anak pon mengemis... dari ko jaga tepi kain orang, baek ko amik anak ko ni berambus dari sini"

from now on, i banned all of them from my cyber... 4 ekor anaknyer tu.. 2 betina tomboy, 2 jantan buduh lagi bangang! muka betina sialan tu pun jijik aku nk tengok... perghh giler berasap aku dibuatnyer... kalu ada bukti tak pe la nk tuduh aku pun, ni idak, main serbu jer, ckp pon lepas jer, ckp pasal maruah orang dgn sewenang2nyer... ni la orang kata buduh sombong. ada otak bukannyer nk pakai.. baek rebus bagi makan anjing jer.

tensen giler aku, tak pasal2 aku tak leh tido pikir pasal ponpuan sial nie...

p/S: sorry for my bad language, but i cant stand it.. i need to cool down and throw everything inside me...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Un-name Recipe

Stok Masakan 2 hari... ekekeke~~

Ermm.. its been a decade i didnt post any recipe in my blog.. so here for the first time i post my own and unknown recipe.. i just put and throw whatever left in my freezer.. (its make me sad to think of my freezer... it still at workshop)...

Bahan2 nyer adalah:
2-3 ulas bawang putih.
2-3 biji bawang merah.
lada besar, cili kecik... kalu ske pedas, taruk la byk2..
stok ayam
telur 2 biji
garam secukup rasa
lada hitam ikut selera anda
ayam dipotong dadidu..
bunga kobis, lobak, cendawan or apa2 je
nak taruk pepun boleh, daging, udang, sotong, bebola ayam or daging.. and etc.

kalu ske pekat, taruk la tepung jagung.

Cara2 nyer...
panaskan minyak, masukkan bawang putih and bawang besar... kasi bau masyuk...

pastu, masukan ayam.. then masukkan lada besar...

bila ayam dh suam2 masak.. masukkan air.. tunggu sehingga gelegak/mendidih..

masukkan stok ayam (kalu ada), garam, lada hitam, cili kecil...

pastu lagi masukkan sayur2an dan telur...

pastu masukkan satu sudu besar tepung jagung yang telah di kacau terlebih dahulu ngan sedikit air..

sungguh lazat dimakan bersama yee mee (digoreng), bihun (direbus) dan yang sewaktu dgn nyer..

tadaa.... dah siap pon.. 5 minit dan masak.. cepat dan lazat!