Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kelisa... oh Kelisa!

Yay! at last, i bought kelisa... hehe. not the car lor.. but the fish. white pearl kelisa. approx 4 inch long and 1 inch width. so happy.. its actually for my birthday present. i bought it specially for me. cost me RM150... the cheapest one though. thought im gonna buy the gold one, but frankly speaking, i cant afford it, it will cost me RM 1800. woohoo~~ anyway, im happy with this one... im gonna see 'her' grow up. nah.. i dont know either male or female. may be shemale... akakaka.. and i didnt give her a name yet! erm nothing gud come up in my mind... i will snap a pic later and give you all see my lovely kelisa.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wack-ness-day The 13th

Kinda felt to write an entry today... its my birthday today. and nothing interesting though. i'm all alone at my cyber, and i'm not that sad.. may be i'm too much familiar with this kind situation... huhu~~ and i just waiting for the customers, and my bro went back home early this morning (and probably arrive late at night.. as usual) and obviously he doesnt care about my birthday. i knew it pretty well. he not that kind of person, and sadly, he's not talking to me since yesterday. urgh! i dont know... his bad mood got him lately, at least once a week. he sooo childish than me. and a litle bit happy when checking my phone and got some wishes from a few person i know may be close... abg cik and his lovely wife, kak zue... thanks to you both. and thanks for everything... i shud be more thankful to have u both as my bro and sis. also from my bro, my sis and my lil sis. ermm thats it. the five messages that light up my day... five is many, rite?

so, what im gonna do. ermm nothing much than my usual day, waiting, sitting and eating! hehe..

oh yesterday, its not a miracle, just accidentally... i wanna cross the road, and some stranger pass me by and make a u-turn not far from me... and i just ignore it and went to karaoke opposite my cyber, not to sing lol.. but to setting the computer as his boss aka my customer asking me to check the probs. and bla bla bla.... the non familiar stranger come to me and asked my name and so on... and i just kinda felt a little bit freaky.. but shockingly, he was my friends from school.. huhu~~ it has been almost 13 years since 1998 i didnt see him... yeah anything can happen.

ermm thats it... may be i will continue later on... i need to stop now.. to take care of my cyber and not my-grocery... hehe..

so, wish myself a happy birthday, enjoy the day, enjoy the work, enjoy the life... (mcm le aku ni kaki enjoy.. haha).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year... New Hope...

Ni haaa~~ nk update la ni nana oit... update pon ko baca ker.. ekeke... pepun, Happy New Year 2010 to all my blog readers.. haha... ramai ker pembaca blog ku yang xpernah kontroversi nie.. xpe, syok sendiri pon jadi la.. xdela nk frust menonggeng ke apa ke nanti kan.. realize or not, it has been ten days.. but nothing to wonder, mmg masa semakin cepat berlalu kan..yang heran nyer, aku semakin malas nk update blog nie.. haha..

entry ni pon xtau nk tulis apa...

kalu nk ckp pasal new year resolution... hehe.. yg taun lepas pon x tercapai... ckp nk lost weigt.. aku gain weight ada la. pastu nk bukak branch.. tp, bukak kedai runcit abg aku plak. nk kembangkan my biz, ok la kot yg nie... skrg dh ada fotostat, scanning, laminating, binding and color printing.. ok la tu kan.. and then target sales rm100k, but only 70% je achieved. pastu apa ntah lagi.. nanti check la balik... huhu~~ so i think.. i just renew the last year nyer resolution till it fully achieved la kot!

oh ye... aritu ada order pakej lengkap kincin, ingatkan nk buat side income... tapi tu la.. bila ntah nyer nk belajar.. last2 i asked my lil' sis.. bagi copy cd kt dia... boleh la dia buat keje2 ringan cam ni sebelum due date 1st baby dia.. eh tak saba plak nk dapat anak buah2an nie... huhu~~

pastu ingat nk jadi ahli noni bsy black hair magic.. tp tup2.. they just ignore me.. bukan per, nk pakai menda alah tu.. kasi lebat balik rambutku yg gugur nie..
aritu dh beli, tapi mak oii.. mahal nk mampus kalu harga bukan ahli nie.. rm15 satu paket, satu kotak rm300 lebey.. aritu dh try beli, tp kasi kt my bro test dulu, sebab dia ada masalah uban.. tp pepun kena hold dulu... money xde la plak..

btw, semlm baru je dpt laptop yg fikereay post kan.. and its not mine... my sis asked me to buy it for her headmaster. and you know, im doing some biz here, hehe.. i just mark up the price up to RM300++.. and its all gone, i bought pendrives and some accessories for my cyber.. but i didnt tell to my sis yet. i think im gonna keep it silent about it.. yeah.. its my biz lol.. so anyone wanna order some more laptop from me?

ermm... (baper byk ermm daaa) actually, my cyber still under going maintenance... half done. and seems my customers like the new games.. but i detected some uninvited software installation already.. cinabeng tol mangkuk hayung ni kan... aku penat2 setting leklok, dia memandai je instal bukan2... dh la.. tensen tol aku ngan bebudak ni...

dah la.. nk pi mandi plak.. adey.. air plak tak dak ari nie.. hahaha.. tadi pon mandi 3 gayung air jer... hahaha....