Friday, February 25, 2011

I Got a T-T-Ticket!!!

HELL-O YEAH!! i got a ticket. not a ticket to ride. but the ticket dang straight to jail. im freaking scared that day the man showed up. dunno what to do. got my nerve ups and downs. so fast. cant breath. cant think. cant act. i juz cant. it was my 1st time. arghh!!! hope no 2nd time. nah~~ i've been targeting for the next year. dey~~~

a man in complete brown suit, from MBKT came to my grocery while i was having a sweet and yummy dreamin. shockingly and instantly i woke up. took my time. breath in and out. try to think what should i say even my brain freeze and completely stop. i forced myself to see him waiting for me outside. and thank god, he looked nice and gentle to me, totally different from the one in my imaginary cloudy head. he shook my hand and smile. still it wasnt comfort me. make my body having a goosebumps. im sweat. try to say a thing that he might already know. without a word, but a smile he opened the file and wrote sumthin on the blue paper. yay! its a ticket for me. sadly, only one. if i got 2, im gonna share with you. ha-ha! its a compound worth RM250. ho-ho. then he said, "its okoay, its nothing. take this and go see whatever his name and pay for it. u still can nego the price. i'll come again next year and the year after and on and on until or even u have the permit." so every year im gonna spend RM250 for nothing.. hell NO. am i gonna pay this???? when pigs fly...

i said that, but inner me stil worried to think of that... what should i do eh??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Need My Boo...b

(sekadar gambar hiasan) kepada tuan gambo, jgn marah ek. pinjam sat, nk bagi seri sket my blog nie... and its not against the law pon kan? hehe. dan kepada pembaca, dont ask, dont tell. tgk boleh, usik jgn.


p/s: kalu tuan nyer x izin, jus tell me, i will delete it asap. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today is Saturday!

Guess what?? i juz completely 'alive' again from those misery 'pain-in-the-ass' last few days, but still got the flu. well at least im better. so im back on track, my business is going on like usual day. and need an extra money to pay the bills and the rent. so need to work hard after a few days closed. its twelfth in february and still not pay the rent yet, huhu. the bills will keep comin on in the middle of the month. duh! thinking of this things make me headache.

so nothing interesting happen. not much. ermm did i told u that i bought a new aquarium for my baby kelisa. its 4 feet long and 2 feet width. cost me 300bucks though! its a gift for myself on my birthday. now many baby kelisa can move around freely as she bigger by now... i still didnt gave her a name, and i just call her baby kelisa coz i like it that way.

and did i said about the snake in my grocery! becoz of that i cant sleep for a couple nites. make me feel creepy and uncomfortable like sumthing slimy and sliperry all over my body. urgh! it still give me goosebumps juz to think of it. and becoz of that my mum send the xterminators and free housekeeping for me. hehe. my brother with her wife come down ASAP to throw all the trash away and my shop was in good condition for a couple days. now it back to the old one. a mass of mess.

thats it for today. i'll be back again.