Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maintenance Week

I think my blog need something new.. something outrageous or may be not.. just a new look will do. i guess its annual routine for my blog.. hahaha~~ but on second thought, i still dont know what need to be changed... well, i will figure it out later... and take whole weeks or as long as i can if i need to.. so if u find sumthing weird while you browsing my reconstruction blog.. dont be panic ok! please bear with it. huhu~~ in the meantime, i will keep up posting something or anything.. so stay tune with me for any updates. TQ.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Silent In The Pain

Pain by idlemickey

Undesirable!!! yesterday i was fit as a fiddle, but today i was so sick, so vulnerable... like a child need to be pamper, need to be sing a lullaby to sleep.. but sadly im all alone. and i need to bear this pain by myself. its been a month and now it come strike me again at the same spot... oh my gout!!! hate it soo much.. but luckily for me, i have the medicine... the painkiller make me so good for awhile and sleepy too.. and i cant take a one day off in this month.. no more holiday. coz i got 3 days already beside my sale so slow in this month. i need to cover it up as much as i can... so, pain or not, my biz will be on as usual. let me be the one who sick and not my biz... and to tell the truth, im kinda like to enjoy this pain rather than mourn about it.. haha~~ im a freakin sick bastard!

Friday, December 19, 2008

1-300-88-2525... Yes What Can I Do For You?

Guess What???

Tadaa~~ Surprise!!!

Just wanna tell you how happy i am? one bite of pizza make me feel the joy of life.. and left all the trouble behind.. dont really care.. haha~~ the story begin like this.. 2 days ago i got called from my 2nd sis, and suddenly she asked me what i want? so spontaneously i said, i want pizza! hehe~~

and today, believe it or not, my wish come true... hahaha... my mum asked my bro in law to go to buy it and he dont really know how to order pizza actually, thats why i just got regular size without mushroom soup.. ermm its okay though. but for sure it wasnt enough.. huhu~~
i want more and more pizza...

p/s: why there is no delivery around here? i wonder why and its sad though...:bm:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thought of the Day

Firstly... i got my new rapidshare premium account till april 2009 + bonus for 2 months.. hoorayy hooray.. so glad. @sengihnampakgigi

Secondly... its vice versa... quite sad news. i cant join the gathering. my dad said, i cant go due to some obvious reason... thee thee... so thats that! @sedih
[then my sis goes like this... "ala baru keje 4 bulan, dh nak gi bercuti"] geez...@tensyen

Thirdly... there is no third thought... huhu~~@tata

The House After The Flood

Thanks to my youngest brother for these photos.. really big thanks.. well, actually he gave it to me after i forced him to do so.. i asked him to transfer to my handphone and he resisted a few times until he cant resist anymore... huhu~~ whos the thick headed now? hahaha~~~ but sadly, he just had the photo after the flood which is not too much happening in it.. or i can say not so much thrills and spills. thats what i love to see.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pengorbanan di Pagi Aidul Adha

The scene and the rain...

First of all.. sorry for late post. and its not becoz my fault.. its totally tmnut fault.. i lost the connection out of the blue... what the heck? well.. actually im not gonna write about this... but im really distracted by that problem which is interrupted my business flow. so instead of 2 days holiday.. now i need 3 days. and im at lost. so whos gonna pay for that! fooking bastard!

So forget about that.. huhu~~ here it come a blissful story in the bless of the eid adha morning... it was raining that morning and it so calm... i like the scene.. made me so cold inside and outside. and jump to another scene, impatiently im waiting for the cow... huhu~~ it was big and meaty... its my bro's cow and ready to be sacrifice. but im not take part this year.. ermm may be next year there will be my part. hope so. so enuff the story.. lets have fun with some pictures.. huhu~~

Saturday, December 06, 2008

2009 Wish List

My day so dull... so uninspiring. so here i am again to brag something over everything, coz it such a waste to slip it away. well, im not so sure about that... but i feel like to share something... and i have no idea what to share... ekekeke~~~ actually im bored to death, coz Eversite down right now due to maintenance and there's no one at Fungkur... the place where i always butt in so make me down.. moreover my rs premium account just expired yesterday.. so i can't download anything, and even if i buy a new one, my hard disk was so exhausted so to speak. and speak about maintenance, i think my blog need one. not now, may be some other time... hehe~~

So to fill up my day.. i came up with my wish list which is i never done before.. or never care to be precise... huhu~~

1. Total sale RM100K@duit
my target for next year sale.. may be it too overwhelm but its okay i think. i just need to try and work harder... my early target to settle the payback is still in 3 years and after that im going to earn some profit.

2. Open Brand New Cybe@star
ermm maybe it is still early.. but im gonna find another strategic shop somewhere in here...

3. Start my new Business@diam
huhu... im so excited about this... but let it keep low and secret for now..

4. Settle down..@gila
@gulingWahaha~~ im just kidding... marry thing is not gonna happen even in the next five years in my life... i guess.. coz rite now, im so much in love with my biz... huhuhu~~~

5...... to be continued.....@rindu
i dunno either i have it or not.. may be enuff with 3 lists...

Friday, December 05, 2008

When Father Love His Son...

Autonomy by Lohey

Ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh~~~ my dad shown up yesterday instead of my bro in law... and he bought me nasi minyak and pulut panggang for breakfast... and it delicious, yummy!!. but sadly one never enough for me... hehe. so thats that. enough with my cock and bull story. well, to tell the truth, my dad so worried about me, and its not that kind of worried.. its becoz of the unexpected matter.. he so worried when saw me in this kind of condition... well u know.. fatter, chubbier, stout, paunchy, plumb and rounded shape of my body.. hahaha~~~ well, it doesnt matter to me and i didnt ever know i was much more bigger than me before... i just notice most of my pants and shirts became tight and smaller.. huhu~~

The funny thing is.. later on, my dad asked me what i want to eat for my lunch... so kindly i refused and said im ok.. so dont bother and i already have a tonne of stock of foods waiting for me to be eaten.. hahaha~~ but then, he went out and bought me a lunch. dowh~~ i dunno what to say rather than thanks dad.

Before he took a leave that evening, he advised me to take care of my self, and eat rice only 3 times a week, eat more healthy bread, do some exercise instead of sleep in the morning... and he asked me if i want some kind of an exercise machine... huhu~~

ermm i guess i need to start fasting and less instant food + junk food...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gathering ES v2

Adey... really make me headache.. the decision still unsure.. unknown. i cant decide it yet either i wanna join or not... my right head think.. it cost me alot coz no one gonna take my place while im leaving.. thats mean i need to close my cyber for few days.. no biz no money.. huhu~~ thats what i worried most. meanwhile my other side of my head said.. i need my space and my time to relax.. i really wanna join the gathering and have some fun with notknown people out there.. it must be happening! its been a long time since i went nowhere... ermm may be more than a half year.. thats very long... wuwuwu~~~ tomorrow will be the last day to confirm and im still blur... Confused

Tarikh : 3 / 4 / 5 Jan 2009 ( Sabtu , Ahad & Isnin )

Tempat : Golden straight Villa P.D

Bowling : Le Paris Resort

Futsal : Kompleks Sukan P.D

BBQ : Golden Straight Villa P.D

Bayaran : RM130 / seorang


PENGERUSI - john_babun
BENDEHARI - fikreay
AJK TEMPAT TINGGAL - hammer_bite
AJK SUKAN - axrei

AJK MAKANAN - princess_misz
AJK HADIAH - semua penyelaras adalah terlibat

10.00am / 11.00am - Ketibaan para delegasi
12.00pm - Check in
1.30pm - Makan tgh hari
4.00pm - Berkumpul,acara ramas mesra, acara grouping, acara pantai & dll.
6.30pm - Rehat
8.00pm - Futsal
10.00pm - Makan Malam / aktiviti sendiri

9.00am - Berkumpul, sarapan
11.00am - Main bowling
2.00pm - Makan tgh hari & rehat
4.00pm - Sukaneka
6.30pm - Rehat
8.00pm - BBQ dan sampingan
11.00pm - Makan dan aktiviti jimba ramba

9.00am - Sarapan, amanat dr admin
12.00pm - Check out / bersurai


1. Ayam
2. sausage ayam / sausage ketam
3. udang
4. ikan
5. nasi lemak @ nasi putih (akan cuba utk di selongkar di pekan PD nnt)
7. air putih & ice (blh beli kat gerai2 atau 7e)


1. 4 pak minerel kecil
2. kuih muih akan diselongkar di pekan PD


- Rombongan Eversite makan diluar

Monday, December 01, 2008

Flood on the Floor

I'm really surprised when i heard my family was moved out from the house... it must be the worst of all.. quarter of the house capsized under the water... all the floors except the living was flooded.. ermm nothin i can do about it.. just pray everythin will be alrite.. but im so agitated to be there... im so pumpin up to back home.. huhu~~ but no one allowed me to do so.. damn, i was deserted.. at least i wanna be home and feel and share the 'wonderful' moment.. hikhik...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rain keep Falling...

My dad rang me around 9 in the morning just to ask me if im doin fine and i can hear a little bit worried in his voices.. but confidently i said yes.. i've been better.. well it just a father and son talks.. ekeke~~ then he told me the house was flooding with the water and 2 inch away to burst inside... and by now with the rain keep falling down, i think its already done for.. huhuhu~~ wish i was there... i missed those moment.. with older worried the situation and younger have fun with the situation... but the worst is, my bro in law's car was submerged into the water.. its disaster. im feel sorry to him.. but luckily, the car still can be safe.. and may be he will not come to see me for a week.. wuwuwu~~ thats the saddest thing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pain in the Rain...

One after another.. i had the bad days in my life... but its okay though.. nothing to grief.. it just me the one who suffer and sick.. my gout strike me again! yeah thats great and fun! haha~~ the whole day i've been lying in my cyber with no one else.. of course there is no one coz im close tight the door the night before. and i cant sleep well, obviously bcoz of the great pain... that morning, i've been waiting for my bro in law come to save me.. bring me some medicine. some kind of painkiller.. and most importantly.. the food.. im starving.. blurpppp~~~ my stomach so empty.. nothing left for me to eat.. the heavily rain outside made my pain goes so strong.. its so cold.. i wish i could have one bite of pizza... huhuhu~~~ and at last i lose in the fight and i fall asleep till my bro knock the door... it was late in the evening..

ermm i gotta rest now.. i need my rest.. my sleep... and tomorrow my cyber will be open again...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm speechless.. dunno wat to say.. but there is hikmah in every reason why it was happened... yesterday, i heard a great news.. and today it is vice just happen in the blink of an eye...cant believe it but i must admit it as it is.. my youngest sister lost her baby... its hard to believe you know.. coz my other sister juz had it before a few months ago and so did my sister in law... but whatever it is, hope she doing fine and be back soon.. get well soon my lovely sister.. and while im writing this.. my parents and my sis was on their journey to malacca to see her... semoga perjalanan mereka semuanya selamat dan diberkati.. amin.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Jersey...

actually this is for my samples.. huhu~~ believe it or not, im gonna sell it at my cyber..

for more information please contact mr apok via ym... apok_mirc