Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cyber Quest: Merdeka Edition

::Merdeka @ CQ::

The only jalur Gemilang at CQ, well at least i'm trying to show some spirit... i hang it up after mama told me to do so.. coz every year this house got his own flag... nahh i'm not going explain any further.. MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

add on:
there was an accident this evening, right in front of my CQ... the kid, obviously my customer, but i did not really know him yet... was hit by motorcycle.. when i saw, the kid already lay down on the road, unconscious with his head full of blood, probably a big damaged.. so scared... i dunno what to do. luckily, Ayah nan, my neighbor went to picked him up... and tried to get someone help to send him to hospital.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ramadhan Bulan Rahmat

ALHAMDULILLAH, syukur ke hadrat Ilahi, dengan izinNya dapat lagi kita bersama di bulan ramadhan almubarak... bulan yg penuh dengan keberkatan, penuh dengan kenikmatan, penuh dengan kemuliaan... jadi sama-samalah kita menghidupkan bulan ramadhan kali ini dengan penuh syukur dengan pelbagai ibadat dan amal kebajikan... mana lah tau, andai kata, kita tak dapat bersuai lagi di tahun akan datang... jadi dikesempatan ini, beramallah, bersujudlah, beristighfarlah, bertaubatlah selagi waktu mengizinkan kita... sekadar peringatan buat diri sendiri dan para pembaca blog. Sekian, selamat berpuasa di bulan ramadhan.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cyber Quest: More Picky Piccy

..::Cyber Quest trademark::..

::Have a Seat, Get Your Arse Stick to It!::

::Client Quest 4... The Notty-est PC::

::CQ Challenge you - Your Challenge Begins Here::

::CQ Dare You - Dare to Enter, Dare to Play::

::Got some improvement::

::You Are Most Welcome in CQ::

::CQ Purplish Clock, Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!::

::CQ Orange Air Freshner::

::2 Lovely Couple, CQ Purplish & Greeny Trash Bins::

::CQ R2D2 Vacuum Cleaner type::

::CQ Greeny Big Foot::

::CQ Greeny Waterproof Torchlight::

::CQ Notice Board::

::CQ Purplish CD/DVD Cover::

::Black Box, The Black Sheep in CQ, huhu~~::

::Sweet & Chocolate, CQ is not Grocery!!::

::New Version of CQ Counter::

::Purple-ly Sweet::

::Greeny Sweet::

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Best-Day Mummy

25th August 2008...

On this Special Day,
I just wanna give all my love to you
You're the only and the best I ever had.
I wanna hug you, I wanna kiss you,
and I wanna love you more and more...
Happy Birthday Mom...

your truly son...

The translation (roughly):
I Will Come Back oh Mother
And Kiss Your Scented Head
I Will Be Express All My Eagerness
And test The Scent Of Your Blessings - Of Your Right Hand
I Will Put My Cheek On The Dust Of Your feet When I Meet You
The Soil Will Irrigated By My Tears Of Happiness When Seeing You

Oh, How Many Night You Stayed Awake
To Let Me Sleep Deeply
And Oh, How Long You Stayed Thirsty
So You Could Quench My Thirst - By Your Kindness
And One Day I was Ill, I Do Not Forget
The Tears From you That Were Like The Rain
And You Couldn't Close Your Eyes To Sleep
Fearing A Danger Might Happen To Me

And Our farewell Day At Dawn
And Oh What A Hardest Dawn That Was
I Can't Describe What
You Have Faced Because Of My Migration
And you Told Me Things Which I Still
Remember Throughout My Life that
It Is Impossible To Find A heart - Kinder Than Yours

I Am Going To return Oh Mother
And Kiss Your Scented Head
And test The Scent Of Your Blessings - Of Your Right Hand
I Will Put My Cheek On The Dust Of Your feet When I Meet You
The Soil Will Irrigated By My Tears Of Happiness When Seeing You

Obedient To You, Oh Want Of My Life
(Is What) The God of Existence Has Instructed Me To Do
Your Content Is The Secret Of My Success
And your Love Is Glimpse Of My Faith

And Your Honest Blessings
Has Relieved My Hardship And Sorrows
No Human Being Shares - your Love With Me
You Are Pulse Of My Heart
And you Are Lights Of My Sight
And you Are The Melody On My Lips
My Sorrows Clears Up - When Your Face Comes Up

I Am Returning To You oh Mother
To Have A Rest From My Travel
Then My Second Age Begins
And The Tree Branches Will Blossom With Flowers

I Am Going To return Oh Mother
And Kiss Your Scented Head
And test The Scent Of Your Blessings - Of Your Right Hand
I Will Put My Cheek On The Dust Of Your feet When I Meet You
The Soil Will Irrigated By My Tears Of Happiness When Seeing You

p/s: Heard this song always make me drop a tears inside and outside...

Cyber Quest: Lost Connections...

IT WASN'T MY shift (kerja sesorang pon ada shift.. ahaks!) tot i'm gonna rest. off duty. my bro in law in charged and took over my duty... im really exhausted... i just need some more sleep. but i can't. suddenly he woke me up and told me, that we got big problem.. i meant HUGE! there no connection. it happened just like that, around 11.00 a.m.. but with my sleepy eyes i asked him lazily, really? are u sure? i told him, it doesnt matter, just a few customers used the internet. (actually im worried like watt??? but im too sleepy). then, i checked the main control station.. i mean the server. and it's true. then he picked up the phone and no tones. something wrong out there. not in here. firstly we called 100 for technical support, and they said our line in upgrading or something like that, not satisfied with that, we asked the agent in charged... he told us to do what we all already did, the cable, the wall socket and bla bla bla... lastly, we asked him and his lazy fatass jus come down to look by himself... punyalah siput, 5 oclock sumthin baru sampai. hampeh tol. he double check and confirmed that nothin wrong in here.. thats TMNut problem. he col someone in TM and said the line cable was cut off somewhere.. huh??? cant believe it.. so my bizz was on without internet.. and its still going well.. alhamdulillah. and i got no rest. i'm still on duty for the whole day...

and i'm still waiting for the connections. lastly around 3 a.m in the next day, the connection is back. thank god!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trip to Malacca

THERE WAS A TRIP TO MALACCA. but i wasn't on that trip.. i was excluded! it is not i missed the bus.. but i cant go with them.. i have to work! i'm a little bit jealous and sad. but what can i do.. i dont have any day to rest in this month, no more! that's discipline.. hahaha~~ who are u kiddin with?? it must be alot of fun... to be with them on the bus in the the same trip... ermmm how does it feel??? it must be great.. yeahh its great!

with one mission, they off and went to malacca... the mission is to send away my sis.. hahaha~~ they called hantar menantu... and she will stay there from that moment. what i know, she doesnt live here anymore.. she's gone.... my little sis, sarah was gone. and i dun have the chance to say gudbye... wuwuwu~~

let me juz continue my sad day... my bro in law was gone this evening to join them.. and leave me alone.. i was alone tonite... and its scary...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cyber Quest: What Make Differences?

Nothing... but just a few pictures..

Asalnyer papan tanda insurance nie.. ahaks!

too small, isn't it? not really satisfy with this even the sticker too solid... not the real light sticker that glow and shine when the light turn on.. arghh watever..

my counter table... i think something wrong with this table? can you spot it?

another messy view of my counter table... supposed my chair was purple color!

the greeny chairs

one more thing im not satisfied with.. this wasnt the font i want...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Is a Good Start for a Good Day

ALHAMDULILLAH, after a days i officially opened my cyber quest... its happening! most of them are kids and will be kids for the time being. and they are full out loud.. big talk... small head... screaming... shout... and even laugh... they do whatever they want... they talk like they know everything and they totally ignored me! kids.. what can i say..

i really dunno wat to say.. but it'll gonna be fun and challenging. ermmm can i stop now?? coz i got more customers keep comin and rushin in... its out of handle, chaotic. i need more hands in here.. arghhhh.. eepppp mee!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cyber Quest: Officially Open Today

BACK TO MY CQ. and its evening already. dari pagi dok bersiap, lepas satu, satu hal... last2 petang baru bertolak.. plan to open my cyber quest today.. but its too late.. its dark. and some kids came and gone and asked the same questions... bang, bukak tak bang... bila bukak ni bang... adeh, budak2 nie.. kan aku lempang sesorang baru tau.. aku penat lagi nie... huehuehue~~~ sabo je la aku.. sat lagi bila aku bukak cc ni, kalu korang tak mai, siap korang... silap aku jugak.. dok cakap kt diorang suruh mai hari nie.. hahaha~~ cam maleh plak nk speaking ari nie... on da way tadi, sempat la singgah situ sini, beli barang skit, amik kerusi hijau yg tempah sepuluh ari yg lepas.. pastu pi amik lightboard.. pastu baru la sampai sini... terus bukak tenet nie... still dok tgh test connection lagi nie... huhu~~

ok lah, nk rehat plak, kenyang mkn kenduri pon x ilang lagi nie.. besok je lah bukak cc nie.. hahaha~~~

p/s: aik.. apa dh jadi ngan posting aku nie.. semakin hari semakin kontok...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sarah & Zaimin Wedding Ceremony

AT LAST... What a day? it's great to be here... i kept buzzy with myself to serve people come and go.. and its fun and i enjoyed every moment to be truth.. lots people i dunno and they seemed not know me either.. so its fair.. never seen they before.. where are they came from? and the stranger faces pop up more and more from time to time.. weirdly, my little bro know more than me.. hahaha~~ in this case he seem grown up more than me.. to be truth, none of them are my frenz.. and then i realized, i dun have friend in this kampung.. hahaha~~ thank god! i got my family... ops, it supposed not to be my story but my little sis story..

so as promised, with the will of the almighty, the ceremony appeared to be smooth as planned... the weather was gud.. the shiny sun was shining brightly... and its hot! as usual i'm sweat like a pig in black shirt (try to look slim on the shiny day.. wat an idiot!) but the groom arrived too early, and not many people at that time.. so its look kinda weird... but its ok. ermm..actually i dun no wat happened inside the house, coz all the time i was outside and buzy with the preparation for makan that correct, i dunno wat its call. but i gave my best to it. and sadly, i forgot to snap some pics... my buzzy was over everything on that time... thats the story from me.. hahaha~~ sometimes the pics can tell more than words.. hope i can get it later to post it in here...

so for both of you, i pray for your everlasting love... pray for your happiness and have a big family.. give us the baby as quick as possible... hahaha~~ i'm waiting for your first child..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Lovely Little Sis Wedding Day

YEAH... i took 2 days holiday but before that i need to run a lot of things (lightboard, lighting, the system and etc) and also worried about other things (chairs still not arrive), when here and there (spread the flyers) and some work still undone (networking got problem).. and a few things i need to figure it out... and bla bla bla.. doesn't wanna bored you with my probs.. coz i got more interesting story.. my sis wedding ceremony is coming (my little sis, Sarah). it's gonna be superb and fabulous...

on the way back from GB, still got an errand, find the 'naneh' some kind of pineapple but small one with big jambul.. from GB to batu 6, not even seen the naneh but only nanas.. i'm fed up coz i'm hungry + bengang with my bro in law, he's busy to find cigarette, and my bro in law fed up too, he fed up coz his cigarette (suria) out of stock, he stopped by many shop but none of them sold it or afraid to.. and he fed up with me out of nowhere... huh! lastly arrrived at kuala ibai, thank god, naneh was found... bought 30 naneh's'.. settle one thing, and our plan to go to PC fair got cancelled, coz it's already late and the dark cloud coming out of the blue... + both of us fed up!

when i arrived at home, the preparations still in progress, very kelam kelibut.. like the last minute preparation.. i thought only me do that. but not.. huhu~~ everyone still do their work... skipped that..

and tonite menu only Nasi kuning with gulai and ayam goreng.. and etc. its not delicious as my last jamuan... i felt so terrible coz i'm sooo hungry.

and i dont remember what am i doing last night... nothing much i guess. just fulfill the crowded.

what i know, after the akad nikah ( the tok kadi speech was so bored and i believed the groom to be not understand a word what he said, coz he speech in trengganuspeak with a low tone while the groom from malacca) and jamuan, everyone (the men) when to sembelih lembu.. while the women finishing the preparations.. and where am i??? may be on my bed.. hahaha~~ i'm saving my energy for day to come..

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cyber Quest: Solat Hajat & Jamuan

I'm just back from GB and decided to rest for full day today. yeeehaaa~~~ Yesterday (080808), juz after solat jumaat there's a small jamuan and solat hajat. around 50 persons. and thanks to supporters... my family lah. they gave their best and i believed them. nothin to say but the lunch was the best... here's the menu:

Nasi putih
Nasi Kunyit
Daging Goreng Pedas
Ayam Goreng
Gulai Ikan Tenggiri
Ikan Singgam
Ikan Panggang
Taugeh Goreng
Ulam pucuk paku, petai and etc.
Budu and sambal belacan

Buah rambutan
Beraneka kuih muih from batu 6 (very delicious)
Air Sirap

so here's some pics i snapped with my phone... enjoy the pics while i'm enjoy the meal... yummy..

Lauk pauk

Lauk pauk and that's mama (not my mum but she help me a lot)

Nasi Kunyit

Kuih muih and Air Sirap

Budu and Sambal belacan

it's makan time...

add up:
a few days after, i opened the cyber quest for trial... free to play, coz the internet still in progress... and just order the chairs (it'll take a weeks or more), coz its green. then i still need to work out on my counter table, the carpet and so on.. ohh shit, still many thing to settle before i can fully open for customers... i don no how long its gonna takes.. but it will be long... huhu~~~

Monday, August 04, 2008

Cyber Quest: Networking Progress + Pics

Just wanna update my work at cyber quest, not updating my blog actually... huhu~~

Now, i've been busy with networking.. to setup and install and bla bla bla... it's not easy as i thought.. there a tonne stuffs i still dont know.. luckily i got my bro in law (same person who went to KL with me), he was a former wiring man.. thank god! so he got a basic and he got a skill.. and i dun wanna waste a thing coz i still got nothing.. hehe~~ i guest i'm was dependent person right from the start.. i cant work on my own.. i always need someone. thats how im gonna work. so that's that.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bubbye Kuala Lumpur

I'm arrived home last night around 11 p.m. and still tiring.. still lazy to write but i have to... what a restless morning i have? shockingly, i woke up from my slept this morning (after my dad woke me up from my sweet dream.. nearly to wet dream.. hahaha just kiddin)and when to take alook at my computer (still in van), it's wet and sweat. oh gosh... last night rain was so unblessed for me... i opened every boxes (with watermark) and luckily it nothing serious.. thank god! my dad already scolded me for being reckless..huhu~~ he's rite anyway. but i'm too tired last night..i can't say a word anymore... this was so scary (plus i just wanna continue my sweet dream).