Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here I am... Missing U

Salam all, sorry for letting u down. i've been around somewhere else... blogging and doing my thing. hehe. actually im out of hand in here... so many things to do.. yet i got a little time... ahh~~ alasan je tu. huahuahua~~ memang la kena bagi alasan, takkan la nk bagi penampar plak. i've been sick lately, not lethal but common la... as far as i remember, since my birthday lagi... sakit datang x putus... (cam my customer jerk.. haha), mula2 sakit pinggang for a week, and then i got flu+headache.. next my leg.. and until now, my leg still in bad condition. still feel the pain. ermm mungkin byk dosa... its the first thing came up in my mind. haa.. morning sick pon ada.. not that kind of morning sick.. my morning sick is i cant wake up in the morning.. haha..

oh btw, my kelisa was grown up so fast.. now she around 6 inches long.. fuh~ cant believe it u know.. i think, next month i need to change the aquarium to 4 feet long or bigger... she seems not freely moving around in that small tank. kesian plak. i need to save around RM600++ la jugak.. adey~~~ and last 2 weeks, she jump out from the aquarium and drop onto floor, 1.7m height! she's got some scratch on her back... risau aku dibuatnyer.. my bro punye pasal la nie.. ada plak lupa tutup cover...
picture xde lagik.. susah tol nk snap.. she non staop moving u know...

apa lagi nk cerita ek.. tadi byk.. skrg dh lupa+malas daa... haha.. ni pun penyakit jugak nie...

oh ye, nk buat iklan la sket.. alang dh terlanjur kan... i need assistant for my blog's cyber, the requirement is simple.. mesti la rajin berblog.. hehe.. for posting artikel, lawak, video and so on la.. nk kasi meriah sket... so that i can spend my time on my third blog.. business's blog. huhu~~ xde la acah2 jer.. (but ada la dlm my plan list). so sesapa berminat sila melaporkan diri anda kepada saya. xde had umur, x kira jantina and its your own free will, x de paksaan.

check it out! CYBER QUEST BLOG , still nothing, baru nk naik... so kerjasama drp pihak anda amatlah dihargai.

be right back... feel free to feel boring... haha..

p/s: kekadang tu jeles plak tgk org rajin dan malas update blog... yg rajin tu, cam no la dia leh keep up, aku yg keje ngadap pc 24 jam ni pon x terlayan. yang malas tu plak, entah la.. lebey kurang idup segan, mampus xmo. haha~~~