Saturday, October 24, 2009

Producer of the Year!!!

It was a nightmare. the worst ever. and i'm still feeling like a giant microwaved full of sh*t! and im the giant producer. yucks! seriously, im feeling so bad.. and today, is the 3rd day. still non stop produce that sh*t. ha-ha.. talking like shit is easy but produce it non stop feels like hell... all ur energy was dead and gone. wasted. actually i got food poisoning, and it was the 1st time in my life as i concerned. and how in the 1st place i get it? i really dont get it... coz i ate the same thing as my bro in law did... and he feeling good all day long. its not fair. why me alone. why not both of us or only him. huhu~~

i went to clinic, and told the symptoms like headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomit and unstable body temperature... and nothing to surprise coz i already know i got food poisoning without telling the doc or see him. so i dont need the doc actually. i can handle myself. hehe. but surprisingly, the doc gave me 2 choices, either i want to be injected or just the pills. obviously i choose the pills. hell no i want to be injected. its not like he want to seduced me (ngeh3x) but i hate the needle when it stick to my body. and shockingly, the doc teased me, if my condition still the same, he need to inject me without contradiction. woo so scary. but smilingly, he doesnt know, there is no 2nd time. ha-ha!

guuurrrrgleeegggg...... sorry guys, its my time to shit out! my stomach still hate me and a making a threatening revenge against me. ahaks!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Comin Soon at Your Garage

just a bunch of pics. dun bother to elaborate it.. see it ur self. got prob, ask me.. hehe..

Thursday, October 08, 2009

My Last Visit to Keropok Factory

ni proses sian ikang oleh pekerja wanita shj.

stok ikang yg telah dibekukan/diaiskan/disejukkan...pepe jela.. xmo kasi ikang busuk/buruk.

ikang yg telah disukat/ditimbang.

sebelum dikisar. ni mesin pengisar.

selepas isi ikang dikisar bersama2 dgn tepung sagu, kanji dan garam.

proses menguli/menggetel. ni la rupa kopok ghete yg belum direbus...

tadaa.. sudah masak pon. ni la keropok rebus... sudah boleh dimkn nie...

proses penyejatan dan dibiarkan sejuk utk dipotong/dihiris keesokan harinya.

keropok yg baru dikeluarkan dari peti sejuk beku... dh boleh potong daa...

ni gambo pemotong dan mesin pemotong. haha.. keropok lekor sedang dipotong...

proses pengeringan... pastu jadi la keropok kering/keping...

keropok yg sudah kering dan siap sedia utk dibungkus.

gambo kilang keropok

Monday, October 05, 2009

Its So Gloomy in Here...

haha.. i became passive and more intractable to update my blog.. not lazy lol. nahh may be its work... plus i'm busy with grocery lately. hehe... just in front of my cyber. it still messy and disarray. need more time to tidy up and arrange of everything.. yeah.. alot of work to do...
ahhh im became tired after a few second write my blog... aduss... haha.. really i am. ermm no story la plak...

oh btw, about the estima... yay! we win the bid, but sadly not satisfy enuff... no sunroof, and it wasnt pearl white, its silver... quite sad.. yet im happy, and my bro also bought a new car.. honda city... wohoo~~ after a few years thinking... hahaha...

this is our estima... hehe.

Friday, October 02, 2009

I'm Back to Work

Yay! I'm back to work. actually i'm back last tuesday but due to stupid and slow internet connection, im just put this thing aside. i dont wanna waste my time and my effort on something clearly unsettled. im not too stupid to do that, and not clever enough to think something else. huhu~~

its unbelievable coz i'm off longer than i plan. more than 1 week lol..
and hey im still in raya mood. hehe..

and sadly, im not in the mood to write any longer+ busy with customers. and just to tell you guys... i'm back!