Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cool n Hot... Totally Differ

Ahaks... becoz of my hot temper still not chill out.. i just ask my frenz, who else kalu bukan si yoe, to went out.. go to Alamanda, Putrajaya. huhu~~ actually we plan it oready... so, quickly i get dressed that mornin and have a ride... in ten minutes.. alamanda here i come!

The first... of coz la...tunaikan the main mission.. redeem the coupon for 2 free tickets at GSC Alamanda Putrajaya... at first nk duduk je kt situ dari pagi sampai mlm.. layan movie free tu kan.. juz tukar aje la kan.. sapa x nk, menda free.. huhu~~ but then got sumthin to do.. so cancel mcm tu aje.. perut pon sudah lapor, apa lagi copet2 melilau mencari kedai yg menarik utk melahap... akhirnya setelah beberapa kali kuar masuk... ayamas jugak jadi pilihan.. quite ok la.. first time kot mkn.. never tried before.. ntah berapa abad dh restoran ni bukak.. aku baru je nk cuba.. ntah, tak rasa nk masuk plak sebelum nie.. nasib la ko ayamas.

then went to second mission... one month advance shopping before my trip.. ahaks.. seronok hatiku dpt shoppin lg... ermm hilang jugak la rasa bengang... so shoppin its gud for me.. but bad for my wallet.. it really kempis now, totally different from my tummy yg selalu penuh dan bulat... haha~~ sapa dulik, janji hatiku senang dan gumbira!

then, jalan punya jalan, pusing punye pusing.. ntah baper kali round pon sudah lupa... betapa keciknya alamanda tu... seswai la tuk aku yg lazy bum nie... jam sudah pukul 2... yosh! wayang time... tgk citer national treasure 2... ermm after saw that film... i gave 5 star.. really great movie... ermm, kalu nk suruh komen lebey2, aku x reti nk ngulas filem nie... bg aku, kalu layannn movie tu.. orait la tu... x yh nk putar belit itu ini... lepas ni boleh la donlot.. buat koleksi, yg penting bole jual.. huahuahua~~~ duit masyuk jer... ekeke~~

it 4 oclock sumthin.. and its rainy outside.. pergh.. mampuih aku. cam no nk balik nie.. but dgn selambanyer, sambung shopping lagi.. hahaha~~~ then around 5 pm.. kuredah jua hujan yg lebat itu disebabkan apa pon aku x tau... ermm balik2.. kena tegur itu ini.. apsal lambat?? itu ini la.. bla bla bla.. weii ko buta ker mamat?? aku basah kunyup nie.. sejuk... hatiku yg dingin kembali berasap kepanasan.. memang x reti bahasa... nk jer aku berambus kuar dari situ... kira dh baik aku sanggup redah hujan ni tau tak! GERAM and GERAM again.. jiwaku kaco.. pi mati la lu...

Whats The Matter???

Arrrghh damn! can't sleep again.. everything because of that damn thing... damn you... i shud curse you to death from the 1st day.. plz dont dare me? coz i really fuckin hate you... and i will do anything to take u down even send u 6 feet down below or juz make my life easier.. can u juz go to hell urself.. the place you come from.. satan! ooo please.. i hate this thing.. hate this damn feeling.. only the word F come out from my mouth.. its uncontrollable... i really lose my temper and it burst out... so it better for me.. i guess.. felt so sick inside...

dun noo what he think.. how come he told me wat to do and wat shud not.. WTF??? bossy around me and show off like tat.. u r not my daddy not even my pet. And may i ask.. who the hell r u?? r u retard or wat??? can u shut ur big mouth for a sec.. hate me if u want but hear wat im gonna say... you're better off dead!

whats the matter with u, huh??? and wat r u tryin to do??? im totally confused.. did i ever hurt you in anyway?? did i say sumthin???? ermm.. so if i did.. or did not.. or whatever... then, listen to my apology; FUCK YOU! mind you own matter and leave me alone!

now u sit tight.. and hear wat im gonna say.. i don care if u r the luckiest bastard in the world... juz remember this, today im the servant and u r the boss.. but tomorrow.. you'll be dead! so juz get lost... alright!

i guess i can sleep now...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nothing to Hide... But It's Secret.

You've got mail!.... ooo i've been watching this movie soo many times since i start watchin this film... its was published in nineteen-ninety-eight which is in the twenty century and i juz watch it in this year which is twenty and eight in the twenty one centery... huhuhu~~~ looks like it took a century to reach me... ekeke~~ but its really worth it and i really love this film... its always make me smile.. and then laugh and then sad.. and then smile again.. and on and on.. such a romance story... very lovely to watch.

ermm... how do i story eh??? i dunno... but you will after you watch this film.. so watch it! i can say it resemble me quite a bit... not much juz a little bit.. very small part.. hahaha~~~ really??? i guess so...
but dont get me wrong... well i guess i need explain this in case some people might think the unthinkable... well u know wat i mean.. im not the actor.. and not the star.. not this kind of thing.. and also not the good lookin or charmin... im juz the guy with chinesse look with mata sepet, of coz la kan.. mataku sepet la menyebabkan chinesse look tu.. and im not the rich or powerful man... juz have a couple bucks enuff for me have a lunch for a day.. and im not tom hanks... im guydacosta... huahuahua~~ so whats left??? you've got mail... thats it. ekeke~~

they write to each other.. and mail it.. by email.. but now, mostly peaople like chating.. so do i.. even im not in this quite a long enuff.. and i missed it.. for me, its not juz mail.. but the value of the whole thing... the story we tell... the experience we gain... the moment we share and everything... the story that can make others laugh... the experience that can be learned... the moment that can light up the day... thats what i loved!

and for me... i like to be the mysterious... coz im much better that way... let people dun know who really i am... no personal thing to be precise... juz know me im exist for real is gud enuff.. no more than that.. dun know why.. but its for the best..

may be the reality is not dreamy enuff to be a reality...

so, the point is... i love mail.. i love chatin... ahaks!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 Things I hate...

Ermmm.. guess nothin to story.. but i juz wanna list down my hate list... actually i dunno how many things i hate.. may be its uncountable.. but here the things i hate.. i dislike... i x ske... i benci... yg tetiba menjelma in my head rite now... well its kind of fun.. may be i will try to list other things later...

1. FAT... i'm gemuk.. so i hate myself the most..

2. Traffic.. traffic jammed.. traffic network.. traffic people... terperangkap di tgh2 lautan manusia.. yg mcm2 baunyer.. yg mcm2 ragamnyer... urrgh..

3. Being late.. cam terhegeh2 gitu... and i always late... and i tried to work it out.. but sumtimes, i do it on purpose.. miahaha~~

4. Hypocrite and the liars... eee ckp kan main berapi tapi semuanya haprak belaka...

5. Durian.. its not ur fault.. hope i will like u somedays..

6. Amarah.. dun like this.. its juz make me sick.. even nothin will settle with this feelin.. but why im always got angry???

7. Bangun pagi... nak2 kalu hujan renyai2... pergh memang liat bangun la jawabnyer..

8. Tipon berbunyi time tido/org ketuk pintu waktu tido... cam nk campak je tipon nie.. but mostly i swicth it off immediately... dun care.. bos ker.. member ker.. makwe ker.. aku kata aku nk tido.. aku nk tido lah!

9. Show off/bossy... aku paling nyampah nengok org cam nie... ntah ler.. x tau la kalu korang x rase nyampah..

10.Computer rosak tetiba... warghh ini memang bengang wa cakap lu.. kalu pc rosak memang satu keje x kn setle selagi pc x ok.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eat! Fatboy Eat!

Eat and eat and eat... until u get bored.. but not for me... i love food so much as much as it is... ermm how much was tat??? i dunno... but lately, i cant stop from eating.. its not a new phenomena.. but it worried me to death. i eat food like i love them... ermm how i gonna explain this... its like i touch.. i smell.. i taste... i feel.. and i want them so badly... huahuahua~~

I can say.. i can gain extra weight at anytime, everywhere and its unlimited... wowww... its look great if its "the opportunity".. but in my case..its my weight! so.. its gross. believe it or not, in a week.. simply i can gain 10 kg... its not matter to me.. not at all... hahaha as i speak its not a problem at all.. stupid dumbass...

ermm... my friend say.. i got the problem with my menu.. coz once i like sumthin.. i will stick to the same menu again and all over again... how long? depend on the taste of food to satisfy my unstoppable stomach.. may be a week.. or a month.. i dunno... ask my stomach.. huhu~~ now i like hotdog... everyday i eat hotdog... i cant juz ignore it.. if not one hotdog, i get two hotdog.. if still not enuff.. i eat three hotdog.. three hotdog per day.. thats maximum. thank god.

Then my friend suggest me to eat oat at night.. eeewww... i dun like oat... still remember when i was in damansara... kak lisa gave me oat+yogurt... honestly, i felt like being tortured to eat it! and dishonestly, im halfway done... well none taken.. hehe... thanks for oat and yogurt... patut la kak lisa semakin kurus skrg... x ckp kt kita pon...

but i wonder why... even i do loved food... but still i cant eat durian and sushi...i cant stand the smell of durian... its so smeelly... can give me a migrain though... i tried to eat it couple times... but my stomach still say NO! until today and Sushi... yucks! no offense Yoe.. i know u always want me enter that Sushi King Restaurant together with you everytime we passed by... and always brought back Sushi to my room... and lastly, u will eat it alone. huhu~~ if u still remember how bad i spew the last time i eat sushi.. u will understand why i dun wanna go there...

well hotdog is ready to eat.. so.. till i finish my hotdog.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

1K For 2 Days!

Olala... it comes once in my lifetime i guess... its tooo little but too great... so, juz spend it! jom shopping time with me... nothing much actually, coz there so many thing in my head i wanna buy.. and luckily for me.. it sale everywhere rite now! yayyyy~~~

So.. i got 1K and so do Yoe... and i choose my fabret shopping mall to spend my money... jusco.. dunno why, may be sebab ada siti kot! what an absurd??? whatever.. so we went ahead to jusco equine park... the smallest shopping mall i ever know.. nk pi jusco cheras selatan... semalam baru je pi... nk pi the mines.. kelmarin baru pi.. alamanda not in the list.. nk pi mid valley or sogo... maleh nk menapak... huhu~~ so its decided!

The first thing in my head... i wanna buy something for my dad and mum... ermmm got it.. watch and handbag shud be fine.. my budget: rm400...

the second thing... the present.. but KIV first... huhu~~ just lookin around first.. lookin for sumthin spesel.. my budget:rm400

the last thing... my apparel.. jeans and shirt.. and my my budget:rm200..

tadaa... see.. thats it! my money is gone only for 3 things for 1k... its difficult for people like me to have a money that much.. it will go fast, if you're really not in the habit... still remember the time when my mum ask me when i used to be a kid... wheres your money gone? then i answer it spontaneously .. its gone.. why do i need to keep it... i will regret if i lost it. so no reason for me to keep stupid of me.. and still i am... haha~~

well for yoe... he bought a handbag for his mom and his apparel... around rm300 and the rest, rm700 he plan to buy a camera... and he did.. im soo jealous.. i dun have a camera yet! and not enuff budget to buy anymore..

now.. i know. money can make people goes crazy especially me. $_$

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Always Dark Before the Dawn...

The clock shown quarter past 5 in the morning... but my eyes still wide open... tried to sleep 2 hours ago... but it not easy for me to do so... for more than 2 hours, i just lay down like a dead body with my eyes staring at the pitch black ceiling... outside, i hear the chill wind blows peacefully nevertheless its warm here.. my head, never stop thinking... about the past the future and the present... anything and everything... sometimes i roll back to the past, tried to remember those days... and sometimes, i fast forward... imagine what will happen next.. and sometimes i stop... looking to these day that i regret the most... and sometimes i lost... dunno which way i should go, which path i should choose... and its really difficult.. and im confused... i cant make up my minds, it seems.. the life never been easy for me... everywhere and anywhere i go, its all the same...

Suddenly i realize... again, i was crying alone in the dark... i dont want to, but the tears keeping trickle down from my puckery eyes... then i just let it goes down... i tried not to hold anymore... tried to scream... but i lost my voice... even though, there is still no one to reach out.. lastly, my tears was drawn out.. no more tear to cry... but i feel much better... but still i feels like raindrops keep falling into my head.. its hard night for me... its so thick and deep... and so long... like i can across the seven seas in just one night.. how long is it???

...and i still waiting for the light as im writing this damn same thing.

its like a deja vu... i thought i ever wrote these thing again and again not long time ago.. what i wrote is soo much alike this.. and its never turn to be gud... or better.. am i rite?? as im asking to myself...

wow, i feel much better now... its help me a lot.. never know it can drain out so much burden from my head... may be i dont talk too much lately... and its really hard to see me smile... unless i force myself to do so.. no one to share... and i chose to be alone... may be its juz the way i am to be.. its my nature.

ops... got to go... subuh is comin... gosh.. forgot.. got a work to do this mornin... oh nooooooooo... im dead... or should i playing dead rite now??? hahaha~~~

smile.. and the world will smile back to you.. lastly, one more a very happy ending story from me....

muchos... adios... gracias... (what is it mean???)